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::" and Dirty
::" Lay Me Down " — The Dirty Heads featuring Rome Ramirez ( 2010 )

::" and War
::" Perhaps driven by the exhilarating mixture of relief, freedom and despair that followed the end of World War II, artists around the world had been experimenting with newly physical, sometimes violent, cathartic ways of making paintings and sculptures.

::" and ",
::" The sovereignty of Afghanistan was vested formally in " The Islamic State of Afghanistan ", an entity created in April 1992, after the fall of the Soviet-backed Najibullah government.
::" The Jesuits ", The 7. 30 Report, ABC TV
::" Making a Killing ", 60 Minutes, Nine Network
::" The hunter-gatherers show the greatest similarity to modern-day Finns ", says Pontus Skoglund, an evolutionary geneticist at Uppsala University in Sweden.
::" Achtungs ", machine gun retorts, and frantic gestures.
::" Permitted ", " Forbidden ", of all sorts of things.
::" L " tap, tap, wiggle, tap, " E ", wiggle, wiggle, tap " P " tap wiggle drill.
::" The al-Qaeda Tapes ", ABC News, ABC TV
::" Bali Explosion ", ABC News, ABC TV
::" The New Kurdistan ", Dateline, SBS TV
::" Bali Explosion ", National Nine News, Nine Network
::" Bushfires ", Seven News, Seven Network
::" See No Evil ", Dateline, SBS
::" Wahid — Inside the Palace Walls ", Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV
::" Party Tricks ", Four Corners, ABC TV
::" The Body Snatchers ", Sunday, Nine Network
::" Afghanistan ", ABC News, ABC TV
::" September 12th ", ABC News, ABC TV
::" America Under Attack ", National Nine News, Nine Network
::" NSW Christmas Bushfires ", Seven News, Seven Network
::" Tampa Crisis ", Seven News, Seven Network
::" Fixing Cricket ", Four Corners, ABC TV
::" Balibo: The Simple Truth ", Dateline, SBS

::" and Dateline
::" Aceh ( In Bed With The TNI )", Dateline, SBS
::" Inside Nauru ( Pacific Despair )", Dateline, SBS
::" On Life's Border: The Struggle of North Korea's Refugees ", Dateline, SBS
::" Sierra Leone ", Dateline, SBS

::" and SBS
::" The East Timor Crisis ", SBS

Dirty and War
* Archbishop of Vancouver, William Mark Duke, was also known as " Iron Duke " for being a strict disciplinarian and financial manager of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver during the Great Depression of the Dirty Thirties and World War II years
Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya and the End of Empire.
Six mostly secret organizations concentrating on gay or lesbian issues were founded around this time, but persecution and harassment were continuous and grew worse with the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla in 1976, when all groups were dissolved in the Dirty War.
He followed that film with the hugely successful World War II epic The Dirty Dozen ( 1967 ) in which top-billed Marvin again portrayed an intrepid commander of a colorful group ( future stars John Cassavetes, Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas, Jim Brown, and Donald Sutherland ) performing an almost impossible mission.
The group was almost completely destroyed by 1977, during the Dirty War.
Justice Minister Ricardo Gil Lavedra, who formed part of the 1985 tribunal judging the military crimes committed during the Dirty War would later go on record saying that " I sincerely believe that the majority of the victims of the illegal repression were guerrilla militants ".
The Junta redoubled the Dirty War anti-guerilla campaign.
* Dirty War
* Guerrillas and Generals: The Dirty War in Argentina, by Paul H. Lewis ( 2001 ).
* " Mines Are Dirty Tricks ", February 1951 updates to above article on naval mines due to Korean War and types and measures against
Among the commanding officers of the Argentine Garrison was Alfredo Astiz, a Captain in the Argentine Navy who, years later, was convicted of felonies committed during the Dirty War in Argentina.
Other examples are the Peter Marlow series, beginning with The Private Sector ( 1971 ) by Joseph Hone, which is set during Israel's Six Day War ( 1967 ) against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, and William Garner's secret agents, the fantastic Michael Jagger, in Overkill ( 1966 ), The Deep, Deep Freeze ( 1968 ), The Us or Them War ( 1969 ) and A Big Enough Wreath ( 1974 ) and the realistic John Morpurgo in Think Big, Think Dirty ( 1983 ), Rats ' Alley ( 1984 ), and Zones of Silence ( 1986 ).
* August 4 – Enrique Angelelli, Argentine bishop ( assassinated in the " Dirty War ") ( b. 1923 )
These included the policiers Coogan's Bluff and Dirty Harry, the Budd Boetticher-scripted Western Two Mules for Sister Sara, the cynical American Civil War melodrama The Beguiled and the prison-break picture Escape from Alcatraz.
He also refused the part of a platoon leader in Ted Post's Vietnam War film Go Tell the Spartans and instead decided to make a third Dirty Harry film The Enforcer.
Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and in Argentina, with Raúl Alberto Lastiri, Argentina's interim president ( between July 13, 1973 to October 12, 1973 ) during the height of the " Dirty War " among its members.
* Federico Carlos Barttfeld ( Argentina ), ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1991 to 1995, under-secretary of state in Néstor Kirchner's government, relieved of his functions in 2003 following allegations of involvement in the Dirty War.
* Dirty War
There, he delivered counter-insurgency courses at the ESMA, the Navy Mechanics Schools, which became infamous during the " Dirty War " in the 1970s for being used as an internment and torture center.
James Bacque,The Last Dirty Secret of World War Two ,” Saturday Night, v. 204, no.
Series creator Terry Nation pitched Blake's 7 to the BBC as " The Dirty Dozen in space ", a reference to the 1967 Robert Aldrich film in which a disparate and disorganised group of convicts are sent on a suicide mission during World War II.
In the social arena, Menem pardoned military officers serving sentences for human rights abuses of the Dirty War.
Robert Ryan was ultimately cast in the part after Peckinpah saw him in the World War II action movie The Dirty Dozen ( 1967 ).
On request of the Dutch Parliament, Michiel Baud, a Dutch professor in Latin American studies, did an inquiry into the involvement of Zorreguieta in the " Dirty War ".

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