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Speed and Limits
The Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits ( 2003 ) allows road controlling authorities to set enforceable speed limits, including permanent speed limits, of less than 50 km / h on roads within their jurisdiction.
However a 2004 National Audit Organization report noted that the business case was unproved ; conditions at the site of the Variable Speed Limits trial were not stable before or during the trial, and the study was deemed neither properly controlled nor reliable.
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 138
* Speed Limits for Route 34
* Speed Limits for Route 20
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 120
* Speed Limits for Route 7
* Speed Limits for Route 13
* Speed Limits for Route 12
* Speed Limits for Route 32
* Speed Limits for Route 44
* Speed Limits for Route 45
* Speed Limits for Route 48
* Speed Limits for Route 52
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 67
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 68
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 71
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 79
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 156
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 129
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 133
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 82
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 83
* Speed Limits for State Roads: Route 88

Speed and Romania
* Fourth High Speed Telegraphy World Championship held in Constanța, Romania.

Speed and based
The Stock Car Speed Association ASCAR or Days of Thunder was a " Nascar " style racing series based at Rockingham, United Kingdom, though the series did also race at the Lausitzring in Germany as well.
Officially recognised by the Flag Institute on 20 May 2011, its design is based on the heraldic shield of Sussex that first appeared in an atlas by John Speed in 1622.
Doc Travis S. Taylor's Warp Speed and The Quantum Connection books ( known as The Warp War Series ) gives examples of developing planetary defense systems based on warp technologies.
* Speed Racer: The Next Generation, an American animated television series based on the classic Japanese Speed Racer franchise
* Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love, a tokusatsu movie based on the Kamen Rider Kabuto TV series
** MPP MicroPress — English design focal plane shutter camera from 1950s, based on top rangefinder Speed Graphic
Particularly in the run up to the final decision on the route of High Speed 2, BBC News Online reported that many residents of Tory constituencies were launching objections to the HS2 route based on the effects it would have on them, whilst also showing concerns that HS2 is unlikely to have a societal benefit at a macro level under the current economic circumstances.
While REO produced some wagons based on its automobile chassis ( the Model H ) starting in 1908 and had organized a division to produce trucks in 1910 with success, the Speed Wagon's introduction in 1915 was a significant step and a sales success.
Jittlov made a feature film with many pixilation sequences, also titled The Wizard of Speed and Time, based on the making of the original short.
The Joint Services School of Intelligence was based at Templer Barracks in Ashford, until the barracks were decommissioned in 1997 and then demolished to make way for High Speed 1.
Founded in 1989 by University of Pittsburgh student David E. Schwencke, Full Service Network is a Western Pennsylvania facility based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier ( CLEC ) providing services which include High Speed Internet and Broadband Phone Service.
Speed reading programs are available through courses, both in person or software based, and manuals.
The Need for Speed series was originally developed by Distinctive Software, a video game studio based in Vancouver, Canada.
When V-Rally was released in 1997, it was developed by the European based company, Eden Studios, and had nothing in common with the preceding Need for Speed games.
Currently there are only a small number of racing based MMOGs, including Kart Rider, Upshift StrikeRacer, Test Drive Unlimited, Project Torque, Drift City, Race or Die ( iPhone ) and Need for Speed: World.
A THSR 700T train simulator, known as Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail, was developed jointly by Taiwan-based company Actainment and Japanese company Ongakukan in 2007, based on the latter's Train Simulator series.
He is best known for the 1987 feature-length film The Wizard of Speed and Time, based on his 1979 short film of the same name.
By the 1950s, original steel Model T bodies that had not been completely worn out were becoming increasingly hard to find and in 1957 the first fiberglass T-Bucket body ( based on the 1923 version ) was introduced by the short-lived Diablo Speed Shop in Northern California.
The Challenge measures " Green " ( based on fuel-type and other factors influencing emissions ), " Speed " ( overall speed ), and " Efficiency " ( based on fuel-economy ).
The driving was based on the engine from Need for Speed.
After the war, the RAF High Speed Flight was based at Tangmere as part of Central Fighter Establishment.
The 1940-1941 newspaper comic strip Speed Spaulding, an adaptation credited to the novel's authors, was more directly based on the novel.

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