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best and selling
Have you carefully examined the selling techniques which best suit your products??
He also used as an example the manufacturer who introduced an all-automatic camera in Germany, with the result that it became the best selling camera in the German market.
The general semantics concept " non-Aristotelian logic ", influenced the science fiction of the most prolific, best selling, influential authors of the genre during its flowering and height.
Asteroids was a hit in the United States and became Atari's best selling game of all time.
* 1959 – Kind of Blue by Miles Davis, the much acclaimed and highly influential best selling jazz recording of all time, is released.
At its peak, the Electron was the third best selling micro in the United Kingdom, and total lifetime game sales for the Electron exceeded those of the BBC Micro.
* Kofola is the third best selling soft-drink in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
Pink Floyd recast itself from its 1960s guise as a psychedelic band into a commercial success with its series of concept albums, most famously with The Dark Side of the Moon ( which, according to the RIAA, is the second best selling album in history ) and later with the double album rock opera The Wall.
* Jennings Michael Burch-Spent his childhood going through multiple foster homes and wrote the 1984 best selling novel They Cage the Animals at Night which is a memoir of that period of his life.
By the end of this conflict, Commodore had shipped somewhere around 22 million C64s — making the C64 the best selling computer of all time.
She is one of the most successful female country artists of all time ; with an estimated 100 million in album sales, Dolly Parton is also one of the best selling artists of all time.
She was named the world's best selling female artist of 2001.
Enya won an Echo Award for best selling international single in Germany of 2001, and received a nomination for best selling album.
It's a tool for mass production of expert systems and was the first operational declarative language, later becoming the best selling AI language in the world.
In recent years, Foster's has consistently sold in the region of 5 million hectolitres each year in the UK, making it the best selling beer after Carling.
Besides manufacturing Australia's best selling car, which was exported in significant numbers, Holden continued to export many locally produced engines to power cars made elsewhere.
Connick's best selling album in the United States is his 1993 Christmas album When My Heart Finds Christmas, which also is one of the best selling Christmas albums in the United States.
He is the author of a best selling book on the problem of evil, When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

best and model
For expository purposes, this is best treated as a model which spells out the conditions under which an important industry affected with the public interest would find it profitable to raise wages even in the absence of union pressures for higher wages.
The best measurements available ( from WMAP ) show that the data is well-fit by a Lambda-CDM model in which dark matter is assumed to be cold ( warm dark matter is ruled out by early reionization ), and is estimated to make up about 23 % of the matter / energy of the universe, while baryonic matter makes up about 4. 6 %.
Despite the study of model plants and increasing use of DNA evidence, there is ongoing work and discussion among taxonomists about how best to classify plants into various taxa.
* hep-th / 0311040 David H. Lyth: Which is the best inflation model?
As a result, most cosmologists consider the Big Bang model of the universe to be the best explanation for the CMBR.
The Down's Syndrome Association say that the way in which Billy and Honey found out about their baby's condition and their subsequent support is not a best practice model, but is still a realistic situation.
The ECMWF is best known in the United States for its global operational forecast model, known officially as the " Integrated Forecast System " but usually known informally as the " ECMWF " or " Euro ".
The Gauss-Markov theorem shows that the OLS estimator is the best ( minimum variance ), unbiased estimator assuming the model is linear, the expected value of the error term is zero, errors are homoskedastic and not autocorrelated, and there is no perfect multicollinearity.
During their model building, Crick and Watson learned that an antiparallel orientation of the two nucleotide chain backbones worked best to orient the base pairs in the centre of a double helix.
Although the problem is not known to be in NC, parallel algorithms with time superior to the Euclidean algorithm exist ; the best known deterministic algorithm is by Chor and Goldreich, which ( in the CRCW-PRAM model ) can solve the problem in O ( n / log n ) time with n < sup > 1 + ε </ sup > processors.
The Society is best known for its worldly successes, most notably the establishment of three model communities, the first at Harmony, Pennsylvania ; the second, also called Harmony, in the Indiana Territory, now New Harmony, Indiana ; and the third and final town at Economy, now Ambridge, Pennsylvania.
Management might choose to reject a change request if the change is not compatible with the business model, industry standards or best practices.
Chase describes music from this period, “ Taking the guitar as his instrumental model, and drawing his inspiration largely from the peculiar traits of Andalusian folk music – but without using actual folk themes – Albéniz achieves a stylization of Spanish traditional idioms that while thoroughly artistic, gives a captivating impression of spontaneous improvisation ... Cordoba is the piece that best represents the style of Albéniz in this period, with its hauntingly beautiful melody, set against the acrid dissonances of the plucked accompaniment imitating the notes of the Moorish guslas.
It operates on a best effort delivery model, in that it does not guarantee delivery, nor does it assure proper sequencing or avoidance of duplicate delivery.
Mies had hoped his architecture would serve as a universal model that could be easily imitated, but the aesthetic power of his best buildings proved impossible to match, instead resulting mostly in drab and uninspired structures rejected by the general public.
In July 2009, women's magazine Cosmopolitan ranked Pink Prison as No. 1 in its Top Five of the best women ’ s porn, calling it the " role model for the new porn-generation ".
Arithmetic coding achieves compression rates close to the best possible for a particular statistical model, which is given by the information entropy, whereas Huffman compression is simpler and faster but produces poor results for models that deal with symbol probabilities close to 1.
Ironically, Mazda's version was unsuccessful, while the Ford ( available from the start as a 4-door or 2-door model ) instantly became the best selling sport-utility vehicle in the United States and kept that title for over a decade.
The Great Mosque of Kairouan, which is one of the most significant and best preserved examples of early Islamic mosques, served due to its architectural characteristics as a model to many later mosques especially in north Africa and Al-Andalus.
Human input is still required to pick the best possible forecast model to base the forecast upon, which involves pattern recognition skills, teleconnections, knowledge of model performance, and knowledge of model biases.
The traditional model of grading on a curve ( top student gets the best grade, worst student always fails ( even if they know all the material ), everyone else is evenly distributed in the middle ) is never accepted in OBE or standards-based education.
Fuhrmann envisioned the new range-topping model as being the best possible combination of a sports coupe and a luxury sedan, something well equipped and comfortable enough to be easily driven over long distances that also had the power, poise and handling prowess necessary to be driven like a sports car.

