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Since and 1980s
Since the 1980s issues of power, such as those examined in Eric Wolf's Europe and the People Without History, have been central to the discipline.
Since that time citizens have mobilized, with support from the Albion Community Foundation founded in 1968, and the Albion Volunteer Service Organization, founded in the 1980s with support from Albion College, to address the challenge of diminishing economic opportunity.
Since the 1980s, the People's Republic of China has constructed a new legal framework for administrative law, establishing control mechanisms for overseeing the bureaucracy and disciplinary committees for the Communist Party of China.
Since the late 1980s, evidence has become available that instillation of BCG into the bladder is an effective form of immunotherapy in this disease.
Since the 1980s, Lennie Mace creates imaginative, ballpoint-only artwork of varying content and complexity, applied to unconventional surfaces including wood and denim.
Since the 1980s, the baku appears not as a chimera of an elephant and tiger but as a zoologically recognizable tapir.
Since the mid 1980s, the United States has had a growing deficit in tradeable goods, especially with Asian nations ( China and Japan ) which now hold large sums of U. S debt that has funded the consumption.
Since the 1980s, the more difficult problems of implementing valence bond theory into computer programs have been solved largely, and valence bond theory has seen a resurgence.
Since the feminist movement of the 1980s, some writers and publishers have been using the feminine title suffixes-in ( singular ) and-innen ( plural ) to emphasize the inclusion of females ; but written with a capital ' I ', to indicate that males are not excluded.
Since the 1980s, many motion pictures have been filmed in the city, most notably The Blues Brothers ; Ferris Bueller's Day Off ; Home Alone ; The Fugitive ; I, Robot ; Wanted ; Batman Begins ; The Dark Knight ; and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
Since the invention of the MIDI system in the early 1980s, for example, some people have worked on programs which map MIDI notes to an algorithm and then can either output sounds or music through the computer's sound card or write an audio file for other programs to play.
Since the 1980s theologians from the Oriental ( non-Chalcedonian ) Orthodox and Eastern ( Chalcedonian ) Orthodox churches have been meeting in a bid to resolve theological differences, and have concluded that many of the differences are caused by the two groups using different terminology to describe the same thing ( see Agreed Official Statements on Christology with the Eastern Orthodox Churches ).
Since the 1980s the term " new religions " or " new religious movements " has slowly entered into Evangelical usage, alongside the word " cult ".
Since the mid 1980s, the Chianti Classico zone has had its own DOCG recognized area separate from the greater Chianti region.
Since the late 1980s, prominent individuals and organizations have recognized the seminal importance of Engelbart's contributions.
The early 1980s saw further chart successes in the US with " Since I Don't Have You ", a new recording of " Castles in the Air " and " It's Just the Sun ".
Since the late 1980s, the field has been revived in the wake of progress made in the related fields of psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and cognitive science.
Since the 1980s, analysis of cryofixed, vitrified specimens has also become increasingly used by scientists, further confirming the validity of this technique.
Since the early 1980s, Smyril Line has operated a regular international passenger, car and freight service using a large, modern, multipurpose ferry, the Norröna.
Since the 1980s, several cities have re-introduced it.
Since the 1980s, the party has firmly pushed economic liberalism, and has aligned itself closely to the promotion of free markets and privatisation.
Since the 1980s, the FDP has maintained a consistent pro-business stance.
Since the 1980s, various experiments have verified that it is possible for the group velocity of laser light pulses sent through specially prepared materials to significantly exceed the speed of light in vacuum.
Since the late 1980s, Indonesia has made significant changes to its regulatory framework to encourage economic growth.

Since and following
A final class of exceptional lines is identifiable from the following considerations: Since no two generators of Af can intersect, it follows that their image curves can have no free intersections.
Since I have already discussed his moral position, that discussion is incorporated by reference into the following pages, which will focus on the empirical and analytic side of Fromm's treatment.
Since the change to better nutrition, he feels he can report on improvements in health, though he considers the following statements observations and not scientific proof.
Since the Catholic Church expresses such desire that the Sacred Scriptures be read, the following taken from the Holy Bible ( New Catholic Edition ) will prove a means of grace and a source of great spiritual blessing.
Since the administrative reforms in Bavaria in the 1970s, the town also encompasses the following Ortsteile:
Since we require the process to be adiabatic, the following equation needs to be true
Since its video release it has acquired a cult following, along with the other two films in the trilogy.
Since the following two hundred years saw the rise of the Classical Greek civilization, which has been enduringly influential in western society, the Battle of Marathon is often seen as a pivotal moment in European history.
Since the area has been referred to as the Balkans, notable conflicts have included the following
Since 1964, following clashes between the two communities, the Turkish Cypriot seats in the House remained vacant, while the Greek Cypriot Communal Chamber was abolished.
Since the corona has been photographated at high resolution in the X-rays by the satellite Skylab in 1973, and then later by Yohkoh and the other following space instruments, it has been seen that the structure of the corona is very various and complex: different zones have been immediately classified on the coronal disc
Since the Iraq War, evangelicalism has begun to make inroads in Iraq, capitalizing on a new openness to Western missionaries following the US-led invasion of the country, although the vast majority of converts are from other sects of Christianity present in Iraq .< ref >
Since Arafat's death, he is formally head of Fatah's political bureau and chairman, but his actual political following within Fatah appears limited.
Since July 2007, following the 2006 Palestinian legislative election and the following Battle of Gaza, Hamas has functioned as the de-facto ruler in the Gaza Strip, forming an alternative Hamas Government in Gaza.
Since then, and even in recent years, public spokesmen in Haiti as well as international academics and statesmen have denounced this event as the payment of an illegitimate debt, in several cases calling on the French government to repay it ( the French government has never been willing to repay it, though there was a hoax following the 2010 Haiti Earthquake involving a fake website purporting to offer reparation payment on behalf of the French Government ).
Since homomorphisms are morphisms, the following specific kinds of morphisms defined in any category are defined for homomorphisms as well.
Since 1990, Hezbollah has been accused of the following attacks and attempted attacks.
Since cast iron was becoming cheaper and more plentiful, it also became a major structural material following the building of the innovative Iron Bridge in 1778 by Abraham Darby III.
Since the 1950s, following the lead of D. W. Jefferson, there are those who argue that, whatever its legacy of influence may be, Tristram Shandy in its original context actually represents a resurgence of a much older, Renaissance tradition of " Learned Wit " – owing a debt to such influences as the Scriblerian approach.
Since 1980, linguists studying children, such as Melissa Bowerman, and psychologists following Jean Piaget, like Elizabeth Bates and Jean Mandler, came to suspect that there may indeed be many learning processes involved in the acquisition process, and that ignoring the role of learning may have been a mistake.
Since July 2012, Odyssey has been back in full, nominal operation mode following three weeks of ' safe ' mode on remote maintenance.
Since 2003, following the death in custody of a prisoner, Naseem, the Maldives experienced several anti-government demonstrations calling for political reforms, more freedoms and, and end to torture and oppression.
Since its economy was highly dependent on the rest of the former Soviet Union for energy and raw materials, the breakdown in trade following the breakup of the Soviet Union had a serious effect, exacerbated at times by drought and civil conflict.

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