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So and George
A third single was released amid controversy before Christmas 1984: a revival of " It Ain't Necessarily So ", the George and Ira Gershwin classic ( from Porgy and Bess ) which questions the authenticity of Biblical tales.
According to the Joint Congressional Committee on Presidential Inaugurations, George Washington added the words " So help me God " during his first inaugural, though this has been disputed.
So immersed had the Burtons become in the roles of George and Martha over the months of shooting, after the wrap Richard Burton said, " I feel rather lost.
Eleanor Bron's earliest work for television included appearances on David Frost's Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life, My Father Knew Lloyd George and BBC-3, where she performed in sketches with John Fortune ; they had already worked together at Peter Cook's Establishment Club.
So the disillusioned settlers petitioned Congress and President George Washington for aid, and as a result, the Ohio Company sent a group of woodsmen from Marietta to build a log cabin settlement on what is now the city park.
So, in the middle of the Great Depression, he set out for George Washington University in Washington, D. C. for graduate study.
* August 31 – a U. S. district court decision rules that George Harrison had " subconsciously " copied The Chiffons ' hit " He's So Fine " when he wrote the song " My Sweet Lord ".
* " So Am I " w. Ira Gershwin m. George Gershwin
Her last well-known hit was 1985's " Hallelujah, I Love Her So ", a duet with George Jones.
So did his social, finding him hobnobbing with George Gershwin, Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington, and other music giants in the New York scene.
So I says Paul, I says, Abbie don ’ t want to go to Chicago and I ’ m kind of leery, I ’ m afraid ”, George recalled.
So I borrowed a wig from the National Theatre and I turned up at Eaton Square where George Cukor, the film director, let me in and he introduced me to Katharine Hepburn.
The early colonist George Fletcher Moore included in his 1831 ballad So Western Australia for me the lines:
Luke's first solo LP, Banned in the USA, was a 2 Live Crew record just under the New " Luke " record label to lawsuits from George Lucas So he dropped the Skywalker and changed his name to Luke the record company was named Luke records, yet he did not offer royalties to the group for creating the album ; rather, a small flat fee was paid.
So whereas King George V of the United Kingdom used an ordinal to distinguish him from other kings in the United Kingdoms called George, his wife, Queen Mary, had no ordinal.
* So Say the Wise: A Community Of Modern Mind — New York: George Sully Company, 1929 — A compendium of quotations, concentrating on current personalities.
# " Run So Far " ( George Harrison ) – 4: 06
In 1970, George Harrison released the song " My Sweet Lord ," whose musical similarities to " He's So Fine " prompted the Chiffons to file a copyright infringement claim.
A caller to the show Dennis Miller Live was said to come from this city, making Miller and guest George Carlin laugh, and Miller asks, " So how long have you been waiting?
" King performed an analogous stunt with a version of " He's So Fine " by The Chiffons arranged in the style of George Harrison's " My Sweet Lord ," making a cheeky reference to the plagiarism suit over the similarities between the two songs.
King had done the same in the 1970s with his version of " He's So Fine " to the arrangement of George Harrison's " My Sweet Lord ", which was played in the plagiarism court case, which The Chiffons eventually won.
With her American husband Nelson Lee, in the early to mid-1970s she made the 7 " record " Bongi and Nelson " featuring two soul tracks arranged by George Butcher: " That's the Kind of Love " and " I Was So Glad " ( France: Syliphone ).
" So ," he noted later, " the poor, blind kid from Battersea became Sir George Shearing.

So and just
`` So I just scooted out of his clutches.
So if all these beers was to get me in bed, man, you just spent a lot of money ''.
So Mel Chandler set out to sell him on the spirit of Garryowen, just as he himself had been sold a short time before.
So if you are made of atoms, you are just a big machine ; ;
So the audience last night was all ears and eyes just after Act 2, got a rousing opening chorus, `` Where's Charley??
So in the second case cited above, it is likely that two different versions are being conflated: one version with an embassy of three people, another with just two people.
So The Shining would be sorted as just " Shining " or " Shining, The ".
So, most constraints ended up just being described as comments.
This occurs in the context of Irenaeus ' work On the Detection and Overthrow of Knowledge Falsely So Called, ( Greek: elenchos kai anatrope tes pseudonymou gnoseos genitive case, ἔλεγχος καὶ ἀνατροπὴ τῆς ψευδωνύμου γνώσεως ) where the term " knowledge falsely so-called " ( nominative case pseudonymos gnosis ) covers various groups, not just Valentinus, and is a quotation of the apostle Paul's warning against " knowledge falsely so-called " in 1 Timothy 6: 20.
So it's a futile exercise, and it's just misleading.
So, Isaac unearthed them and began to dig for more wells all the way to Beersheba, where he made a pact with Abimelech, just like in the day of his father.
So just what is " truth " and " falsehood "?
If anything, the goal behind outing is to show just how many gay people there are among the most visible people in our society so that when someone outs the milkman or the spinster, everyone will say, ' So what?
So several new districts were founded around the city's perimeter, just outside the old fortifications.
So furious were the Byzantine officials at this harsh rejection of the wishes of their emperor and patriarch that they threatened to roast Eugene, just as they had roasted Pope Martin I. Eugene was saved from the fate of his predecessor by the advance of the Muslims, who took Rhodes in 654 and defeated Constans himself in the naval battle of Phoenix ( 655 ).
Although Orbison recorded and wrote standard structure songs before " Only the Lonely ", he claimed never to have learned how to write them: " I'm sure we had to study composition or something like that at school, and they'd say ' This is the way you do it ,' and that's the way I would have done it, so being blessed again with not knowing what was wrong or what was right, I went on my own way .... So the structure sometimes has the chorus at the end of the song, and sometimes there is no chorus, it just goes ... But that's always after the fact — as I'm writing, it all sounds natural and in sequence to me.
So, just like one can find the value of an Integral ( f = dF ) over a 1-dimensional manifolds () by considering the anti-derivative ( F ) at the 0-dimensional boundaries (), one can generalize the fundamental theorem of calculus, with a few additional caveats, to deal with the value of integrals ( dω ) over n-dimensional manifolds ( Ω ) by considering the anti-derivative ( ω ) at the ( n-1 )- dimensional boundaries ( dΩ ) of the manifold.
So when Appenzell allied with the Swiss, the town of St. Gallen followed just a few months later.
So we ’ re all talking to her, the writers and whoever, just in awe of this woman.
So these images on the Wheel of Life are just to communicate to the general audience.
So just before expiring 3 years you have decided to replace the bulb with a new one and scheduled for a maintenance.
So, in just nine years, the kingdom so hard won by Robert the Bruce had been shattered and had recovered.
So it is an acceptance that Israel has a right to exist, just as the Palestinians have a right to their homeland, and have a right to exist.
So one of the most effective strategies for regenerating biotopes is to plan a stretch of biotopes, not just a point where animals and plants come and go.

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