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café and became
In Paris, the first open-air café of baked goods was developed, and baking became an established art throughout the entire world.
Once tipped off, she and Emil became very aware of the watcher ( Natascha liked to refer to him as their spy ”), and even rather enjoyed the idea of his being forced to follow them on the long walks they loved taking in the afternoons to a café far out in the countryside.
A variation of Internet café called PC bang ( similar to LAN gaming center ) became extremely popular in South Korea when StarCraft was released in 1997.
It became a café and general store in the 20th century and was demolished after the Second World War.
The workers cottages became a café.
An injection room was not originally conceived, however, drug users began to use the facility for this purpose, and this soon became the most attractive aspect of the café.
Towards the end of that decade he also became a successful entrepreneur, a co-owner of a successful film studio, a café and a producers company.
Although the first coffehouses had appeared in Europe some years earlier, the Viennese café tradition became an important part of the city's identity.
During this period he made many important friendships and social contacts as he became a central figure in the expatriate American café society of the 1950s.
The building only became a café after the series ended.
The café quickly became known all over the US during The Great Depression due to the communication between various hobos who visited the café while passing through town.
One of these hobos was half-time Whistle Stop resident Smokey Lonesome who became a part of the café family when he was in Whistle Stop.
At home, café au lait can be prepared from dark coffee and heated milk ; in cafés, it has been prepared on espresso machines from espresso and steamed milk ever since these machines became available in the 1940s – thus it refers to the usual coffee + milk ” combination, depending on the location, not to a specific drink.
The king became aware of this fact only after having had his café con leche.
Following the commercial development of crème de cassis in 1841, the cocktail became a popular regional café drink, but has since become inextricably linked internationally with the name of Mayor Kir.
The second pump house became a protected building ( Category II ) under the New Zealand Historic Places Trust in 1983 and is maintained as a theatre with three performance spaces including an outdoor amphitheatre There is also a café adjacent to the old pump house.
The café has its origins in the popular Venice of the 17th century, it became later Orso Coronato ( Crowned Bear ) because of the picturesque sign showing a bear standing on his hind legs a with a crown on its head.
Women became sales associates in department stores, or worked in service related jobs ( in Naomi s case as a café waitress ).
The king became aware of this fact only after having had his café con leche.
After his 1958 trial, Nord declared bankruptcy, moved to Venice in Southern California, and, putting his entrepreneurial ability to good use, started The Gas House, a café that soon became popular with Los Angeles beatniks and poets, who read their work alongside Nord.
He became a regular at the café Nuevo Levante and his paintings began to reflect the philosophical currents of the times, represented by such writers of the times as Ramón del Valle-Inclán and Rubén Darío.

café and for
Fuller accepted a job decorating the interior of the café in exchange for meals, giving informal lectures several times a week, and models of the Dymaxion house were exhibited at the café.
* Swedish uses the acute accent to show non-standard stress, for example in ( café ) and ( résumé ).
* There are also tablaos, establishments that developed during the 1960s throughout Spain, replacing the café cantante, that may have their own company of performers for each show.
The writer Theodor Fontane, painter Adolf von Menzel, and Dadaist Kurt Schwitters were all guests ; Karl Liebknecht, the Spartacus Communist movement leader read a lot here and even made some key political speeches from the pavement terrace, while author Erich Kästner wrote part of his 1929 bestseller for children, Emil und die Detektive ( Emil and the Detectives ), on the same terrace and made the café the setting for an important scene in the book.
File: Lesser Ury Dame im Café. jpg | Sketch of a woman in a café by Lesser Ury for a Berlin newspaper, 1925.
In the United Kingdom, espresso coffee initially gained popularity in the form of the cappuccino, due to the British custom of drinking coffee with milk, the desire for a longer drink so the café may serve as a destination, and the exotic texture of the beverage.
This is a little jewel of history and art for a café open for almost two centuries.
Old farms were transformed into bed and breakfast-hotels, the restaurant and café business is very active and an ingenious network for bicycle tours has come to life the past few years.
He was singing, unpaid, at a café when a member of the theatre saw him and suggested he try for a local musical.
The café has become a tourist destination on the strength of the series, and features a model of Compo outside for photographic purposes.
What he actually found in India and what he finally concluded are held back from the reader for a considerable time until, in a scene late in the book, Maugham discusses India and spirituality with Larry in a café long into the evening.
Situated on the left bank of the River Seine, this central arrondissement which includes the historic districts of Saint-Germain-des-Prés ( surrounding the Abbey founded in the 6th century ) and Luxembourg ( surrounding the Palace and its Gardens ) has played a major role throughout Paris history and is well known for its café culture and the revolutionary intellectualism ( see: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir ) and literature ( see: Paul Éluard, Boris Vian, Albert Camus, Françoise Sagan ) it has hosted.
In addition, The TFDL will offer books and online resources, a large Learning Commons with café, workrooms, film and audio rooms, editing and recording suites, multimedia labs, quiet study areas, and seminar and consultation space for academic growth.
After Shadwell leaves, Frances learns from his doctor the truth about Shadwell's condition, and then follows him to a café, where she proceeds to match him drink for drink while bickering about whether he should pursue treatment.
It was formerly farmland, part of the Court Farm, and now offers duck and rowing ponds, children's play area, bowling green, tennis court, bridle path for horse-riding, and café.
During the run, theatre producer Vinton Freedley saw her perform and invited her to audition for the role of San Francisco café singer Kate Fothergill in the new George and Ira Gershwin musical Girl Crazy.
Cros is seen for a few seconds at the Le Chat Noir in Paris, a café which opened in 1881 and had become the home for the avant-garde art scene of the time.
Currie is also very well known for its social scene, being home to a vintage bowling ally and café, two bars / clubs ( both located downtown ), and Breezy Point Tavern, a popular destination for the older generation who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Along with a number of additional student bedrooms the Sloane Robinson building also provided the college with the O ' Reilly Theatre ( a large multipurpose lecture theatre ), a dedicated room for musical practice, a number of seminar rooms and a large open plan space which during term time is used as a café and social space for all members of the college.