best and Amiga
Jack Tramiel (, Trzmiel means " bumblebee "; December 13, 1928 – April 8, 2012 ) was a Polish-born American businessman, best known for founding Commodore International, the manufacturer of the Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Amiga, and other Commodore models of home computers.
The game was voted the 6th best game of all time in Amiga Power.
In 2011, Wirtualna Polska ranked it as the 22nd best Amiga game, noting its " absurdly " high difficulty.
His sole complaint was about the game's linearity compared to Monkey Island 2 ; but he finished by saying, " It's a minor point, anyway, and it shouldn't put you off buying what is one of the best Amiga adventures ever.
" The game, along with its sequel, was ranked the 19th best game of all time by Amiga Power.
The game was ranked the 17th best game of all time by Amiga Power.
The game was ranked the 19th best game of all time by Amiga Power.
The game was voted the 3rd best game of all time in Amiga Power.
* Amiga Power 11th best game of all time
Spiegel's best known and most widely used software was " Music Mouse-An Intelligent Instrument " ( 1986 ) for Macintosh, Amiga and Atari computers.
The game was ranked the 25th best game of all time by Amiga Power in 1996.
In 2011, Wirtualna Polska ranked it as the 17th best Amiga game.
In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the 18 best video game of all time, noting that Amiga version was by far the best ( by then ).
Readers could send in floppy disks containing their In The Style Of drawn in Deluxe Paint, and every month Amiga Power would select the one they liked best and feature it in the magazine.
The game was ranked the 26th best game of all time by Amiga Power.
" In 2011, Wirtualna Polska ranked it as the 15th best Amiga game.
Paradroid ' 90 ' was ranked the 22nd best game of all time by Amiga Power.
Amiga magazines received the game positively, widely awarding scores of over 90 %, while Amiga Action awarded an unprecedented score, calling it the best game of the year.
* Voted the 7th best game of all time in Amiga Power.
François Lionet is a French programmer, best known for having written AMOS BASIC on the Amiga and STOS BASIC on the Atari ST ( along with Constantin Sotiropoulos ).
It later had been voted one of the best ten Amiga demos ever.
In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the 119th best game of all time, stating, " Smooth scrolling and great ball physics made this Amiga game a wizard's choice.

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