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Since and 1987
Since 1987 an illustration of the castle has featured on the reverse side of £ 100 notes issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Since 1987, the CRTC has been involved in several controversial decisions:
Since 1987, Australia has had an approved system of labelling for additives in packaged foods.
Since independence, general elections have been held in 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1987, 1992, 1996, 1998, 2003 and 2008.
Since 1987, red wolves ( Canis rufus ) have been released into northeastern North Carolina where they roam 1. 7 million acres.
The four other tracks were " Good Looker ," " Since You Went Away " ( which appeared on the Monkees 1987 CD " Pool It "), " Higher & Higher " and " Hi Hi Babe.
Since 1987, the Member of Parliament for the Canterbury constituency, which includes Whitstable, has been the Conservative Julian Brazier.
Since 1987 Tunisia has reformed its political system several times, abolishing life-term presidencies and opening up the parliament to opposition parties.
Since 1987, however, backyard barrel burning has showed almost no decrease, and is now the largest source of dioxin emissions, producing about one third of the total output.
Since 1987, when the country was destabilized by two military coups, Fiji has suffered a very high rate of emigration, particularly of skilled and professional personnel.
Since 1987 it has formed one of the country's 13 regions and is further ( since the Kallikratis reform of 2010 ) sub-divided into 5 regional units and 25 municipalities.
Since 1987, the Manneken has had a female equivalent, Jeanneke Pis, located on the east side of the Impasse de la Fidélité / Getrouwheidsgang.
Since 1987, the only allowable outcross breed is the Persian.
Since their inaugural 1980 – 81 season, the Mavericks have won three division titles ( 1987, 2007, 2010 ), two conference championships ( 2006, 2011 ), and one NBA Championship ( 2011 ).
Since 1987 an illustration of the castle has featured on the reverse side of ten pound notes issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland.
Since 1987, the US Open has been chronologically the fourth and final tennis major comprising the Grand Slam each year ; the other three are the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.
Since the opening of a new Sainsbury's in the early 1980s ( closed 2001 ) and, more significantly, a Tesco superstore in 1987, there has been a shift in the town's retail, predominantly charity shops, estate agents, restaurants and bars.
Since 1987, Mendocino has been the site of the Mendocino Music Festival, a classically-based but musically diverse series of concerts that is held annually in a huge circus type performance tent on the town's Main Street in the Mendocino Headlands State Park.
Since 1987, the California Avocado Festival has been held in Carpinteria on the first weekend of October.
Since 1987, it has grown from having about 60 aircraft based at the airport to about 165.
Since 1987, he has hosted numerous late night television shows, pay-per-view events and home video releases.
Since 1987, during the third weekend of October, the Main Street of Beattyville is closed to traffic, as the annual Woolly Worm Festival begins setting up.
Since 1987, Bunkie has hosted the annual Louisiana Corn Festival during the second full weekend of June.
Since 1987, the forest has been managed accordingly with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department actively involved in the location, design, and methodology of the harvesting activity.

Since and Congress
Since Johnson's proclamations allowed the Southern states to control the procedure and conduct of their elections in 1865, prominent former Confederate leaders were elected to the U. S. Congress ( but not seated ).
Since Congress was in recess, Johnson thought he could suspend Stanton without Senate approval and avoid violating the Tenure of Office Act.
Since 1986 Congress has passed seven amnesties for illegal immigrants.
Since the Spending Clause of the United States Constitution vests only Congress with power to spend money from the public fisc, the Supreme Court has held that only Congress may waive sovereign immunity, and Congress may place limitations on any such waiver.
Since the end of apartheid in the 1990s the African National Congress ( ANC ) has dominated South Africa's politics.
Since Jiang Zemin became the national party chief in June 1989, all but one former Shanghai party chief was elevated to the Politburo Standing Committee, the de facto highest decision-making body in China, including Jiang Zemin ( General secretary and President ), Zhu Rongji ( Premier ), Wu Bangguo ( Chairman of the National People's Congress ), Huang Ju ( Vice Premier ), and Xi Jinping ( Vice President ).
" Since World War II, every major military action has been technically a U. S. military operation or a U. N. " police action ", which are deemed legally legitimate by Congress, and various United Nations Resolutions because of decisions such as the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution or the Authorization for Use of Force.
Since then, the privilege of the writ has only been suspended upon the express authorization of Congress.
Since the Central Committee only meets twice a year, the Politburo implements the policies of the National Congress.
Since the adoption of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, the office has been vacant twice while awaiting confirmation of the new Vice President by both houses of Congress.
Since Wilson, the State of the Union is given typically each January before a joint session of the United States Congress and is held in the House of Representatives chamber of the United States Capitol.
Since 1934, the message or address has been delivered to Congress in January or February.
Since 1989, in recognition that the responsibility of reporting the State of the Union formally belongs to the president who held office during the past year, newly inaugurated Presidents have not officially called their first speech before Congress a " State of the Union " message.
Since that time, however, Congress has not allocated funding for any further development of the RRW.
Since 1995, the President has been required to submit an annual report to Congress listing the name and salary of every White House Office employee.
Since the 17th Party Congress, Li's influence has considerably waned and he is no longer active on China's political scene, partially owing to the corruption issues that plague him and his family.
Since its original passage, Congress has passed several amendments to this act.
Since then, the Forum has documented new insights derived from this timeline and subsequent discoveries in permanent resources including the exhibit An Uncommon Commitment to Peace, and its companion catalogue, recognized by the Library of Congress as the most accessible educational resource on the subject, a Portsmouth Peace Treaty Trail ( and map supported by the New Hampshire Division of Tourism ), a curriculum guide for grades 4-8 distributed to all school districts in New Hampshire, a series of New Hampshire Humanities Council lectures and articles on the Treaty and New Hampshire's citizen diplomacy and a variety of commemorative events.
Since neither the Congress nor the President appears to have authorized a privateer during the war, the Navy would not have had the authority to do so by itself.
Since August 1746 talks had been ongoing at the Congress of Breda to try and agree a peace settlement, but up to this point they had met with little success.
Since 1999, members of the United States Congress have made public pronouncements and introduced several resolutions in support of Falun Gong.
Since 2001, bills have repeatedly been introduced in Congress to solve the " one people-two country " problem by granting U. S. citizenship to all enrolled members of the Tohono O ' odham, but have so far been unsuccessful.

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