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1977 and film
* Animal ( 1977 film ), French film ( L ' Animal ) by Claude Zidi with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Raquel Welch
* Albert ( suspiria ), minor character in Dario Argento's 1977 film Suspiria
It was adapted for film in 1977, with Harold Prince directing and Elizabeth Taylor, Len Cariou, Lesley-Anne Down and Diana Rigg starring.
In 1977, a film version of A Little Night Music was released, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Lesley-Anne Down and Diana Rigg, with Len Cariou, Hermione Gingold and Laurence Guittard reprising their Broadway roles.
* Mr. Billion, 1977 film by Jonathan Kaplan
Sir Charles Spencer " Charlie " Chaplin, KBE ( 16 April 188925 December 1977 ) was an English comic actor, film director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era.
* The Car, a 1977 suspense-horror film
Examples of this style of film include It's a Wonderful World ( 1939 ), The Shop Around the Corner ( 1940 ), Sabrina ( 1954 ), Annie Hall ( 1977 ), When Harry Met Sally ... ( 1989 ), Pretty Woman ( 1990 ), and Four Weddings and a Funeral ( 1994 ).
His best known films are La jetée ( 1962 ), A Grin Without a Cat ( 1977 ), Sans Soleil ( 1983 ) and AK ( 1985 ), an essay film on the Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.
* Ricardo Cortez ( 1899 – 1977 ), silent film star
In December 1977, the film Saturday Night Fever was released.
More than half of the footage filmed for Superman II by the originally credited director ( Richard Lester ) has been removed from the film and replaced with Donner footage shot during the original principal photography from 1977 – 1978.
Plato made her film debut in 1977 at the age of thirteen in Return to Boggy Creek.
In 1977 Devo were asked by Neil Young to participate in the making of his film " Human Highway ".
The film, titled Tabloid, features interviews with Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming, who was convicted in absentia for the kidnap and indecent assault of a Mormon missionary in England during 1977.
The film has been parodied and referenced in places such as the 1976 film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the satirical publication The Onion, the Japanese game-show Takeshi's Castle, and the 1977 John Landis comedy anthology film Kentucky Fried Movie ( in its lengthy " A Fistful of Yen " sequence ) and also in the film Balls of Fury.
* 1977 – James Wan, Australian film director
Afterwards it became the only Godzilla film to receive a television premiere on a major U. S network, as NBC aired it on prime time television in the summer of 1977, where it was hosted by actor John Belushi dressed in a Godzilla costume.
Julius Henry " Groucho " Marx ( October 2, 1890 – August 19, 1977 ) was an American comedian and film and television star.
He appeared in the star-studded war film A Bridge Too Far ( 1977 ), as Polish General Stanislaw Sosabowski.

1977 and has
Since 1977, New Zealand has celebrated Arbor Day on June 5, which is also World Environment Day, prior to then Arbor Day, in New Zealand, was celebrated on August 4 – which is rather late in the year for tree planting in New Zealand hence the date change.
* Narragansett Brewing Co. ( Providence, Rhode Island ) has been making a bock beer since the repeal of Prohibition in the 1930s, and celebrated the start of spring with annual Bock Beer festivals at the brewery until 1977.
The term ballad opera has also been used to describe musicals using folk music, such as The Martins and the Coys in 1944, and Peter Bellamy's The Transports in 1977.
A second edition of the system ( BC2 ) has been developed in Britain since 1977.
Apart from this, when no party has had a majority, minority governments normally have been formed with one or more opposition parties agreeing to vote for the legislation governments need to function, as the Labour government of James Callaghan formed a coalition with the Liberals in 1977 when it lost its narrow majority gained at the October 1974 election.
Value of agricultural output grew at an average annual rate of 7. 1 % during 1968 – 73, but since 1975 the sector has been hampered by droughts ( 1975, 1977, and 1979 ), hurricanes ( in 1979 and 1980 ), and slumping world prices and quota allocations for sugar ( since 1985 ).
He was initially appointed to the Indiana University's Computer Science Department faculty in 1977, and at that time he launched his research program in computer modeling of mental processes ( which at that time he called " artificial intelligence research ", a label that he has since dropped in favor of " cognitive science research ").
The party's youth wing, Young Fine Gael, was formed in 1977, and has approximately four thousand members.
Its single longest period out of office, in that time, has been 4 years and 4 months ( March 1973 – July 1977 ).
After 2 theatrical re-releases in 1970 and 1977 respectively, it has a lifetime figure of 12, 550, 000 tickets sold.
Much of the economic recovery which has followed the end of the Mozambican Civil War ( 1977 – 1992 ) is being led by investors and tourists from neighbour South Africa and from East Asia.
It has a length of, and was built in 1971 – 1977 ; it links Warsaw with Kraków and Katowice.
The events in the autumn of 1977, possibly the biggest criminal and political showdown that Germany has experienced since the end of World War II, are frequently referred to as Der Deutsche Herbst (" German Autumn ").
In the meanwhile he has had time enough for some more animation, so we have Aihnoo degli Icebergs ( 1972 ), The Fourth King ( 1977 ) and a new TV series, The Adventures of Marco and Gina ( Sopra i tetti di Venezia ) ( 2001 ).
The Triple Crown has twice been won on four consecutive occasions, once by Wales in 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979 and once by England in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998.
He has many nicknames, but the most commonly used are Silvio, Il Cavaliere ( The Knight ) for his knighthood to the Order of Merit for Labour, which he received in 1977 and Il Caimano ( The Caiman ) for the homonym film by Nanni Moretti, which is insipired by Berlusconi's life.
In 1972 they started manufacturing the Saab B engine, and in 1977 Saab took advantage of Scania's experience with turbochargers and added one to the engine, thus creating one of the earliest turbocharged " family cars " with the Saab 99 Turbo, which has been listed by Popular Mechanics as the second best turbocharged car ever made.
Sri Lanka has a multi-party democracy that enjoys surprising stability given the high levels of political violence, especially that which occurred under the UNP regime of 1977 – 1993.
Later television series were Professor Vreemdeling ( 1977 ) about a strange professor who wants to make plants speak and Zeeuws Meisje ( 1997 ) a nationalistic post-apocalyptic series where the Netherlands has been built full of housing and the highways are filled with traffic jams.
From ITRI's first 3-inch wafer fabrication plant built in 1977 and the founding of UMC in 1980, the industry has developed into a world leader with 40 fabs in operation by 2002.
Of the Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open and Australian Open use hard courts ( though both used grass courts in the past, and the US Open used clay courts from 1975 through 1977 ), the French Open is played on clay ( though it too was played on grass before 1928 ), and Wimbledon has always been played on grass.
NASA has flown other VTOL craft such as the Bell XV-15 research craft ( 1977 ), as have the Soviet Navy and Luftwaffe.
Dr. Wiveca Stegeborn, an anthropologist, has been studying the Vedda since 1977 and alleges that their young women are being tricked into accepting contracts to the Middle East as domestic workers when in fact they will be trafficked into prostitution or sold as sex slaves.

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