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Some Related Sentences

actual and change
This analogy is extremely simplistic and incomplete: The rapid propagation of a sound wave does not impart any change in the air molecules ' drift velocity, whereas EM waves do carry the energy to propagate the actual current at a rate which is much, much higher than the electrons ' drift velocity.
To illustrate the difference: The sound and the change in the air's drift velocity ( the force of the wind gust ) cross distance at rates equaling the speeds of sound and of mechanical transmission of force ( not higher than rate of drift velocity ); while a change in an EM field and the change in current ( electrons ' drift velocity ) both propagate across distance at rates much higher than the actual drift velocity.
* Tested: Every change must be tested in a safe test environment, which closely reflects the actual production environment, before the change is applied to the production environment.
It is a tacit assumption in many wuxia novels that the law and order in the actual historical setting were dysfunctional or poor, like the change of dynastic China from Song Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty, to Ming Dynasty and to Qing Dynasty, periods in time correlating to tremendous upheavals and turmoil in the society.
The actual time between two syzygies or two phases is quite variable because the orbit of the Moon is elliptic and subject to various periodic perturbations, which change the velocity of the Moon.
The actual definition of macroevolution accepted by scientists is " any change at the species level or above " ( phyla, group, etc.
Most researchers of the subject at the time used the perceived light of a dim phosphorescent surface as " detectors ", although work in the period clearly showed the change in brightness to be a physiological phenomenon rather than some actual change in the level of illumination.
The actual process of change from one life to the next is called punarbhava ( Sanskrit ) or punabbhava ( Pāli ), literally " becoming again ", or more briefly bhava, " becoming ", and some English-speaking Buddhists prefer the term " rebirth " or " re-becoming " to render this term as they take " reincarnation " to imply a fixed entity that is reborn .< ref >" Reincarnation in Buddhism: What the Buddha Didn't Teach " By Barbara O ' Brien, About. com < sup > Popular Jain cosmology and Buddhist cosmology as well as a number of schools of Hinduism posit rebirth in many worlds and in varied forms.
Rutherford realized this, and also realized that actual impact of the alphas on gold causing any force-deviation from that of the 1 / r coulomb potential would change the form of his scattering curve at high scattering angles ( the smallest impact parameters ) from a hyperbola to something else.
In the 1970s the bridges and culverts on the line were strengthened to make the change to broad gauge, but the actual conversion was not made until the 1990s.
Savate uses glove colors to indicate a fighter's level of proficiency ( unlike arts such as karate, which assign new belts at each promotion, moving to a higher color rank in savate does not necessarily entail a change in the color of one's actual gloves, and a given fighter may continue using the same pair of gloves through multiple promotions ).
While actual malice standard applies to public officials and public figures, in Philadelphia Newspapers v. Hepps,, the Court found that, with regard to private individuals, the First Amendment does " not necessarily force any change in at least some features of the common-law landscape.
Misunderstandings, such as the belief that the encoding declaration affects a change in the actual encoding ( whereas it is actually just a label that could be inaccurate ), is also a reason for this editor attitude.
For this reason, engineers, contractors, and management are frequently forced to develop documentation reflecting the actual status of the item before they can proceed with a change.
It is not necessary to know the polarity of the sent signal since the information is not kept in the actual values of the voltage but in their change: in other words it does not matter whether a logical 1 or 0 is received, but only whether the polarity is the same or different from the previous value ; this makes synchronization easier.
The actual cause for the change lies, however, in two structural features of this new era.
However, one must be aware that this type of altimeter relies on " density altitude " and its readings can vary by hundreds of feet owing to a sudden change in air pressure, such as from a cold front, without any actual change in altitude.
According to Newton scholar J Bruce Brackenridge, although much has been made of the change in language and difference of point of view, as between centrifugal or centripetal forces, the actual computations and proofs remained the same either way.
The former pronunciation follows the general pattern in English whereby SI units of measurement are pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, and the pronunciation of the actual base unit does not change irresepective of the prefix.

actual and Af
In actual practice, the values most readily amenable to measurement are the cutting force Af and the shear angle Aj.
Since the load L, under actual cutting conditions is caused by Af, it can be seen that Af

actual and caused
Contemporary depictions of earthquakes in film are variable in the manner in which they reflect human psychological reactions to the actual trauma that can be caused to directly afflicted families and their loved ones.
This has caused price fluctuations which are not strongly related to the actual supply of food, according to the United Nations.
This actual area of contact, caused by " asperities " ( roughness ) increases with pressure, explaining the proportionality between normal force and frictional force.
This settled a boundary dispute caused by ignorance of actual geography in the boundary agreed to in the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolutionary War.
* In the Poltergeist movies ( 1982, 1986, 1988 ) poltergeist activity in a family home was caused by actual ghosts attracted to the youngest daughter.
DID became a popular diagnosis in the 1970s, 80s and 90s but it is unclear if the actual incidence of the disorder increased, if it was more recognized by clinicians, or if sociocultural factors caused an increase in iatrogenic presentations.
Provided that the actual sampling time uncertainty due to the clock jitter is, the error caused by this phenomenon can be estimated as.
* It eliminates the dependence of a signal's power spectrum upon the actual transmitted data, making it more dispersed to meet maximum power spectral density requirements ( because if the power is concentrated in a narrow frequency band, it can interfere with adjacent channels due to the cross modulation and the intermodulation caused by non-linearities of the receiving tract ).
For example in electrical engineering, delay lines may be used to simulate propagation delay and phase shift caused by an actual transmission line.
Its creation, however, unexpectedly caused another uproar when the actual price of the Hameau was inflated by her critics.
# In some countries ( notably the United Kingdom ), individuals may not consent to injuries being inflicted upon them, and so a person practicing sadism and masochism upon a consenting partner may be deemed to have caused actual bodily harm without consent, actual consent notwithstanding.
For the study to be successful, it was necessary to deceive the participants so they believed that the subject was a peer and that their electric shocks caused the peer actual pain.
The actual massacre took place in streets nearby, not on the steps themselves, but the film caused many to visit Odessa to see the site of the " slaughter ".
Under the Clayton Act, only civil suits could be brought to the court's attention and a provision " permits a suit in the federal courts for three times the actual damages caused by anything forbidden in the antitrust laws ", including court costs and attorney's fees.
The actual cause was the detonation of the service rocket's fuel, caused by the effects of cosmic radiation on the supposedly stable nuclear material.
Sheet lightning is an informal name for cloud-to-cloud lightning that exhibits a diffuse brightening of the surface of a cloud, caused by the actual discharge path being hidden or too far away.
The novelization based on, as well as the actual game Rage, is based on an alternate future, where the end of the world is caused by impact with 99942 Apophis.
The actual number of readers was unclear because the encryption caused countless computers to crash.
The theory of rational expectations says that the actual price will only deviate from the expectation if there is an ' information shock ' caused by information unforeseeable at the time expectations were formed.
Instead of myopia being caused by a defect in a structural protein, defects in the control of these structural proteins might be the actual cause of myopia.
During the actual attack, the fatal bomb caused a massive explosion about seven seconds after penetrating the deck, making it virtually impossible for a crewman to see the bomb within the ship or say anything.
The armor variable affects the health variable by reducing the damage taken, the reduction in health is in concept inversely proportional to the value of the armor times the actual damage caused ; with the obvious differences in various implementations.

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