café and some
Notably, a coffee house in Italy is generally termed a bar, and only in some cases a caffè, as opposed to most other parts of the world, where a coffee house is termed a café.
On its western edge stands the former filter house, now set out as a visitor centre with a café ; some of the old hydraulic machinery can be viewed in the main hall.
For example, in French, I want to drink some coffee is expressed as Je veux boire du café ; here du ( a contraction of de le " of the ") is the partitive and is the equivalent of the optional English some.
In the late 1950s the term " Jet Set " began to take the place of " café society ", but " café society " may still be used informally in some countries to describe people who habitually visit coffeehouses and give their parties in restaurants rather than at home.
In Italy, a " bar " is a place more similar to a café, where people go during the morning or the afternoon, usually to take a coffee, a cappuccino, a hot chocolate and eat some kind of snack like pastries and sandwiches ( panini or tramezzini ).
During a case against some Internet café owners who allowed their customers to play online chess and other games, a local court in Thessaloniki declared the law unconstitutional.
The town library, the cultural hall, the daycare centre and the primary school all stand right on the brook, the Rodau, in Ober-Roden s centre and together with the stately Gothic Parish Church of St. Nazarius ( locally sometimes called the Rodgaudom – Rodgau Cathedral – although it is no such thing ), some timber-frame houses and a comfortable outdoor café lend the town centre a certain flair.
M Gondrée looked out of a window of the café and saw black masked troops running over the bridge which he later learned were British, and in celebration dug up some 99 bottles of champagne which he had hidden in the garden and celebrated his liberation with some of the men from the gliders.
The Gondrées had three daughters and one of them, Arlette, bought the café some years ago and now maintains it as a memorial to the men who landed on June 6, 1944.
Features of the park include the Ashton Memorial, fountains, a butterfly house, a café, a children's play area, the Lancaster sundial on the site of what was once a bandstand, some sculptures and a small folly known as the Temple.
Moreover, some cha chaan tengs prefer the use of the word " café " in their names.
It is home to an Atlantic salmon fish farm, some rental holiday homes, a café and a post office, which has operated its own local post and printed its own stamps since 1970.
Cronulla has developed a café culture, with some cafés and restaurants located along the North Cronulla foreshore and Cronulla Plaza.
The Galleria is famous for being home to some of the oldest shops and restaurants in Milan, such as the historic Biffi Caffè, founded in 1867 by Pastry Chef to His Majesty Paolo Biffi and ( in 1882 ) the first Milanese café to install electric lighting, the Savini restaurant, the silverware store Bernasconi and the Art Nouveau classic Zucca's Bar.
For example, the authorities monitored Internet cafés, required Internet users to show IDs before they could use the Internet in some regions, and held Internet café operators responsible for their clients online activities.
On 29 April 2003, Asif Hanif who attended some of Al-Muhajiroun's circles carried out a bombing of a café in Tel Aviv, Israel, that killed three people and injured 60 others.
As the commotion builds outside, the door is kicked in and she is confronted by Brett and his father, along with the other party-goers, some of them evidently the parents of the other gang members ( including the waitress from the café ).
Unlike normal coffee, where you have to go to a restaurant or a café to get some coffee, Boss coffee was designed to be able to be purchased and consumed on the run.
He had already gained some fame as a café-concert singer under the name of Dufleuve, and with his help she auditioned successfully for her first job as a café singer, aged about 17.

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