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Law and on
In a recent book called `` World Peace Through World Law '', two distinguished lawyers, Grenville Clark and Louis Sohn, call for just such an overhaul of the U.N., basing their case on the world-wide fear of a nuclear holocaust.
When he was in the war, he was in Law or Supplies or something like that, and an old buddy of his told me he would come down on Sundays to the Pentagon and read the citations for medals -- just like the one we sent in for Trig -- and go away with a real glow.
Admiralty law, the law merchant, and the host of problems which arise in private litigation because of some contact with a foreign country were all severed from the older Law of Nations and made dependent on the several national laws.
** See also Salmond on " Citizenship and Allegiance ," in the Law Quarterly Review ( July 1901, January 1902 ).
In 1994 three national environmental laws were in effect: the Law on Environmental Protection, the Basic Law on the Environment, and the Law on Mineral Resources.
A liberal foreign investment law was approved in June 1994, and a Law on Privatization was adopted in 1997, as well as a program on state property privatization.
Driving north on I-94 a sign on the roof of the building nearest the freeway says " Study Natural Law.
In addition, the Ross-Blakley Law Library and the Noble Science Library are housed in dedicated facilities on the Tempe campus.
Acts differs with Paul's letter on important issues, such as the Law, Paul's own apostleship, and his relation to the Jerusalem church.
When Joshua read the Law to the people between Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, they stood on each side of the Ark.
* A video on Elitism in College Admissions produced by The Massachusetts School of Law
* " Of Arms & the Law: Don Kates on Afro-American Homicide Rates "
She went on to Yale Law School, obtaining her Juris Doctor degree with honors in 1980.
It requires standards with known analyte content to establish the relation between the measured absorbance and the analyte concentration and relies therefore on the Beer-Lambert Law.
Abba Arikka ( 175 – 247 ) ( Talmudic Aramaic: ; born: Abba bar Aybo, Hebrew: רבי אבא בר איבו ) was a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Sassanid Babylonia, known as an amora ( commentator on the Oral Law ) of the 3rd century who established at Sura the systematic study of the rabbinic traditions, which, using the Mishnah as text, led to the compilation of the Talmud.

Law and Cooperatives
The Law on Cooperatives, enacted in May 1988, was perhaps the most radical of the economic reforms during the early part of the Gorbachev era.

Law and enacted
915, Public Law 95-416, enacted on October 5, 1978 ), individual census records are sealed for 72 years.
On November 1, 2005, Germany enacted the “ Act on Model Case Proceedings in Disputes under Capital Markets Law ( Capital Markets Model Case Act )” allowing sample proceedings to be brought before the courts in litigation arising from mass capital markets transactions.
" The Imperial Household Law of 16 January 1947, enacted by the ninety-second and last session of the Imperial Diet, retained the exclusion on female dynasts found in the 1889 law.
The Federal Banking Agency Audit Act, enacted in 1978 as Public Law 95-320 and 31 U. S. C.
People's Law 84 was enacted to this effect.
The idea of universal jurisdiction is fundamental to the operation of global organizations such as the United Nations and the International Court of Justice ( ICJ ), which jointly assert the benefit of maintaining legal entities with jurisdiction over a wide range of matters of significance to states ( the ICJ should not be confused with the ICC and this version of " universal jurisdiction " is not the same as that enacted in the War Crimes Law ( Belgium ) which is an assertion of extraterritorial jurisdiction that will fail to gain implementation in any other state under the standard provisions of public policy ).
* Liberian Law-Cornell Law Library-contains digitized documents dealing with the creation of the nation of Liberia and the laws enacted at its foundation, as well as extensive links for further research
Public Law 93-380, enacted 21 Aug 1974, states that it is the policy of the U. S. to encourage educational agencies and institutions to prepare students to use the metric system of measurement with ease and facility as a part of the regular education program.
Tribal courts were limited to sentences of one year or less, until on July 29, 2010 the Tribal Law and Order Act was enacted which in some measure reforms the system permitting tribal courts to impose sentences of up to three years provided proceedings are recorded and additional rights are extended to defendants.
Under the Law of Military Organization of the Sandinista Popular Army enacted just before Chamorro's election victory, Humberto Ortega retained authority over promotions, military construction, and force deployments.
López did not free these slaves ; instead, he enacted the 1842 Law of the Free Womb, which ended the slave trade and guaranteed that the children of slaves would be free at age twenty-five.
Over the next twenty years, the government enacted a number of industrial incentive measures, the most important of which was Law 550.
The Law of Return, enacted on July 15, 1950, gives Jews living anywhere in the world the right to immigrate to Israel.
On July 14, 1952, the Israeli parliament enacted the Israeli Nationality Law.
The law, named after longtime MAS board member and chief advocate, Albert S. Bard, provided a legal foundation for the New York City Landmarks Law, enacted in 1965.
Article 49 of the PRC Law on Protection of Consumer's Rights and Interests enacted on October 31, 1993 provides the rule that any consumer is entitled to a recovery of double the purchase price of products or service from the seller or service provider against their defraud.
Gogel's General Taxation Plan was finally enacted in June, 1805 ; a first government-approved attempt at unification of the Dutch spelling was made ; an embryonic Department of Agriculture and Department of Hydraulics were formed, to foreshadow the later government departments ; even a Pharmacopeia Batavia started the regulation of drugs ; and the School Law of 1806 organized a national system of public elementary education.
As a result, Congress enacted " Kristen's Law " in October 2000, which established the National Center for Missing Adults ( NCMA ) within the U. S. Department of Justice to coordinate such missing person cases.
The term Verfassung ( constitution ) was not used, as the drafters regarded the Grundgesetz as temporary for the provisional West German state and that a constitution be formally enacted under the provision of Article 146 of the Basic Law for an ultimate reunified Germany.
The Communications Act of 1934 is a United States federal law, enacted as Public Law Number 416, Act of June 19, 1934, ch.
Since 1957, all Acts of Congress have been designated as " Public Law X-Y " or " Private Law X-Y ," where X is the number of the Congress and Y refers to the sequential order of the bill ( when it was enacted ).
Beginning in 1933, the German government enacted a series of anti-Jewish laws restricting the rights of German Jews to earn a living, to enjoy full citizenship and to educate themselves, including the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which forbade Jews to work in the civil service.

