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She and testified
She later testified that she experienced her first vision around 1424 at the age of 12 years, when she was out alone in a field and saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation.
She testified about a hippie group and its leader Charles Manson, a thwarted musician who believed that a race war was imminent.
She testified against him, and Johnson was convicted and sentenced to the maximum penalty of a year and a day in prison.
She testified that when the Earp party passed by her location, one of the Earps on the outside of that party looked across and said to Doc Holliday nearest the store, "... let them have it!
She testified that she saw both sides facing each other, that none of the Cowboys had held their hands up, that the firing was general, and that she had not seen Billy Clanton fall immediately as the Cowboys had testified.
She also testified hearing Strauss say that he had been bitten.
She obtained a legal divorce on July 21, 1942, during which Wallace withdrew his request for separate maintenance, and West testified that she and Wallace had lived together for only " several weeks.
She testified that she had many longstanding friendships with people of different political views and that political sympathy was not a part of those relationships.
She survived the war and testified against the prison guards at a 1946 war crimes trial.
She also testified about hearing the shot that killed her colleague, a Soweto doctor whose murder has been linked to the group.
She testified to the Warren Commission that after the assassination she watched a man running from near the Texas School Book Depository towards the picket fence area.
She testified in the Colorado bench trial for Romer v. Evans, arguing against the claim that the history of philosophy provides the state with a " compelling interest " in favor of a law denying gays and lesbians the right to seek passage of local non-discrimination laws.
She testified that she had fallen while getting out of the gondola car, passed out and came to seated in a store at Paint Rock.
She testified that she, Price and Gilley were arrested, and that Price made the rape accusation, instructing her to go along with the story to stay out of jail.
She submitted testimony in Bush v. Gore that was subsequently referenced in the briefs to the U. S. Supreme Court, and has since testified before the U. S. House Science Committee, the U. S. Civil Rights Commission, the UK Cabinet, and numerous other federal and state legislative bodies about voting systems.
She had also testified in Washington, D. C. about the plight of attorneys who were subjected to harassment and threats for representing Irish nationalists.
She also testified that Nichols traveled to Oklahoma City three days before the bombing, supporting the prosecution's contention that Nichols helped McVeigh station a getaway car near the Murrah building.
She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Miss Davis ' mouth and placed against Miss Davis ' face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise.
She testified that he stole $ 7, 250 from her between 1946 and 1947, and Tanner was eventually sent to prison.
She subsequently testified in cases in Galveston and Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana.
She complied and eventually testified in the trial of Gordon Lim and several other Chinese.
She also testified that Tate had pleaded for her life and that of her unborn child, to which Atkins replied, " Woman, I have no mercy for you.
She testified she had not known Hinman was to be robbed or killed, although she subsequently contradicted herself on this point in her 1977 autobiography.

She and after
She set the dipper on the edge of the deck, leaving it for him to stretch after it while she looked on scornfully.
She had taken him out of the schoolhouse and closed the school for the summer, after she saw Miss Snow crack Joel across the face with a ruler for letting a snake loose in the schoolroom.
She stopped at the Surcliffes' after dusk, and had a Scotch-and-soda.
She said it was after she returned from her vomiting spell in the back yard that Mrs. Borden told her to wash the windows.
She finally settled in Fall River and, after being employed for a time by a Mrs. Reed, was hired by the Bordens.
She wouldn't be going to get that for an hour or so after Katya had left, go do the daily shopping.
She tried to think of his unpredictable actions in the eleven years she had known him and discovered they weren't so many after all.
She had reason to change the one she made right after Mr. Meeker's death.
She was moving up to the allowance department after winning a $10,000 claiming event.
She was arrested by Phoenix Police after they received the indictment papers from Portland detectives.
She had held to the letter of her contract and didn't come onto the stage until well after 4 p.m., the appointed hour, although the Music at Newport people had tried to get the program underway at 3.
She was found the day after at the bottom of the cliff.
The Irish were gay but made trouble in the house ; the English were of all kinds " She proposes this, after the fact, knowing the chosen Charlotte lasts decades.
She is a serene woman who, after taking care of the housework, sits quietly in a chair.
She died in 1274, after they had three children.
She was married in 515 to Eutharic ( c. 480 – 522 ), an Ostrogoth noble of the old Amal line, who had previously been living in Visigothic Hispania, son of Widerich ( born c. 450 ), grandson of Berismund ( born c. 410 ), and great-grandson of Thorismund ( died after 400 ), King of the Ostrogoths c. 400.
She fought Achilles and died after he seriously wounded her.
She considered the name " Peabodyville ", but " Albion " was selected instead, after the former residence of Jesse Crowell.
She started her acting career in 1952 and, after appearing in 16 films, became world-famous due to her role in her then-husband Roger Vadim's controversial film And God Created Woman.
She once had a neighbour's donkey castrated while looking after it, on the grounds of its " sexual harassment " of her own donkey and mare, for which she was taken to court by the donkey's owner in 1989.
She later had a brief solo music career in the early 2000s after the dissolution of Hole, releasing America's Sweetheart ( 2004 ), and went through several rehab sentences and run-ins with the law until achieving sobriety.
She made a public statement after her release, saying: " I would just like to thank the court for allowing me these 90 days ... helped me deal with a very gnarly drug problem, which is behind me ...
She described in her memoir, Harsh Route ( or Steep Route ), of a case which she was directly involved in during the late 1940s, after she had been moved to the prisoners ' hospital.
She is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions, and departed the International Space Station on May 23, 2011, as a crew member of Expedition 27 after logging 159 days in space.

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