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She and seemed
She seemed irritated.
She seemed to have come such a long distance -- too far for her destination which had wilfully been swallowed up in the greedy gloom of the trees.
She seemed to speak to herself.
She enjoyed great parties when she would sit up talking and dancing and drinking all night, but it always seemed to her that being alone, especially alone in her house, was the realest part of life.
She arrived late and as she entered the party, noted that gentlemen seemed to be in the majority ; ;
She ascribed her delight with both experiences to the effect they seemed to have of temporarily removing from her the controls which she felt so compulsively necessary to maintain even when it might seem appropriate to relax these controls.
She was just another freighter from the States, and she seemed as commonplace as her name.
She seemed so anxious to go on the stage that some of her friends in the cocktail circuit set up a practical joke.
She whirled and faced him, roaring terribly, and Ulyate, watching through the leaves, could not understand why she did not charge and obliterate him, because he wouldn't have much of a chance of getting away, in that thick growth, but she seemed just a trace uncertain ; ;
She seemed overly tall, her brow knitted in concern.
She asked, in a way that seemed oddly sophisticated, considerate, and yet perhaps partly scornful.
She seemed so unimpressed that he was obliged to roll up his blue jeans so she could see his brace.
She seemed to work to grow close to her son in the few days he spent at home, talking to him about some of the more pleasant moments of his childhood and then trying to talk to him about those things in which he alone was interested.
She seemed especially kind compared to fellow judge Simon Cowell, who was often blunt in his appraisals of the contestants ' performances.
She relied instead on a variety of lighting effects to reinforce mood ; actors seemed to come out of darkness and return to darkness.
She emphasised that although Mongkut had been a forward-looking ruler, he had desired to preserve customs such as prostration and sexual slavery which seemed unenlightened and degrading.
She seemed to be in perfect health.
She was a sister of Turnus and supported him against Aeneas by giving him his sword after he dropped it in battle, as well as taking him away from the battle when it seemed he would get killed.
She told him that his father was Elatha, one of the Kings of the Fomorians ; that he had come to her one time over a level sea in a great vessel that seemed to be of silver ; that he himself had the appearance of a young man with yellow hair, his clothes decked with gold and five rings of gold around his neck.
She has thrown such men as have seemed to me no less strong than Thor.
She also pulled her " American Life " video because of its controversial military imagery that seemed inappropriate once the War in Iraq began ; subsequently, a new video was made for the song.
Pryce Jones reports that " She saw him, it seemed, more than a hundred times, no other English person could have anything like that access to Hitler ", and the suspicions of the British SIS were aroused.
She had become an alcoholic and seemed deranged.
She seemed shy and pleasant, but mostly she just listened ....

She and unfazed
She is almost ideally unfazed by the future she chose when she made her contract with Chrono, claiming she's still going to be " kicking and screaming ' til the very end ".

She and gradually
She gradually recovered.
She then becomes the chief representative for the Foundation ( at first as a figurehead, but gradually gaining more and more power ) under the title " Queen of the World ".
She gradually recovered over a period of several months.
She continues to care for them until they are several weeks old, when she will gradually lose interest and eventually start to lay again.
She repulses all their advances, but gradually warms to Jim.
She gradually becomes attracted to his clumsy behaviour and they fall in love.
She eats the fish, and because the fish is infused with the tapu ( sacredness ) from the bodies of the two men, Whaitiri gradually begins to go blind.
She gradually withdraws from the outside world, gives up eating, and eventually dies in pathetic circumstances.
She hears about Septimus ' suicide at the party and gradually comes to admire the act of this stranger, which she considers an effort to preserve the purity of his happiness.
She had gradually become widely known as an eloquent and persuasive public speaker, one of the first of her sex to mount the platform to discuss the burning questions of the hour.
She gradually developed a high understanding of qin music throughout her study and has done numerous research on it.
She was shocked to learn that she was not human, but gradually came to accept that she was a chimpanzee, and to enjoy associating with other chimps.
She gradually introduced the remaining operas which complete the Bayreuth canon of Wagner's last ten completed operas.
She studied theatre and classics at New York University, getting a BA in 1969, and gradually moved to philosophy while at Harvard University, where she received an MA in 1972 and a PhD in 1975, studying under G. E. L. Owen.
She gradually becomes the most effective hand-to-hand fighter out of all the four sisters due to her martial arts training.
She gradually becomes an effective hand-to-hand fighter with her skills rivaling Phoebe's.
She gradually realized Emerson paled in comparison to someone like Mencken, and disappointingly, high-IQ gentlemen didn't fall for women with brains, but those with more " downstairs ".
She spends so much time dwelling in her Outback that the real world and The Outback gradually become unstable.
She saw the consequences Joseon would have to face if she did not play China and Japan off by the West gradually, especially since she was a strong advocate of the Sadae faction who were pro-China and pro-gradual Westernization.
She fought three further elections in Guildford for the SDP and then the Liberal Democrats, gradually squeezing a 20, 000 majority down to 4, 500 and preparing the way for Liberal Democrat Sue Doughty's victory in the 2001 election.
She gradually increased her majority in the next two general elections, gaining the confidence of the voters in her scattered constituency of peninsulas and islands.
She recovers gradually, and seeks out Man Singh ( Manoj Bajpai ), an old friend of Vikram Mallah.
She is initially arrogant and cruel, as most Thoans are, but is impressed by Kickaha's resourcefulness, and gradually becomes sympathetic and humane as she falls in love with him.
She remained loyal, but their relations gradually broke down, even after she sailed to South Africa, joining Hammond on tour in 1939 in an attempt to save the marriage.

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