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Sir and Henry
In the past, the duties of the state, as Sir Henry Maine noted long ago, were only two in number: internal order and external security.
Sir Henry Howorth, writing in 1898, put himself firmly in the Lappenburg-Kemble tradition by attacking the veracity of the West Saxon annals.
Sir Henry Sumner Maine, a hundred years before Communism was a force to be reckoned with, wrote his brilliant legal generalization, that `` the progress of society is from status to contract ''.
Argon ( αργος, Greek meaning " inactive ", in reference to its chemical inactivity ) was suspected to be present in air by Henry Cavendish in 1785 but was not isolated until 1894 by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay in Scotland in an experiment in which they removed all of the oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen from a sample of clean air.
In 1858, Sir Henry Bessemer developed a process of steel making by blowing hot air through liquid pig iron to reduce the carbon content.
Jacques-Louis David, Sir Henry Raeburn, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Thomas Gainsborough, Antonio Canova, Arnold Bocklin
* Sir Samuel Henry Strong September 30, 1875
But Sir Henry Harris said in 1998: " Without Fleming, no Chain ; without Chain, no Florey ; without Florey, no Heatley ; without Heatley, no penicillin.
Sir Henry Bessemer had invented the furnace which allowed the high carbon content of pig iron to be burnt away in a controlled and rapid way.
Sir Stafford Cripps, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Irving and other stage grandees, Lord Lytton and other eminent people of the era also wrote positive appreciations of his work after taking lessons with Alexander.
Forgotten for many years, the grave was discovered in 1897 and the Premier of New South Wales, Sir Henry Parkes, had it restored.
* 1908 H. H. Asquith of the Liberal Party takes office as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, succeeding Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Henry Montgomery, Vicar of St Mark's, Kennington, at that time, was the second son of the noted Indian administrator, Sir Robert Montgomery, who died a month after Bernard's birth.
After the death of Sir Robert Montgomery, Henry inherited the Montgomery ancestral estate of New Park at Moville in northern County Donegal.
Other possible ministers included Sir Robert Inglis, Henry Goulburn, John Charles Herries, and Lord Ellenborough.
Through the aegis of her scientific uncle, Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe, a chemist and vice chancellor of the University of London, she consulted with botanists at Kew Gardens, convincing George Massee of her ability to germinate spores and her theory of hybridisation.
Replacing Harcourt as party leader was Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman.
Although he presided over a large majority, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was overshadowed by his ministers, most notably Herbert Henry Asquith at the Exchequer, Edward Grey at the Foreign Office, Richard Burdon Haldane at the War Office and David Lloyd George at the Board of Trade.
* Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1899 1908
They and the Auxies became known as Tudor's Toughs after the police commander, Major-General Sir Henry Hugh Tudor.
Sir Henry Maine ( 1861 ) studied the ancient codes available in his day, and failed to find any criminal law in the " modern " sense of the word.
Trevor Huddleston, Sir Julian Huxley, Edward Hyams, the Bishop of Llandaff Dr Glyn Simon, Doris Lessing, Sir Compton Mackenzie, the Very Rev George McLeod, Miles Malleson, Denis Matthews, Sir Francis Meynell, Henry Moore, John Napper, Ben Nicholson, Sir Herbert Read, Flora Robson, Michael Tippett, the cartoonist ' Vicky ', Professor C. H. Waddington and Barbara Wootton.

Sir and Yule
Close to the village stands Hanstead House, built by Sir David Yule in 1925, who is buried in the grounds.
* Yule, Henry, Sir.
As explained by Sir Henry Yule, the editor of an English edition of Marco Polo ’ s Travels: “ Some geographers of the 16th century, following the old editions which carried the travellers south-east of Java to the land of Boeach ( or Locac ), introduced in their maps a continent in that situation ”.
The edition of Luigi Foscolo Benedetto, Marco Polo, Il Milione, under the patronage of the Comitato Geografico Nazionale Italiano ( Florence: Olschki, 1928 ), collated sixty additional manuscript sources, in addition to some eighty that had been collected by Sir Henry Yule, for his 1871 edition.
The man as a unit of weight is thought to be of at least Chaldean origin, with Sir Henry Yule attributing Akkadian origins to the word.
* Yule, Henry, Sir.
In their 1886 dictionary, Hobson-Jobson, Sir Henry Yule and Arthur C. Burnell explained that the word came to be used in British India for several things the British had brought into the country, such as the tomato and soda water.
The Bricket Wood campus operated for 14 years on the former estate of Sir David Yule several miles north of London.
Following a succession of owners the newspaper was subsequently bought in 1926 by Sir David Yule of Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England.
She married Sir David Yule ( 1858-1928 ) a British businessman and nephew of Andrew Yule of Calcutta.
In 1925, Sir David constructed Hanstead House in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, where Lady Yule and her daughter Gladys lived for the rest of their lives.
His uncle was the noted orientalist Sir Henry Yule.
Yule had broad interests and his collaborators included the agricultural meteorologist R. H. Hooker, the medical statistician Major Greenwood and the agricultural scientist Sir Frank Engledow.
Several major contributions were received, and the Calcutta millionaire Sir David Yule proved extremely helpful.
In 1783, Father Vincentius Sangermano in his book, ' A Description of the Burmese Empire ' described them as, " a petty nation called JO ( JAW )" Sir Henry Yule, as early as 1508 mentioned about the YO country the location of which was " west of the mouth of the Kyen-dwen ( Chindwin ) the interior of Doab, between the Irrawaddy and the Chindwin, from Mout-Shabo upwards and the whole of the hill country east and north-east of the capital, towards the Ruby-mines, the upper course of Hyitnge, and the Chinese frontier ".
In the verdict of Sir Henry Yule:
* Odoric of Pordenone, translation by Sir Henry Yule, introduction by Paolo Chiesa, The Travels of Friar Odoric: 14th Century Journal of the Blessed Odoric of Pordenone, Eerdmans ( December 15, 2001 ), hardcover, 174 pages,
Malleson ( The History of Afghanistan from the Earliest Period to the outbreak of the War of 1878, 39 ), Col. Failson, ( History of Afghanistan, 49 ), George Bell ( Tribes of Afghanistan, 15 ), E. Balfour ( Encyclopedia of India, article on Afghanistan ), Sir Henry Yule ( Encyclopædia Britannica, article on Afghanistan ), and the Hon.
He was succeeded in turn by Sir David Dundas ( 1871 77 ), a lawyer and politician, and then by Sir Henry Yule ( 1877 89 ), an Oriental scholar and former East India Company soldier.
Burnell originated with Sir Henry Yule the well-known dictionary of Anglo-Indian words and phrases, Hobson-Jobson.
Sir David Yule, 1st Baronet ( 4 August 1858 3 July 1928 ) was a Scottish businessman.
He did not return to McAndrews & Forbes after the war ; instead, in 1919, he became chairman of the vast Andrew Yule and Company Ltd. of Calcutta, succeeding Sir David Yule.

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