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She and represents
She represents the fertile aspect of women.
A Jenny Craig spokesperson said of Lewinsky, " She represents a busy active woman of today with a hectic lifestyle.
She also represents skillful knowledge and the virtues, especially chastity.
She represents a district in Orange County, long a bastion of suburban conservatism, and is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democrat Coalition ; she reportedly voted with Nancy Pelosi 97. 8 % of the time during the 111th Congress.
She represents the stereotypical popular girl portrayed on many TV shows.
She represents the devouring mother, in whom both the womb and the grave exist.
She represents revolt and misfortune and is prayed to either placate her wrath or direct her fury at another.
She often represents mothers, good and bad, or the demands of the real world.
She represents her own line of cosmetics for women of color called the CoverGirl Queen Collection.
She has been a Member of Parliament ( MP ) since 1992, and currently represents Hampstead and Kilburn.
The type of comedy which She Stoops to Conquer represents has been much disputed.
She represents India as a nation in the aftermath of independence.
She is the female counterpart without whom the male aspect, which represents consciousness or discrimination, remains impotent and void.
She went on to sing on seven studio albums, which represents the groups most critically acclaimed period, culminating in the Grammy Award for 1983's Anthem.
She also represents the word of a guru, who serves as a spiritual guide.
She represents the light of creation.
She represents the element of Fire and harmonizes with the other three: the mortar symbolizing herbs ( Earth ), bird legs on the cabin represent Air, and the element of Water flows as a creek between the legs.
She represents the state and values of France, differently from another French cultural symbol, the " Coq Gaulois " (" Gallic rooster ") which represents France as a nation and its history, land, culture, and variety of sport disciplines in their combative forms.
She is speaking to a man that represents the hand asking to see Vanessa.
She is a beautiful, virtuous young relation of the Prioress who represents St. Clare in the Procession.
She is said to have been held captive by the curse of the veil, a symbol which in Hawthorne's literature typically represents secret sin.
She finds out that her law firm represents the C ' est Magnifique Corporation.
She represents the strength of the snake and the quiet character of a woman, thus expressing the essence of the style.

She and enjoyable
She famously worked in various ball-gowns without the customary cook ’ s apron, averring that women should feel cooking was easy and enjoyable, rather than messy and intimidating.
She is honest and blunt, but most people still consider her enjoyable to be around.
She noted the children's " vivid collective imagination which turned play into serious business " ( hunting a gold mine in the heath ) and observed, " It is the portrayal of this spirit which makes play a matter of desperate yet enjoyable earnestness which gives their distinctive stamp to Mr. Ransome's books.
She has since made a further series of recordings for Master Tape, variously entitled Luk tung sa on and Mor lam sa on, each on VCD, CD and audio tape formats (" sa on " in the Isan language meaning roughly " enjoyable ").
The Radio Times noted in its preview of the episode that " Tonight's story is an enjoyable synthesis of She, The Fly and The Quatermass Experiment — even down to the final battle in a London cathedral.
She said "" Your Disco Needs You "' s glittery charm as well as a fun hidden song that's arguably more enjoyable than the title track.
She basically wants help in spending money in an enjoyable way but without giving it away.
" She found the film enjoyable, despite its flaws.

She and life
She finds married life stifling and every prolonged sex relationship unbearably monotonous.
She had been picked up by the Russians, questioned in connection with some pamphlets, sentenced to life imprisonment for espionage.
She enjoyed great parties when she would sit up talking and dancing and drinking all night, but it always seemed to her that being alone, especially alone in her house, was the realest part of life.
She fell asleep leaning on her hand, hearing the house creaking as though it were a living a private life of its own these two hundred years, hearing the birds rustling in their cages and the occasional whirring of wings as one of them landed on the table and walked across the newspaper to perch in the crook of her arm.
She dressed and the accustomed routine restored to her a sense of normal everyday life.
She didn't want to be the only one with a stove in her room, especially as her life span was nearly run out anyway, and she insisted that Hope have the heater.
She showed no interest at all in the life he had led back home, and it hurt him a little.
She was sorry, and angry at herself, because never in their life together had she done that.
She spent her whole life caring for the poor and assisting the most disadvantaged Romans.
She later said her years at the home " were the happiest years " of her life ; many of the incidents in her novel Little Women ( 1868 ) are based on this period.
She avoided urban and street scenes as well as the nude figure and, like her fellow female Impressionist Mary Cassatt, focused on domestic life and portraits in which she could use family and personal friends as models.
She established a Nursing Trust for local villages, and served on various committees and councils responsible for footpaths and other country life issues.
She resumed life with her family, and they supported her fully, acknowledging her chosen path and demanding of her little in the way of household responsibilities, " I was never once asked to do an errand in town, some bit of shopping … so well did they understand.
She managed to find new subjects for portraiture, working in the mornings and enjoying a leisurely life the rest of the time.
She had a strong religious upbringing and developed a faith that would play a major role in later life.
She was the sister of the socialist activist Max Eastman, with whom she was quite close throughout her life.
She spent most of her childhood and all of her adult life based in Paris and then the abbey at Poissy, and wrote entirely in her adoptive tongue of Middle French.
She hopes to expose her work in a gallery one day, as she documented the last decade of her life with a Pentax camera.
She was frank about her life, discussing her financial problems and past run-ins with the law.
She enjoyed a happy marriage and in later life, devoted time to Alde House and gardening, travelling with younger members of the extended family.
She wrote that it was because of the letters he wrote complaining about his life, but an addendum to Eric & Us by Venables reveals that he may have lost sympathy through an incident which was at best a clumsy seduction.
She gives him some of her life energy as the Cosmos sing, and Battra revives.
** Matilda in The Castle of Otranto – She is determined to give up Theodore, the love of her life, for her cousin ’ s sake.
She then explained everything to him including that she had given her life to Christ.
She is seriously ill for the first time in her life, having lost her child and broken her ribs.

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