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Some Related Sentences

So and fact
So simple, in fact, that it might even work -- although Pamela, now, in her new frame of mind, was careful not to pretend too much assurance.
So far as I am concerned, the child is unmistakably father to the man, despite the obvious fact that child and father differ greatly -- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
So the logarithm function is in fact a group isomorphism from the group ( R < sup >+</ sup >,< big >×</ big >) to the group ( R ,< big >+</ big >).
He concluded, " So, please " Cornucopians ," let's not hear any more of the Ehrlich-Simon bet, which proves, in fact, both that man is mortal and must make short-term bets, and, more importantly, that Ehrlich's argument was right ( so far ).
In fact, if we consider files of length N, if all files were equally probable, then for any lossless compression that reduces the size of some file, the expected length of a compressed file ( averaged over all possible files of length N ) must necessarily be greater than N. So if we know nothing about the properties of the data we are compressing, we might as well not compress it at all.
Although Orbison recorded and wrote standard structure songs before " Only the Lonely ", he claimed never to have learned how to write them: " I'm sure we had to study composition or something like that at school, and they'd say ' This is the way you do it ,' and that's the way I would have done it, so being blessed again with not knowing what was wrong or what was right, I went on my own way .... So the structure sometimes has the chorus at the end of the song, and sometimes there is no chorus, it just goes ... But that's always after the factas I'm writing, it all sounds natural and in sequence to me.
So the syntactic category for an intransitive verb is a complex formula representing the fact that the verb acts as a function word requiring an NP as an input and produces a sentence level structure as an output.
So closely in fact, that the famous painting of the middle-aged King Philip II was long attributed to Coello or Juan Pantoja de la Cruz.
So one would doubt that, in fact, what we really are doing is imagining the creation of the tree with a mere decision.
So I said, ' There is more action going on in my hometown with my friends dealing with the fact that they can't deal with turning 30 or with commitment ' - all that became Beautiful Girls ".
So horrible a fact can hardly pleaded for favour:
So instantiating this fact with eating a sandwich, it logically follows that
So a fortiori, if is also compact, then such topologies coincide and hence we have, combined with the first fact,.
So would be created by making a copy of an existing " Vehicle " object, and then adding the drive fast method, modelling the fact that it happens to be a Porsche 911.
So much so, in fact, that today it is difficult to view the subject of Cook except through Beaglehole ’ s perspective.
So we can apply the fact of exterior algebra that there is a unique linear form on that
asula-+ piya -) does not account for the velar, it is perhaps inserted spontaneously in Greek due to the fact that the cluster-sl-was uncommon in Greek: So, * Aslāpios would become Asklāpios automatically.
By doing so, the artist triumphs over depression and discouragement in the Finale, " E. D. U. " So, like some works of Elgar ’ s contemporaries Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler, the Enigma Variations are about the artist himself: ( almost ) all the themes of the work are in fact derived from the ‘ Elgar theme ’.
So, a lot of railroad companies would try to hide the fact that a major railroad was coming in.
So I would pull on him a bit and call his attention to the fact the highway was where he was supposed to be.
So, too, does the fact that he is older by decades than most of the other members of the youthful cast.
Summers then concluded his discussion of the three hypotheses by saying: So my best guess, to provoke you, of what's behind all of this is that the largest phenomenon, by far, is the general clash between people's legitimate family desires and employers ' current desire for high power and high intensity, that in the special case of science and engineering, there are issues of intrinsic aptitude, and particularly of the variability of aptitude, and that those considerations are reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.
So, if the plaintiff African-American children wished to attend such private schools, and were clearly qualified in all respects ( but race ) and were able to pay the fees, and were willing to attend despite the fact that the school's professed principles were inconsistent with admitting them, then the schools were required by Section 1981 to admit them.
So far as this interest affected himself, the chief profit lay in the fact that it deepened his conception of the state, and directed it to more practical ends.

So and opposition
So, too, was the insistence on the relativity of the external world, and the ideas that language and things perceived by consciousness were poor substitutes indeed for immediate perception by pure, indwelling spirit: the opposition of pure consciousness to ratiocinating consciousness.
Trudeau reflected on his opposition to conscription and his doubts about the war in his Memoirs ( 1993 ): " So there was a war?
So there is not binomial opposition between the natural and the artificial in a biotope.
So the conditions of an eclipse are met when the new or full moon is near one of the nodes, which occurs every 5 or 6 months ( the Sun, being in conjunction or opposition to the Moon, is also at a node of the Moon's orbit at that time-this happens twice in an eclipse year ).
" So I was the only one in opposition, which presented a lot of opportunities, some of which weren't even in the script or were expanded on.
So far there is no sign of movement on this issue: the route, now the Parkland Walk, is highly valued by walkers and cyclists, and suggestions in the 1990s that it could, in part, become a road were met with fierce opposition.
So, when Zeno tried to regain his empire, he found virtually no opposition, triumphantly entering Constantinople, and capturing and killing Basiliscus and his family.
However, after the turmoil occurred they would say, ‘ Name for us your narrators .’ So the people of the Sunnah would have their hadith accepted and the people of innovation would not .” The turmoil referred to is the conflicting ideologies of the Kharijites and extreme Shias that had emerged at the time of the third khalifas Uthman ibn Affan's assassination and the social unrest of the Kharijites in opposition to the succeeding rulers, Ali and Muawiyah.
So far, every Speaker from an opposition party has been a Liberal.
So Leo approached Pope Celestine III ; but the pope required submission of the Armenian church to Rome, and this created considerable difficulty ; there was marked opposition from the majority of the clergy and the people of Cilicia.
So used his casting vote to defeat a ' vote of no confidence ' by opposition councillors over the incident.
Following the vote, opposition councillors stepped up their attack and criticised So for not meeting with the Dalai Lama during his 2007 visit.
So, in 1880 they renamed it Alderley Edge railway station against much opposition, taking the old name for the village and the name of the sandstone escarpment already known as The Edge.
On that program, Bee has demonstrated an ability to coax people into caricaturing themselves — particularly in segments like " Kill Drill ", on hunters and fossil fuel executives claiming to be environmentalists ; " They So Horny " on the dearth of Asian men in U. S. pornography ; " Tropical Repression ," on Ed Heeney, a Florida politician running his campaign based on opposition to gay rights ; " The Undecided ", an over-the-top look at the infamous undecided voters leading up to the 2004 U. S. presidential elections ; and " Samantha Bee's So You Want To Bee A ..." report series, which humorously caricatures the way in which one can easily obtain a certain job, like becoming a 527 group, and a segment entitled " NILFs " (" News I'd Like to F #@ k "), discussing the sexiness of news anchors: " CNN has the wholesome girl-next-door NILFs, the kind you can bring home to meet your mother.
So worried were some courses that Lottery would scare away the opposition that they framed the conditions of races to stipulate that they were open to any horse bar the winner of the Cheltenham Steeplechase, said horse being Lottery.
So strong was his opposition that Novick conspired with Vice-President Jim Prescott to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Palmer from office and appoint Prescott as Acting President.
Exasperated, Marcos said, “ If the Nacionalista Party does not wish to become part of the KBL, then let it play the role of the opposition .” Piqued, Doy snapped back,So be it, Mr. President, so be it !” and walked out.
So determined were they in their opposition to the Anglo-Egyptian forces that the name Hadendoa grew to be nearly synonymous with rebel.

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