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Page "adventure" ¶ 421
from Brown Corpus
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She and wished
She had a hard time making him understand that it was Farouk she wished to meet.
She wished to change much for the children here ''.
She afterwards declined to serve in Iain Duncan Smith's Shadow Cabinet ( although she indicated on the television programme When Louis Met ..., prior to the leadership contest, that she wished to retire to the backbenches anyway ).
She wished for no city dedicated to her, but to rule the mountains, and for the ability to help women in the pains of childbirth.
She enjoyed the latter so much that she soon wished to experiment with all the new musical instruments that were being made available.
She sent the couple, Andrew and Christine Gale, some flowers and wished them the best.
She also began to participate in amateur plays and musicals, starting in 1780, in a theatre built for her and other courtiers who wished to indulge in the delights of acting and singing.
She wished instead for the rest of the royal family to accompany her.
She briefly wished to return to France, but Prince Edward persuaded her to gamble for victory.
She felt the ALC was a genetically superior animal and wished to avoid weakening this element.
She wished her remains could be buried in her home province of Shandong, but in consideration of possible future vandalism to her tomb, the state decided to have her remains moved to a safer common cemetery in Beijing.
She tells him why she puts up with her aunt, even saying that she wished she could kill her, to which Danny replies that she probably couldn't.
She chose the name as an ironic feminist joke, after conversing with a lady who wished to be called by her husband's name only as a form of respect.
She was not engaged since she had broken off her agreement to wed Hugh, count of Troyes, and wished to avoid another unsuitable match.
She was impressed with Watts's art and elegant lifestyle and wished to please her parents by making an advantageous marriage.
She breaks up with him and has a one-night stand with Michael Fitzsimmons ( Kevin J. O ' Connor )— the guy in school she always wished she ’ d slept with.
She was referred to Gull on 8 October 1868, aged 18, by her family who suspected tuberculosis and wished to take her to the south of Europe for the coming winter.
She had never wished to be a Queen and did not want to move so far away from her family.
She wished him to continue his study of law at the Middle Temple and had him sworn in as a servant-in-ordinary.
She was installed here after the death of her husband Louis XII by his successor Francis I of France in 1515 ; Francis wished to monitor Mary closely, particularly to see if she was pregnant.
She wished to plant the idea that Richard ’ s death had been murder.
She was determined to take a vow of virginity, which was opposed by her parents, who wished her to marry.
She enjoyed a certain amount of torture inflicted on her by her clients, given that they were willing to pay her price, but she also employed a number of women for that task if indeed her clients wished to inflict more pain than she was willing to take herself.
She was often visited by the new queen, Hedvig Elizabeth Charlotte, who felt sympathy for her and wished to preserve the right to the throne for Frederica's son.

She and she
She had reached a point at which she didn't even care how she looked.
She was amazingly light, and so relaxed in his arms that he wasn't even sure she was conscious.
She stared at him, her eyes wide as she thought about what he had said ; ;
She was carrying a quirt, and she started to raise it, then let it fall again and dangle from her wrist.
She showed her surprise by tightening the reins and moving the gelding around so that she could get a better look at his face.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
She remembered little of her previous journey there with Grace, and she could but hope that her dedication to her mission would enable her to accomplish it.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
She did not pause to consider what she would do if her plan should fail ; ;
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
She confessed she was unhappy, he asked was it her husband??
She set the dipper on the edge of the deck, leaving it for him to stretch after it while she looked on scornfully.
She quickly exploited the exalted position she now occupied, by harassing the disorganized males and even putting many of them to death.
She softly let herself into the bed, and took her regular side, away from the door, where she slept better because Keith was between her and the invader.
She came from Ohio, from what she called a `` small farm '' of two hundred acres, as indeed it was to farmer-type farmers.
She, too, is concerned with `` the becoming, the process of realization '', but she does not think in terms of subtle variations of spatial or temporal patterns.
She could not resist the opportunity `` of showing her superiority in argument over a man '' which she had remarked as one of the `` feminine follies '' of Sara Sullam ; ;
She has rarely been photographed with him and, except for Carl's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration in Chicago in 1953, she has not attended the dozens of banquets, functions, public appearances, and dinners honoring him -- all of this upon her insistence.
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.

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