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Some and in-person
Some practitioners have suggested that online counseling cannot be considered psychotherapy, while scientific journals such as The Lancet have published studies that demonstrate that online cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as traditional " in-person " therapy for the treatment of depression.

Some and performers
Some performers were noted at this, such as the 18th century Mariola della Piazzole and Clorinda Franseschi.
Some performers use a noise gate pedal at the end of a chain to reduce unwanted noise and hum introduced by overdrive units or vintage gear.
Some performers may deliberately block ( or otherwise break out of character ) for comedic effect — this is known as gagging -- but this generally prevents the scene from advancing and is frowned upon by many improvisers.
Some veterans speak of a " sickness " among wrestling performers, an inexplicable pull to remain active in the wrestling world despite the devastating effects the job can have on one's life and health.
Some of the performers completing the bill were Chuck Berry, Cathy Carr, Shirley & Lee, Della Reese, the Cleftones, and the Spaniels with Illinois Jacquet's Big Rockin ' Rhythm Band.
Some performers create new compositions using traditional musical instruments while others add electronic sounds, modern harmonies, rhythms, improvisation and sound design elements to enhance the film watching experience.
Some performers use more dramatic objects such as knives, fire torches, and even chainsaws.
Some burlesquers of the past have become instructors and mentors to New Burlesque performers such as Velvet Hammer, The World Famous Pontani Sisters.
Some performers while paying great attention to their skills and abilities give little thought to the difference that a well-thought-out name can make to their career.
Some performers and artists may choose to simplify their name to make it easier to spell and pronounce, and easier for others to remember.
Some performers take a series of different stage names.
Some performers will use different names in different settings.
Some dance historians say there is evidence to suggest that the term " shagger " was used to refer to vaudeville performers in the late 19th century, who were known to have danced the Flea Hop.
Some of the permanent exhibits include a history of audio technology, a section of mannequins donning outfits of famous performers past and present, and an area which looks at music scenes in various cities throughout different eras, including Memphis in the 50s, Detroit, Liverpool and San Francisco in the 60s, Los Angeles in the 70s, New York City and London in the 70s and 80s and Seattle in the 90s.
Some feature all four performers, while others feature fewer.
Some of the earliest successes came from folk clubs, where performers such as Billy Connolly, Mike Harding and Jasper Carrott started as relatively straight musical acts whose between-song banter developed into complete comedy routines.
Some post-punk performers developed styles parallel to industrial music's defining attributes.
Some performers who had been resting backstage escaped through an open window and called police ; in all, some 90 people managed to flee the building or hide.
Some previous performers at the local
Some of the performers impersonate royalty, field-workers and craftsmen.
Some by the performers for whom they were written, such as the concertos for piano ( 1939 ), violin ( 1955 ) and cello ( 1970 ); some by literary and theatrical partners, such as the film music, ballets, cantatas and The Olympians ; some by painters, such as the Serenade and the Metamorphic Variations ; some by classical literature, such as Hymn to Apollo ( 1926 ), The Enchantress and Pastoral.
Some jazz performers — John Medeski and Larry Goldings, among others — have used toy pianos.
Some music festivals are strictly local in scope, including few or no performers with a national reputation, and are generally operated by local promoters.
Some of these early recordings were made on ' field trips ' to the South by record company talent scouts, but some Delta blues performers were invited to travel to northern cities to record.

Some and were
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
Some of the Hetman's `` ideas '' were dream-ridden, vaguely imparted, and at times preposterous.
Some other good bills were lost in the shuffle and await future action.
Some time ago, however, Mr. Khrushchev decided that when bigger bombs were made, the Soviet Union would make them.
Some would say that they were not permitted to run their businesses only for profit ; ;
Some musicians were enthusiastic, some skeptical.
Some 80 reaction tubes from 13 manifold fillings were illuminated in the temperature range from 40 to 85-degrees in a further endeavor to determine the cause of the irreproducibility and to obtain information on the activation energy and the effect of light intensity.
Some of these were obviously filling from interlobular branches of the bronchial arteries while others were filling from direct hilar branches following along the pleural surface.
Some of the features of the top portions of Figure 1 and Figure 2 were mentioned in discussing Table 1.
Some of the sinusoids contained large numbers of nucleated red cells, and cells of the granulocytic series were found in small numbers.
Some of the small vessels were filled with fibrin thrombi, and there was extensive interstitial hemorrhage.
Some of them were then covered with a drop of Af in a moist chamber at 24-degrees for 30 - 40 minutes.
Some predictions had been made concerning factors R, N, I and Co on these inventories which appeared to be directly related to control and security aspects of personality functioning which were hypothesized as being of importance in differential Kohnstamm reactivity.
Some of the earliest recordings, made in the 1940's demonstrated that psychiatrists reacted immediately to anger and anxiety in the sound track, whereas written records of the same interview offered far fewer cues to therapy which -- if they were at all discernible in print -- were picked up only by the most skilled and sensitive experts.
Some of their figures of speech were colorful and expressive.
Some of the letters were pungently expressive.
Some of the choicest remarks made by soldiers in their letters were in disparagement of unpopular officers.
`` Some of the defendants strongly indicated they knew they were receiving stolen property.
Some of my fellow workers were grooming me for an office in the Socialist Party.
Some 30 spectators remained in the court during the day and were on hand to hear the verdict read.
Some schools were technical -- the Belgians needed carpenters and mechanics to help exploit the land, and trained many.
Some were clearly of Christian origin, among them the Great Awakening and other revivals which helped to make Christian liberty, Christian equality, and Christian fraternity the passion of the land.

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