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Similarly and living
" Similarly, the Nazis promoted territorial expansionism to provide Lebensraum (" living space ") to the German nation.
Similarly, an organism living in a demersal habitat is said to be a demersal organism, as in demersal fish.
Similarly, they were, at one time or another, at war with virtually every other Native American group living in the Great Plains, leaving opportunities for political maneuvering by European colonial powers and the United States.
Similarly, the soul of each living being is unique and uncreated and has existed since beginningless time.
Similarly, governmental policies in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, oil production Arab states of the Persian Gulf and Libya, as well as a desire for improved standards of living, effectively led most Bedouin to become settled citizens of various nations, rather than stateless nomadic herders.
Similarly, " God's Children " and " Apeman " ( both 1970 ), and the songs " 20th Century Man ", " Complicated Life " and " Here Come the People in Grey " from Muswell Hillbillies ( 1971 ), passionately decried industrialization and bureaucracy in favour of simple pastoral living.
Similarly, in section 8 housing, families with this voucher can only use the voucher to pay a portion of their living costs in specified units or in a private sector.
Similarly, Shahn ’ s New Deal art for the FSA and Resettlement Agency exposed American living and working conditions.
Similarly, the Greek historian Agatharchides describes what may have been chimpanzees as tribes of agile, promiscuous " seed-eaters " and " wood-eaters " living in Ethiopia.
Similarly, Dobash and Dobash claim that " Men who assault their wives are actually living up to cultural prescriptions that are cherished in Western society -- aggressiveness, male dominance and female subordination -- and they are using physical force as a means to enforce that dominance ", while Walker claims that men exhibit a " socialized androcentric need for power ".
Similarly, the use of non-human animals for food, clothing, entertainment, or testing represents the commodification of other living beings.
Similarly, some symbionts, such as small crabs, living within the complex structures of branching corals may ward off the starfish as it seeks to spread its stomach over the coral surface.
Similarly, other European immigrant families had already settled in nearby suburbs such as Osborne Park, who made their living as market gardeners.
Similarly, some Giáy of Vietnam report that they have relatives still living in Hekou, Yunnan province, China ( Edmondson & Gregerson 2001 ).
Similarly, people living in the tribal and far-flung areas far from conventional educational institutions, have an opportunity to be educated.
Similarly, a growing number of French-speaking intellectuals and academics state that French-speakers living in the Flemish region should stop behaving as if they are not in Flanders and thus vote for the Flemish electoral college.
Similarly, in Turkish the language is called Rumca, derived from the Turkish word Rum denoting ethnic Greeks living in Turkey in general ; this term also comprises other Greek speakers in Turkey such as those from Istanbul or Smyrna who speak a language close to Standard Modern Greek.
Similarly, in 1934, 400 company employees inhabited Kohler, Wisconsin ( a company town ), but 150 of them were single men living in dormitories.
Similarly, in England, " people living in deprived areas were found to receive around 70 % less provision relative to need compared with the most affluent areas for both knee and hip replacements.
Similarly, Ragnar Nurkse ( 1953 ) argued that the exposure of a society to new goods or ways of living creates unhappiness with what had previously been acceptable consumption practices ; he dubbed it the " international demonstration effect.
Similarly, a sombrero-clad Mexican living to the southwest might suddenly wake up from his siesta and toss a bomb into Texas, result being the same.

Similarly and among
Similarly, with supporters holding narrow margins in the unpacked districts, the number of wasted votes among supporters is minimized.
Similarly, one can often estimate parameters more accurately if one separates out subpopulations: the distribution of heights among people is better modeled by considering men and women as separate subpopulations, for instance.
Similarly, differences in the distribution of brain cells and dendritic connections ( among many other potential variances ) could give rise to different mental states for the same stimulus.
Similarly, according to Jewish Mishnah, Epicureans ( apiqorsim, people who share the beliefs of the movement ) are among the people who do not have a share of the " World-to-Come " ( afterlife or the world of the Messianic era ).
Similarly among Roman Catholics, special Pentecost Novenas are held.
" Similarly, among U. S. authorities, such a sense of collective guilt was " considered a prerequisite to any long-term education of the German people.
Similarly, in the Iliad ( without referring to these transformations ) Nestor numbers Caeneus among an earlier generation of heroes of his youth, " the strongest men that Earth has bred, the strongest men against the strongest enemies, a savage mountain-dwelling tribe whom they utterly destroyed.
Similarly, if deaf parents were to raise a group of hearing children who have no contact with others until adulthood, they might develop an oral language among themselves and keep using it later, teaching it to their children, and so on.
Similarly, God has said: “ If two parties among the believers fall into a quarrel, make peace between them ; but if one of them transgresses beyond bounds against the other, then fight against the one who transgresses until he complies with the command of Allah ; then, if he complies, make peace between them with justice, and be fair: for Allah loves those who act fairly ” ( Qur ' an 49: 9 ).
Similarly, the prevalence of ASPD is higher among patients in alcohol or other drug ( AOD ) abuse treatment programs than in the general population ( Hare 1983 ), suggesting a link between ASPD and AOD abuse and dependence.
Similarly, Gustave Lanson argued that race, milieu, and moment could not among themselves account for genius ; Taine, he felt, explained mediocrity better than he explained greatness.
Similarly, author Kathleen Tracy states that " Passion " is, among the first two seasons ' episodes, the most " viscerally disturbing " not only for Jenny's death and its brutality, but because the series killed off a regularly recurring and sympathetic character, something which was unprecedented in television history.
Similarly, Clarke explores specific beliefs, longings and experience of oppression and resistance, the desire for safety, freedom, equality and other basic human rights, shared among the immigrants, historically and contemporaneously.
Similarly, Mersenne wrote that it was common practice among the kit violin's players ( such as traveling minstrels or dance teachers ) to carry the violin in a pocket.
Similarly, Lee is the third-most-common surname among Chinese Singaporeans.
Similarly, it was noted that among scorpions Bothriuridae were much preferred, among spiders Lycosidae ( wolf spiders ), and among millipedes ( Diplopoda ) certain Diplocheta.
Similarly, the Multicenter Hemophilia Cohort Study found no association between the cumulative dose of plasma concentrate and incidence of AIDS among HIV-infected hemophiliacs.
Similarly, there is a high frequency of fumarase deficiency among the 10, 000 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a community which practices both endogamy and polygyny, where it is estimated 75 to 80 percent of the community are blood relatives of just two men — founders John Y. Barlow and Joseph Smith Jessop.
Similarly, Tuvalu is among only 10 UN members that are not members of the World Meteorological Organization and one of only 13 UN members that are not members of the International Finance Corporation.
Similarly to several other Eskimo cultures, the name-giving of a newborn baby among Siberian Yupik meant that a deceased person was affected, a certain rebirth was believed.
Similarly, Reuters reported that pornography was found among the materials seized from Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound that was raided by U. S. Navy SEALs.

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