Law and May
* Honorary Doctor of Laws, and Commencement Speaker at Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland in May 2005
Air Pollution, Air Pollution-Nitrogen Oxides, Air Pollution-Sulphur 85, Air Pollution-Sulphur 94, Air Pollution-Volatile Organic Compounds, Antarctic-Environmental Protocol, Antarctic Treaty, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification, Endangered Species, Environmental Modification, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping, Marine Life Conservation, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Tropical Timber 83, Tropical Timber 94, Wetlands, Whaling, Air Pollution – Persistent Organic Pollutants ( signed 2001, ratified 2002 ), Climate Change – Kyoto Protocol ( signed May 1998, ratified together with 14 other EU countries May 31, 2002 ).
On 16 May 1545, Xavier wrote to the King of Portugal to establish the Inquisition in Goa: " The second necessity for the Christians is that Your Majesty establish the Holy Inquisition in Goa because there are many who live according to the Jewish Law and according to the Mohammedan Sect, without any fear of God or shame of the World.
In 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte issued the Law of 20 May 1802.
In May 2009, Hamlet opened with Jude Law in the title role at the Donmar Warehouse West End season at Wyndham's Theatre.
He was the chairman of this constitutional convention and vaulted from this position to being chosen as the first head of government once the new " Basic Law " had been promulgated in May 1949.
* 1802 – By the Law of 20 May 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte reinstates slavery in the French colonies, revoking its abolition in the French Revolution
May 1 is also recognized in the U. S. as Law Day.
The Palestinian National Charter was adopted on May 28, 1964, establishing the Palestine Liberation Organization, in ( east ) Jerusalem along with another document, variously known as the Basic Constitution, Basic Law or Fundamental Law of the PLO, based on an earlier Draft Constitution.
On May 18, 1980, a confrontation broke out in the city of Gwangju between protesting students of Chonnam National University and the armed forces dispatched by the Martial Law Command.
In May 1998, three white supremacists were arrested for allegedly planning a nationwide campaign of assassinations and bombings targeting " Morris Dees, an undisclosed federal judge in Illinois, a black radio-show host in Missouri, Dees's Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, and the Anti-Defamation League in New York.
In early May 1993, Foster gave the commencement address at his University of Arkansas Law School alma mater, and said:
* May 26 – The U. S. Congress passes Public Law 557, which permanently establishes the Civil Air Patrol as the auxiliary of the United States Air Force.
However, Nepoleon revoked the French Empire's ban on slavery with the Law of 20 May 1802.
* May 20 – By the Law of 20 May 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte reinstates slavery in the French colonies, revoking its abolition in the French Revolution.
* May – John Law founds the Banque de France.
In other fictional television works, a January 1971 episode " By the Pricking of My Thumbs ..." of the British science fiction TV series Doomwatch featured a 16-year-old XYY boy expelled from school because of his genetic condition, a November 1993 episode " Born Bad " of the American police procedural TV series Law & Order portrayed a 14-year-old XYY sociopathic murderer, and the May 2007 season finale episode " Born To Kill " of the American police procedural TV series CSI: Miami depicted a 34-year-old XYY serial killer.
After Israel gained its independence in May 1948, the Israeli parliament created two laws regarding immigration, citizenship and naturalization: the Law of Return and the Israeli nationality law.
The Nationality Law naturalized all citizens of Mandated Palestine, the inhabitants of Israel on July 15, 1952, and those who had legally resided in Israel between May 14, 1948 and July 14, 1952.
The next citations are not found until 1955, when the May – June issue of Aviation Mechanics Bulletin included the line " Murphy's Law: If an aircraft part can be installed incorrectly, someone will install it that way ," and Lloyd Mallan's book, Men, Rockets and Space Rats, referred to: " Colonel Stapp's favorite takeoff on sober scientific laws — Murphy's Law, Stapp calls it —' Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong '.

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