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So and 1983
So, due to the separation of Quartucciu ( 12, 527 inhabitants in 2009 ) in 1983, Elmas ( 8, 977 inhabitants in 2009 ) in 1989, Monserrato ( 20, 603 inhabitants in 2009 ) and Selargius ( 29, 099 inhabitants in 2009 ) in 1991, Cagliari passed from circa 220, 000 to 160, 000 residents.
She achieved success in the mid-1980s with the release of the debut solo album She's So Unusual in 1983, which included four Billboard Hot 100 top five songs: " Girls Just Want to Have Fun ," " Time After Time ," " She Bop ," and " All Through the Night.
On October 14, 1983, She's So Unusual was released and peaked at No. 4 in the US becoming a worldwide hit.
* She's So Unusual ( 1983 )
* 1983 What's Shakin ' So Wonderful "
An additional song that Jackson co-wrote with Anka from this 1983 session, " Love Never Felt So Good ", has since been discovered, and will be released in the near future.
An additional song that Jackson co-wrote with Anka from this 1983 session, " Love Never Felt So Good ", was discovered shortly thereafter and will be released in the near future.
* Mr. Moto: Four Complete Novels ( 1983 ) reprints Your Turn, Mr. Moto ; Think Fast, Mr. Moto ; Mr. Moto Is So Sorry ; and Right You Are, Mr. Moto.
So did a Broadway revival in 1983 starring Cicely Tyson and Peter Gallagher.
This was followed by Life ( is So Strange ) ( 1983 ) from which the title track was also a single.
" Say It Isn't So " remained at Number 2 for an impressive four weeks from December 1983 to January 1984.
*" The Girl is Fine ( So Fine )" ( 1983 ), Spring-# 28 US R & B
So as to provide for men and women who feel a calling to the eremitic or anchoritic life without being or becoming a member of an institute of consecrated life, but desire its recognition by the Roman Catholic Church as a form of consecrated life nonetheless, the Code of Canon Law 1983 legislates in the Section on Consecrated Life ( canon 603 ) as follows:
Her backlist includes Everything in the World, The Fun House, It's So Magic, Naked Ladies Naked Ladies Naked Ladies ( 1984 ), Shake a Tail Feather, Down the Street, Big Ideas ( 1983 ), Come Over Come Over, Girls and Boys ( 1981 ), and My Perfect Life.
* So All Alone – ( 1983 )
So, in the fall of 1983, I started as an editor .” Within a short time, Spector became the editor-in-chief for all Steve Jackson Games products, the company that owned and published Space Gamer magazine.
In 1983, this word used in the title of a very popular movie: " So long, Stooge ", in French: " Tchao, pantin ".
So in 1983, after most of the Unparty executive had gone their separate ways, Robert Metz and Marc Emery of London, Ontario offered to take over control and management of the Unparty, with the promise that they would keep the Unparty going forever ( a promise that Robert Metz has continued to keep to this day ).
* 1983: Tchao Pantin ( English title: So Long, Stooge )
* 1983: Tchao Pantin ( English title: So Long, Stooge )
So, while the name MARC was established in 1983, the service dates back well over 100 years.
Pantin was portrayed in the award-winning French movie So Long, Stooge ( French title: Tchao Pantin ) ( 1983 ), starring French comedian Coluche.
Under the name Nicolas Seare, Trevanian also published 1339 or So: Being an Apology for a Pedlar ( 1975 ), a witty medieval tale of love and courage ; and Rude Tales and Glorious ( 1983 ), a bawdy re-telling of Arthurian tales.
) So, in June 1983 AMD introduced the 22V10, a 24 pin device with 10 output logic macrocells.

So and set
So when textbooks, like that of Baker set out drawings of the ' Ptolemaic System ', complete with earth in the center and the seven heavenly bodies epicyclically arranged on their several deferents, we have nothing but a misleading 20th-century idea of what never existed historically.
So this proxy situation has set up at least a partial barrier between the medium's ESP and the absent sitter's mind.
So Mel Chandler set out to sell him on the spirit of Garryowen, just as he himself had been sold a short time before.
So long as an insurer maintains adequate funds set aside for anticipated losses ( called reserves ), the remaining margin is an insurer's profit.
So, is a set of linearly independent vectors in the column space of and, hence, the dimension of the column space of ( i. e. the column rank of ) must be at least as big as.
So for example, for these authors, it is true of every set A that A ⊂ A.
So, for example, the completeness and comprehensiveness of the underlying set of concepts is a critical factor in judging the validity and usefulness of a coherent system.
So they set a trap for him.
So the 6 – 2 formation is actually a 4 – 2 system, but the back-row setter penetrates to set.
So the extension of the word " dog " is the set of all ( past, present and future ) dogs in the world: the set includes Fido, Rover, Lassie, Rex, and so on.
So the extension of " before " is the set of all ( ordered ) pairs of objects such that the first one is before the second one.
:" So, I said: ' OK, let's go on the set.
' So I went on the set ... The day after I went back to see my mum and told her that I was going to make films and stop school and ' bye.
The British author Rudyard Kipling popularized the Limpopo in his short story " The Elephant's Child ", in the Just So Stories, in which he described " the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees ," where the " Bi-Coloured Python Rock-Snake " dwells.
So uncustomary was the French Aesthetic viewpoint that, when Pierrot made an appearance in an eponymous pantomime ( 1893 ) by Alfred Thompson, set to music by the American composer Laura Sedgwick Collins, The New York Times covered it as an event, even though it was only a student production.
So he set the group five rules:
So, when an agent satisfices, then she will choose from a larger set of actions than the agent who optimizes.
So the item set 0 ( without lookaheads ) will look like this:
So popular was his work that the second item of merchandise ever licensed by Playboy ( after cufflinks with the famous rabbit-head logo ) was a cocktail-napkin set, " Females by Cole ", featuring his cartoons.
So just to divert his attention he told him to set his own house in order first, because his sister and her husband had converted to Islam.
Never So Good is a four-act play by Howard Brenton, a portrait of Harold Macmillan set against a back-drop of fading Empire, two world wars, the Suez crisis, adultery and Tory politics at the Ritz.
So, in special relativity there can be no physical basis for picking out a unique set of events that are all happening simultaneously in " the present ".
So, for instance, many books may be set in conflicting fictional versions of Victorian London, but all the stories of Sherlock Holmes are set in the same Victorian London.

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