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Some and limited
Some tree frogs with limited access to water excrete most of their metabolic waste as uric acid.
Some unicellular species rely entirely on external energy sources and have limited or no photosynthetic apparatus.
Some evidence suggests that partial tolerance does develop, and " the memory impairment is limited to a narrow window within 90 minutes after each dose ".
Some scholars argue that conspiracy theories once limited to fringe audiences have become commonplace in mass media, contributing to conspiracism emerging as a cultural phenomenon in the United States of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and the possible replacement of democracy by conspiracy as the dominant paradigm of political action in the public mind.
Some authors have claimed this to be untrue, showing that the pollutant and irritant count within cars is consistently higher, ( presumably because of limited circulation of air within the car and due to the air intake being directly in the stream of other traffic ).
Some states conducted limited censuses for various purposes, and these are typically located in state archives.
Some believe that the Kingdom itself is not worldwide but limited to the land of Israel promised to Abraham and ruled over in the past by David, with a worldwide empire.
Some workers died, but the loss of life was limited by the modular design of the factory and its earth works, and the planting of trees that directed the blasts upward.
Some anticonvulsant medications do not have primary FDA-approved uses in epilepsy but are used in limited trials, remain in rare use in difficult cases, have limited " grandfather " status, are bound to particular severe epilepsies, or are under current investigation.
Some aircraft, the Panavia Tornado for example, retain a very basic hydro-mechanical backup system for limited flight control capability on losing electrical power, in the case of the Tornado this allows rudimentary control of the stabilators only for pitch and roll axis movements.
Some notable observed features of galaxy structure ( including our own Milky Way ) that astronomers wish to explain with galactic formation theories include ( but are certainly not limited to ) the following:
Some injunctions contain wording that restricts damaging or vandalizing the property of another, both public and private property, including but limited to any vehicle, light fixture, door, fence, wall, gate, window, building, street sign, utility box, telephone box, trees, or power pole.
Some villas such as Great Casterton in Rutland and Hucclecote in Gloucestershire had new mosaic floors laid around this time, suggesting that economic problems may have been limited and patchy, although many suffered some decay before being abandoned in the 5th century ; the story of Saint Patrick indicates that villas were still occupied until at least 430.
Some instructions also enabled HL to be used as a ( limited ) 16-bit accumulator, and a pseudoregister, M, could be used almost anywhere that any other register could be used and referred to the memory address pointed to by HL.
Some earlier optical keyboards were limited in their structure and required special casing to block external light, no multi-key functionality was supported and the design was very limited to a thick rectangular case.
Some began to return in 1998, but lack of housing limited the number.
Some disorders may be very limited in their functional effects, while others may involve substantial disability and support needs.
Some units allow only a limited number of parameters to be controlled this way, but most will respond to program change messages.
Some MX-5s feature limited slip differentials and anti-lock braking system.
Some languages have a very limited set of numerals, and in some cases they arguably do not have any numerals at all, but instead use more generic quantifiers or number words, such as ' pair ' or ' many '.
Some efforts had been made during the inter-war years to investigate landing military forces by sea but inadequate funding severely limited any useful progress.
( Some legacy operating systems, including early versions of Unix and Windows, limited passwords to an 8 character maximum, reducing security.
Some would also point out that privatizing certain functions of government might hamper coordination, and charge firms with specialized and limited capabilities to perform functions which they are not suited for.

Some and tree
Some chaps that know an area well can make their way by landmarks, a tree here, a wash here, a boulder there.
Some producers adopted motor-powered tappers and metal tubing systems to convey sap from the tree to a central collection container, but these techniques were not widely used.
Some explain a red – black tree as a binary search tree whose edges, instead of nodes, are colored in red or black, but this does not make any difference.
Some traditions credit St Boniface with the invention of the Christmas tree.
Some of the techniques used, such as fault tree analysis, are derived from safety engineering.
Some say that the direction of a rotation depends on the side which the tree nodes are shifted upon whilst others say that it depends on which child takes the root's place ( opposite of the former ).
Some species of mosquitoes prefer to breed in phytotelmata ( natural reservoirs on plants ) such as rainwater accumulated in holes in tree trunks, or in the leaf-axils of bromeliads.
Some also derive nourishment from pollen, tree sap, rotting fruit, dung, decaying flesh, and dissolved minerals in wet sand or dirt.
Some sequoias, such as the Mother of the Forest, were undoubtedly far larger than any living tree today.
Some species, such as the tree pangolin, use their strong, prehensile tails to hang from tree branches and strip away bark from the trunk, exposing insect nests inside.
Some plants produce natural herbicides, such as the genus Juglans ( walnuts ), or the tree of heaven ; such action of natural herbicides, and other related chemical interactions, is called allelopathy.
Some roots can grow as deep as the tree is high.
Some better known species that represent the diversity of the genus include the Common Fig which is a small temperate deciduous tree whose fingered fig leaf is well known in art and iconography ; the Weeping Fig ( F. benjamina ) a hemi-epiphyte with thin tough leaves on pendulous stalks adapted to its rain forest habitat ; the rough-leaved sandpaper figs from Australia ; the Creeping Fig ( F. pumila ), a vine whose small, hard leaves form a dense carpet of foliage over rocks or garden walls.
" Some scholars hold that Jesus ' quote " Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you ", is based on a Jewish figure of speech referring to studying the Torah.
Some tree species ( Pistacia aethiopica, Pistacia atlantica ...) can exist as small bushes and shrubs due to the extreme of its habitat, to adverse conditions or the excessive consumption by herbivores or livestock that hinder it properly.
Some brown, dead leaves may remain on the tree throughout winter until very early spring.
Some of the following fruit tree forms require training by tying the branches to the required form.
Some believe that hamadryads are the actual tree, while normal dryads are simply the entities, or spirits, of the trees.
Some aspects of the ritual of the oath for Dius Fidius, such as the proceedings under the open sky and / or in the compluvium of private residences and the fact the temple of Sancus had no roof, have suggested to romanist O. Sacchi the idea that the oath by Dius Fidius predated that for Iuppiter Lapis or Iuppiter Feretrius, and should have its origin in prehistoric time rituals, when the templum was in the open air and defined by natural landmarks as e. g. the highest nearby tree.
Some of the men were given eggs, boiled with hot stones, and these were thrown in shrubs or a knothole in an oak tree.
Some scholars maintain that this name was actually that of the western district of the city that lay between the great Temple of Ptah and the necropolis at Saqqara, an area that contained a sacred tree.
Some smaller tree species do not readily form pollards, because cutting the main stem stimulates growth from the base, effectively forming a coppice stool instead.

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