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Similarly and many
Similarly, on the regional channels many class 3, stations have been assigned either to operate daytime only or to operate nighttime with directional antennas and/or lower power.
Similarly, the Italian verb corresponding to ' spell ( out )', compitare, is unknown to many Italians because the act of spelling itself is rarely needed: Italian spelling is highly phonemic.
Similarly, there are many works detailing atrocities and malevolence of Communist regimes ( e. g., Nadezhda Mandelstam's Hope against Hope ).
Similarly, in northern Macedonia, the tension between Serbia and Bulgaria due to later aspirations over Vardar Macedonia generated many incidents between the nearby armies, prompting Serbia to maintain its army's mobilization.
Similarly, one declarative sentence can refer to many propositions ; for instance, " I am hungry " changes meaning ( i. e. refers to different propositions ) depending on the person uttering it.
Similarly to their adult counterparts, eggs and tadpoles are toxic to many animals.
Similarly, many of both Sancho's adventures in Part II and proverbs throughout are taken from popular Spanish and Italian folklore.
" Similarly, the Catholic Encyclopedia says, " the subjects treated of in the Epistle are many and various ; moreover, St. James not infrequently, whilst elucidating a certain point, passes abruptly to another, and presently resumes once more his former argument.
Similarly, many republics have named a legislative chamber after the Roman Senate.
Similarly, random fractals have been used to describe / create many highly irregular real-world objects.
Similarly, deposits of coal, diamonds, and many metals including silver, nickel, platinum, copper, molybdenum, iron, niobium, tantalum, uranium, and rare earths are known to exist, but not yet in commercially viable deposits.
Similarly, the word for " declension " and its many European cognates, including its Latin source declinatio come from the root * k ^ lei -, " to lean ".
Similarly, many place-names in areas of Danish and Norwegian settlement have Scandinavian roots.
Similarly, the many varieties of harp guitar and harp lute, while chordophones, belong to the lute family and are not true harps.
Similarly, changing a customer's address is typically idempotent, because the final address will be the same no matter how many times it is submitted.
Similarly many species of birds and whales learn their songs by imitating other members of their species.
Similarly, the movement has spread to Puerto Rico, a country where many of its residents have moved to New York, Miami and Chicago over the years.
" Similarly, English poet Anna Seward had a devoted friendship to Honora Sneyd, who was the subject of many of Seward's sonnets and poems.
Similarly, folklorist Peter Rojcewicz noted that many Men in Black accounts parallel tales of people encountering the devil: Neither Men in Black nor the devil are quite human, and witnesses often discover this fact midway through an encounter.
Similarly, virtually all members of LAMP have also resigned from the Louisiana Psychological Association ( LPA ) after many LPA members asserted that the LAMP's prescriptive authority movement secretly came to an agreement with Louisiana's medical board to transfer the practice of psychology for psychologists with prescriptive authority to the medical board.
Similarly, Nostradamus's notorious ' 1999 ' prophecy at X. 72 ( see Nostradamus in popular culture ) describes no event that commentators have succeeding in identifying either before or since, other than by dint of twisting the words to fit whichever of the many contradictory happenings they are keen to claim as ' hits '.
" Similarly, Krantz argues that of the many opinions offered about the Patterson film, " nly a few of these opinions are based on technical expertise and careful study of the film itself "
Similarly, Wittgenstein often uses the device of framing many of the remarks as a dialogue between himself and a disputant.
Similarly, country boogie and Chicago electric blues supplied many of the elements that would be seen as characteristic of rock and roll.
Similarly, in steady flow with finite strain rates, many fluids exhibit marked deviations in stress-strain rate proportionality from Newtons law.

