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::" and land
::" And the Spirit of Darkness moved upon the land.
::" A beast of burden had thrown off his load, and somebody yelled to his master to reset it, saying in the language of their parents / of the land: “ torna, torna, fratre ”.
::" The Sovereign Grandhild will dwell peacefully in the land of Yamato.

::" and is
::" When it is asked, What is the nature of all our reasonings concerning matter of fact?
::" The great subverter of Pyrrhonism or the excessive principles of skepticism is action, and employment, and the occupations of common life.
::" For here is the chief and most confounding objection to excessive skepticism, that no durable good can ever result from it ; while it remains in its full force and vigor.
::" She wants to marry a Swede " ( the man she wants to marry is Swedish — a specific person )
::" The only thing standing in the way of future Taliban massacres is Ahmad Shah Massoud.
::" Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.
::" This last is the distinguishing characteristic of classes, and justifies us in treating ẑ ( ψz ) as the class determined by function ψẑ.
::" Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York " ( Son / sun )
::" Wherever there is number, there is beauty.
::" In all determinations of morality, this circumstance of public utility is ever principally in view ; and wherever disputes arise, either in philosophy or common life, concerning the bounds of duty, the question cannot, by any means, be decided with greater certainty, than by ascertaining, on any side, the true interests of mankind.
::" Few human creatures would consent to be changed into any of the lower animals, for a promise of the fullest allowance of a beast's pleasures ; no intelligent human being would consent to be a fool, no instructed person would be an ignoramus, no person of feeling and conscience would be selfish and base, even though they should be persuaded that the fool, the dunce, or the rascal is better satisfied with his lot than they are with theirs … A being of higher faculties requires more to make him happy, is capable probably of more acute suffering, and is certainly accessible to it at more points, than one of an inferior type ; but in spite of these liabilities, he can never really wish to sink into what he feels to be a lower grade of existence … It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied ; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.
::" An operational definition is a procedure agreed upon for translation of a concept into measurement of some kind.
::" There is no true value of any characteristic, state, or condition that is defined in terms of measurement or observation.
::" Once again the political clout of the school, which seems to be closely wired into parliament, Whitehall and the Bank of England, is being felt by ministers ...
::" I need very much to feel the warmth of my people around me, there is work to be done and I will get the strength from my people to finish the business.
::" I took the title from a passage in Paradise Lost where Adam says to Eve that their expulsion from Paradise " will prove no sudden but a slow pac ’ d evil ,/ A Long Day ’ s Dying to augment our pain ," and with the exception of the old lady Maroo, what all the characters seem to be dying of is loneliness, emptiness, sterility, and such preoccupation with themselves and their own problems that they are unable to communicate with each other about anything that really matters to them very much.
::" Our house is on the eastern slope of Rupert Mountain, just off a country road, still unpaved then, and five miles from the nearest town … Even at the most unpromising times of year – in mudtime, on bleak, snowless winter days – it is in so many unexpected ways beautiful that even after all this time I have never quite gotten used to it.

::" and place
::" We veered a little to the left after we came to Tilford, at which place on the Green we stopped to look at an oak tree, which, when I was a little boy, was but a very little tree, comparatively, and which is now, take it altogether, by far the finest tree that I ever saw in my life.
::" And I proceeded and saw a place ... where there are seven mountains of magnificent stones ....

land and Dilmun
:: The land of Dilmun is a clean place, the land of Dilmun is a bright place ;
Bahrain has been proposed as the possible site of Dilmun, a land mentioned by Mesopotamians as a trade partner, source of raw material, copper, and entrepot of the Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley Civilization trade route.
:" the ships of Dilmun, from the foreign land, brought him wood as a tribute ".
The Epic of Ziusudra adds an element at lines 258 – 261 not found in other versions, that after the river flood " king Ziusudra ... they caused to dwell in the land of the country of Dilmun, the place where the sun rises ".
Meanwhile, Esarhaddon was waging war in the land of Bazu, situated opposite of the island of " Dilmun " ( Bahrain ), probably Qatar, " where snakes and scorpions cover the ground like ants "-a dry land of salt deserts.
Dilmun or Telmun ( Arabic: دلمون ) is a land mentioned by Mesopotamian civilizations as a trade partner, a source of the metal copper, and an entrepôt of the Mesopotamia-to-Indus Valley Civilization trade route.
For Dilmun, the land of my lady's heart, I will create long waterways, rivers and canals, whereby water will flow to quench the thirst of all beings and bring abundance to all that lives.

land and is
he knows that the land is hard and pitiless.
Moreover, the law of the land is not irrevocable ; ;
We consider a rural community as an assemblage of inhabited dwellings whose configuration is determined by the location and size of the arable land sites necessary for family subsistence.
We assume for this illustration that the size of the land plots is so great that the distance between dwellings is greater than the voice can carry and that most of the communication is between nearest neighbors only, as shown in Figure 2.
The deployment of a portion of these forces beyond our shores, on land and sea, is persuasive demonstration of our determination to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies for collective security.
The only real problem is to devise a plan whereby the owners of the above-water land can develop their property without the public losing its underwater land and the right to its development for public use and enjoyment.
And then there is St. Louis county, where the Democratic leadership has shown little appreciation of the need for sound zoning, of the important relationship between proper land use and economic growth.
They point out simply that `` it is the law of the land ''.
This land is in various stages of development in several locations throughout the town.
The rural land use study is being carried out under contract by the University of Rhode Island and identifies all agricultural land uses in the state by type of use.
Within the units in the National Forest System the pattern of land ownership is quite irregular.
One consequence is the occurrence of occasional conflicts because private owners of some inholdings object to public programs of use on neighboring National Forest or other Federal land, or because such ownerships are developed for uses that are not compatible with use for the public of neighboring National Forest land.
The long-range objective is to bring about consolidation of ownership through use of land exchange authority and through purchase on a moderate scale of inholdings which comprise key tracts for recognized National Forest programs such as recreation development, or which are a source of damage to lands in National Forests and National Grasslands.
Ignorance of the law is no better excuse on the water than it is on land ; ;
Minnesota, fabled land of waters, is in itself, ideal vacationland, having within its borders 10,000 lakes!!
Look at the physical features of the land to determine how desirable it is for use, what can be done to correct the faults, and what it will cost to make the area meet your needs in comparison to other sites.
And due to modern resource-use and game management practices, there is still game to shoot, even with the ever-expanding encroachment on land and water.
As an isolated policy, land reform is likely to be politically disruptive ; ;
It is hard to believe that this mass of intertwined concrete constitutes what the law calls `` the highest and best use '' of centrally located urban land.

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