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Some and modification
Some clever program counter catches meant that the ordinary system ROMs and any software using the OS calls could function without significant modification, making substantially more memory available for BASIC, View, Viewsheet and almost every other business application.
Some chimera ( genetics ) | chimeras, like the blotched mouse shown, are created through genetic modification techniques like gene targeting.
Some open-source licenses only permit modification of the source code for personal use or only permit non-commercial redistribution.
Some enzymes act on other proteins to add or remove chemical groups in a process known as posttranslational modification.
Some men have undergone penectomies as a voluntary body modification, but professional opinion is divided as to whether or not the desire for penile amputation is a pathology, thus including it as part of a body dysmorphic disorder.
Some modification of the engine systems on those ships was undertaken to permit the burning of a lower grade of fuel ( i. e., marine diesel ).
Some Soviet Union socialist realism was imported without modification, and painters were assigned subjects and expected to mass-produce paintings.
Some e-mail clients use a modification of the mbox format for their mail folders.
Some of the considerations discussed here apply to four-stroke engines ( which cannot reverse their direction of rotation without considerable modification ), almost all of which spin forward, too.
Some arguments for modification of pubic hair have included:
Some modification appears to have been made in deference to these objections, but no concession was made to Jehovah's Witnesses.
Some more aggressive algorithms such as MTD ( f ) do not easily permit such a modification.
Some genderqueer people also desire physical modification or hormones to suit their preferred expression.
Some Soviet Union socialist realism was imported without modification, and painters were assigned subjects and expected to mass-produce paintings.
Some Baptists of the region found this modification of theology appealing, and began to preach against limited atonement and unconditional election, declaring that Christ died for all mankind.
Some viruses have evolved ways of subverting the restriction modification system, usually by modifying their own DNA, by adding methyl or glycosyl groups to it, thus blocking the restriction enzymes.
Some prokaryotes have developed multiple types of restriction modification systems.
Some classic cars owners are reluctant to retrofit seat belts for the loss of originality this modification implies.
Some artists make use of machinima applications to produce non-interactive animated artworks, however artistic modification is not synonymous with machinima as these form only a small proportion of artistic modifications.
Some of the firsts include the first complete mod ( or modification ) for racing simulation software, The Pits Touring Car Championship, released in 1997.
Some of the many different styles and visual influences to car modification are:
Some typical uses for a violet wand include temporary or permanent branding of the skin for Body modification, electrically charged impact with paddles or other conductive implements, electrified touch or massage, or erotic stimulation of the genitalia.
Some DNS server packages have overcome this problem by automatically constructing the serial number from the last modification timestamp of the database file on disk.
Some radioisotopes ( for example gallium-67, gallium-68, and radioiodine ) are used directly as soluble ionic salts, without further modification.

Some and Feynman
Some of the most famous of the criticisms, most of management, came from Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, in his report that followed his appointment to the commission responsible for investigating the Challenger disaster.

Some and rules
Some argue that a sutta in the Gamani Samyuttam rules out all military service.
Some of these games, such as Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica, become real card games as the holder of the intellectual property develops and markets a suitable deck and ruleset for the game, while others, such as " Exploding Snap " from the Harry Potter franchise, lack sufficient descriptions of rules, or depend on cards or other hardware that are infeasible or physically impossible.
Some critics of this approach feel that while these models approach biological reality as a representation of how the system works, they lack explanatory powers because complicated systems of connections with even simple rules are extremely complex and often less interpretable than the system they model.
Some called for a maximum of two term-periods in each party body, including the Central Committee, others supported Nikita Khrushchev's policy of compulsory turnover rules, which had been ended by the Brezhnev leadership.
Some games have rules involving the " cascade ", " fountain " or " waterfall ", which encourages each player to drink constantly from their cup so long as the player before him does not stop drinking.
Some scenarios have extra rules encompassing the concept of exploration, which is done by having the hex tiles placed face down.
Some members also have their own rules regarding the use of the flag alongside their national flag on domestic occasions, for example the obligatory use alongside national flags outside police stations or local government buildings.
Some earlier incarnations of football allowed unlimited forward passing, while others had strict offside rules similar to rugby.
Some graphemes may not represent any sound at all ( like the b in English debt ), and often the rules of correspondence between graphemes and phonemes become complex or irregular, particularly as a result of historical sound changes that are not necessarily reflected in spelling.
Some publishers design games that contain instructions and game elements in more than one language, e. g. the game Ursuppe comes with rules and cards in both German and English ; Khronos features instructions in French, English, and German, and a Swiss game, Enchanted Owls, provides French, German, Italian, and Romansh rules.
Some scholars have observed a similarity between these rabbinic rules of interpretation and the hermeneutics of ancient Hellenistic culture.
Some religious groups may follow certain rules regarding hair as part of religious observance.
Some of these items include providing creativity training, having leaders encourage and model innovation, allowing employees to question current procedures and rules, seeing that the implementation of innovations had real consequences, documenting innovations in a professional manner, allowing employees to have autonomy and freedom in their job roles, reducing the number of obstacles that may be in the way of innovation, and giving employees access to resources ( whether these are monetary, informational, or access to key people inside or outside of the organization ).
Some commentators say the name comes from the verb śœarar (" to rule, be strong, have authority over "), thereby making the name mean " God rules " or " God judges ".
Some proponents of this view of language have advocated a formal approach which studies language structure by identifying its basic elements and then formulating a formal account of the rules according to which the elements combine to form words and sentences.
Some have almost no structure or rules, while others have rigid rules of protocol, etiquette, and rank.
Some morphological rules relate to different forms of the same lexeme ; while other rules relate to different lexemes.
Some natural languages have become naturally " standardized " by children's natural tendency to correct for illogical grammar structures in their parents ' language, which can be seen in the development of pidgin languages into creole languages ( as explained by Steven Pinker in The Language Instinct ), but this is not the case in many languages, including constructed languages such as Esperanto, where strict rules are in place as an attempt to consciously remove such irregularities.
Some of the earliest-used machine learning algorithms, such as decision trees, produced systems of hard if-then rules similar to existing hand-written rules.
Some of the earliest-used algorithms, such as decision trees, produced systems of hard if-then rules similar to the systems of hand-written rules that were then common.

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