Similarly and consider
Similarly, the consolidated Teutonic laws of the Germanic tribes, included a complex system of monetary compensations for what courts would consider the complete range of criminal offences against the person, from murder down.
Similarly, Internet email users generally consider their emails to be private and hence would be concerned if their email was being accessed, read, stored or forwarded by third parties without their consent.
Similarly Kitchen, and others consider the temple of Solomon a reasonable and typically sized structure for the region at the time.
Similarly, consider a web server application ( such as the multiplatform " Apache HTTP Server ").
Similarly, a variant of biological determinism might consider non-innate biological factors, such as the biological aspects of an organism's environment, to have a lesser effect on the organism's behaviour than innate biological factors.
Similarly, consider a non-spinning perfectly balanced bicycle wheel mounted on a disk so that its axis of rotation makes an angle with the disk.
Similarly, recent theoretical positions consider asymmetries not a bias but rather the result of multiple cognitive and motivational differences that fundamentally exist between actors and observers ( Malle et al., 2007 ; Robins et al., 1996 ).
Similarly, the initiative for making laws is not limited to the legislature but also belongs to the citizens, who can force the legislature to consider a law by submitting a petition with 50, 000 signatures.
Similarly, a person who says " Lying is always wrong " might consider lies in some situations to be morally permissible, and if examples of these situations can be given, his view can be shown to be logically inconsistent.
Similarly to the worldwide Maoist movement, this strain of New Leftists are against the Chinese government's policy of " openness " and economic reforms ; correspondingly, they do not consider Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward to have been wrong-headed in an ideological sense, even if they do oppose the actual outcomes and on-the-ground policies of those early experiments.
Similarly, consider the labelled problem of creating cycles of arbitrary length from a set of labelled objects X.
Similarly, silver-plated, or even solid silver cables, are prized in audiophile applications ; however some experts consider that in practice the plating is often poorly implemented, making the result inferior to similarly priced copper cables.
) Similarly, some people consider a blanket sleeper to be one-piece by definition, whereas a sleeper could be made either in one piece, or in two pieces meeting at the waist.
Similarly, where such cognate terminology exists for parallel practices in the early medieval Celtic laws, but not in other Indo-European laws, we can consider these to be specifically Celtic laws.

Similarly and events
Similarly, 1933's La femme en blanc Woman in White uses a then-new technique of recreating for the audience events as they are being described by the play's characters.
Similarly, there is a specific reference to both 1985 and 1986 in the past tense, suggesting the events of the novel took place after these dates.
Similarly, events from Enchanter are referenced in Sorcerer and Spellbreaker ; but the Enchanter character is not assumed to be the same one from the Zork trilogy.
Similarly, it had the periodic message,,, ... and various other messages related to navigation between different cards in a HyperCard stack, as well as user input (,, ...), and system events.
Similarly, probability theory states that the probability of an event can be described by a combination of the probabilities of certain specific other events ( see Mathematical treatment ).
Similarly, Fangorn was said to be a dangerous and evil place like Mirkwood where huge spiders roamed the forest and other evil creatures lay, but this was not the case following the events of Lord of the Rings.
Similarly to earlier authors such as Immanuel Velikovsky and Erich von Däniken, Sitchin advocated hypotheses in which extraterrestrial events supposedly played a significant role in ancient human history.
Similarly, the effects that acute stressors have on the immune system may be increased when there is perceived stress and / or anxiety due to other events.
Similarly, the analysis conducted by the UK MHRA found a 50 % increase of odds of suicide-related events, not reaching statistical significance, in the patients on sertraline as compared to the ones on placebo.
Similarly, in the original Planet of the Apes series, even though the latter three films depict events chronologically prior to those of the first film, the narrative itself is continuous.
Similarly, many time periods studied in science involve time scales much greater than human timescales ( geological and cosmological time scales ) or much shorter than human timescales ( atomic and subatomic events ).
Similarly, it may appear obvious that apart from neural events there are also mental conditions.
Similarly, describing an attack or bombing as a " response " or " retaliation " again places the events in a different light.
Similarly, the complete VIGOR study data revealed that in fact, when all adverse events, not just gastrointestinal, were tabulated, the patients receiving VIOXX had suffered ( barely ) significantly higher incidence of adverse events overall than the control NSAID group.
: Similarly, it is clear from the course of events that when the reports began to arrive about the actions of the Phalangists in the camps, no proper heed was taken of these reports, the correct conclusions were not drawn from them, and no energetic and immediate action were taken to restrain the Phalangists and put a stop to their actions.
Similarly details of Stateira do not accord with Vashti as Stateira was an early wife murdered by Artaxerxes II's mother while the events of Purim occur late in his reign.
Similarly the names of the Magi who visited Jesus at his birth are thought to have been invented much later than the events ; they are not considered authentic or obligatory, but can be considered a tradition.
* Similarly, "( time ), X Standard Time ", where X is replaced by the name of any group noted for having difficulty starting events on a schedule.
Similarly, events that cause both stocks to rise — for example a rise in the market as a whole — will have little or no effect on the position.
Similarly, certain events, such as engaging afterburners and firing powerful weapons, will shake the screen as a form of visual feedback.
Similarly, images of the same object taken by different surveys can be compared to detect transient events such as variable stars.
Similarly the conservative historians reacted to the persecution of the Jews and to the Holocaust primarily with moral shock, leaving the events, only inadequately reconstructed by the West German research community, on the level of a purely traumatic experience ”.
Similarly, on the track, the world individual pursuit champion would only wear the jersey when competing in other individual pursuit events.

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