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Page "Esperanto grammar" ¶ 33
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Some Related Sentences

::" and She
::" She wants to marry a Swede " ( she wants the man she marries to be Swedish no specific person in mind )

::" and man
::" The great majority of those who have carefully investigated the subject have come to the conclusion that there exists in man, as one of his constituent principles, a certain subtle element, known by the names of animal electricity, animal magnetism, galvanism, the nervous energy, the nervous fluid, etc.
::" this creative, avant-garde young man destroyed himself in a fight against that same avant-garde he had helped to create.
::" M. Rodzianko was an exceptionally tall and powerful man ".
::" Snorri was middling in height and somewhat slender, fair to look on, straight faced and of light hue ; of yellow hair and red beard ; he was meek of mood in his daily ways ; little men knew of his thought for good or ill ; he was a wise man, and forseeing in many things, enduring in wrath and deep in hatred ; of good rede was he for his friends, but his unfriends deemed his counsels but cold.

::" and she
::" Alison Weir tells her readers that she, at last, has solved the mystery: Richard was guilty.
::" Sonja Davies, who'd been a big influence on me on my first job, was in her last days and one of the things she said to me at the time was look, you're doing very well, that's great.
::" Nor can we find words to express our thanks to the city of New Orleans, for the noble and generous manner in which she responded to our call for help.

::" and is
::" When it is asked, What is the nature of all our reasonings concerning matter of fact?
::" The great subverter of Pyrrhonism or the excessive principles of skepticism is action, and employment, and the occupations of common life.
::" For here is the chief and most confounding objection to excessive skepticism, that no durable good can ever result from it ; while it remains in its full force and vigor.
::" The land of Dilmun is a pure place, the land of Dilmun is a clean place,
::" The only thing standing in the way of future Taliban massacres is Ahmad Shah Massoud.
::" Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.
::" This last is the distinguishing characteristic of classes, and justifies us in treating ẑ ( ψz ) as the class determined by function ψẑ.
::" Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York " ( Son / sun )
::" Wherever there is number, there is beauty.
::" In all determinations of morality, this circumstance of public utility is ever principally in view ; and wherever disputes arise, either in philosophy or common life, concerning the bounds of duty, the question cannot, by any means, be decided with greater certainty, than by ascertaining, on any side, the true interests of mankind.
::" Few human creatures would consent to be changed into any of the lower animals, for a promise of the fullest allowance of a beast's pleasures ; no intelligent human being would consent to be a fool, no instructed person would be an ignoramus, no person of feeling and conscience would be selfish and base, even though they should be persuaded that the fool, the dunce, or the rascal is better satisfied with his lot than they are with theirs … A being of higher faculties requires more to make him happy, is capable probably of more acute suffering, and is certainly accessible to it at more points, than one of an inferior type ; but in spite of these liabilities, he can never really wish to sink into what he feels to be a lower grade of existence … It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied ; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.
::" An operational definition is a procedure agreed upon for translation of a concept into measurement of some kind.
::" There is no true value of any characteristic, state, or condition that is defined in terms of measurement or observation.
::" Once again the political clout of the school, which seems to be closely wired into parliament, Whitehall and the Bank of England, is being felt by ministers ...
::" I need very much to feel the warmth of my people around me, there is work to be done and I will get the strength from my people to finish the business.
::" I took the title from a passage in Paradise Lost where Adam says to Eve that their expulsion from Paradise " will prove no sudden but a slow pac ’ d evil ,/ A Long Day ’ s Dying to augment our pain ," and with the exception of the old lady Maroo, what all the characters seem to be dying of is loneliness, emptiness, sterility, and such preoccupation with themselves and their own problems that they are unable to communicate with each other about anything that really matters to them very much.
::" Our house is on the eastern slope of Rupert Mountain, just off a country road, still unpaved then, and five miles from the nearest town … Even at the most unpromising times of year – in mudtime, on bleak, snowless winter days – it is in so many unexpected ways beautiful that even after all this time I have never quite gotten used to it.

::" and
::" Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience those too may achieve eternal salvation " ( Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium, 16 ).
::" Galileo ... is the father of modern physics indeed of modern science "— Albert Einstein.
::" The Pretender " Foo Fighters ( 2007 )
::" Uprising " Muse ( 2009-10 )
::" Scar Tissue " Red Hot Chili Peppers ( 1999 )
::" It's Been Awhile " Staind ( 2001 )
::" Boulevard of Broken Dreams " Green Day ( 2004-05 )
::" Sex and Candy " Marcy Playground ( 1997-98 )
::" What I've Done " Linkin Park ( 2007 )
::" By the Way " Red Hot Chili Peppers ( 2002 )
::" Dani California " Red Hot Chili Peppers ( 2006 )
::" Otherside " Red Hot Chili Peppers ( 2000 )
::" How You Remind Me " Nickelback ( 2001 )
::" Rope " Foo Fighters ( 2011 )
::" Hemorrhage ( In My Hands )" Fuel ( 2000-01 )
::" Numb " Linkin Park ( 2003 )
::" New Divide " Linkin Park ( 2009 )
::" Somebody That I Used to Know " Gotye featuring Kimbra ( 2012 )
::" My Own Worst Enemy " Lit ( 1999 )
::" Kryptonite " 3 Doors Down ( 2000 )
::" Pork and Beans " Weezer ( 2008 )
::" You're Gonna Go Far, Kid " The Offspring ( 2008 )
::" Lay Me Down " The Dirty Heads featuring Rome Ramirez ( 2010 )

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