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current and limited
It follows that the solution to the current disunity of the free nations is only to a very limited extent a matter of devising new machinery of consultation and coordination.
Moreover, the current information on what types of training are needed and possible is too limited and fragmentary.
Sprinkel strongly refuted the current neo-stagnationist thesis that we are facing a future of limited and slow growth, declaring that this pessimism `` is based on very limited and questionable evidence ''.
The current GMD system has the more limited goal of shielding against a limited attack by a rogue state.
Many amplifiers are ultimately slew rate limited ( typically by the impedance of a drive current having to overcome capacitive effects at some point in the circuit ), which sometimes limits the full power bandwidth to frequencies well below the amplifier's small-signal frequency response.
In their current form, Olympic and other amateur bouts are typically limited to three or four rounds, scoring is computed by points based on the number of clean blows landed, regardless of impact, and fighters wear protective headgear, reducing the number of injuries, knockdowns, and knockouts.
A context menu offers a limited set of choices that are available in the current state, or context, of the operating system or application.
There is very limited information for Djibouti ’ s current account ; the country ’ s merchandise trade deficit was estimated at US $ 737 million in 2004.
Some anticonvulsant medications do not have primary FDA-approved uses in epilepsy but are used in limited trials, remain in rare use in difficult cases, have limited " grandfather " status, are bound to particular severe epilepsies, or are under current investigation.
The tables are limited to clients that can participate in the current gnutella network.
Paul Verhoef, the then current satellite navigation program manager at the European Commission indicated that this limited funding would have serious consequences commenting at one point " To give you an idea, that would mean that for three weeks in the year you will not have satellite navigation " in reference to the currently proposed 18 vehicle constellation.
To prevent this, in linear circuits the current through iron core inductors must be limited below the saturation level.
Beyond the preceding, current observance is limited to changes in liturgy.
This selection is often limited to holes on the current player's side of the board, as well as holes with a certain minimum number of seeds.
However, the tangible success of M-theory can be questioned, given its current incompleteness and limited predictive power.
Prior to 1973, Conservative Judaism had more limited roles for women and was more similar to current Modern Orthodoxy, with changes on issues including mixed seating, synagogue corporate leadership, and permitting women to be called to the Torah.
The current name resulted from the authors ' use of the ITS operating system, which limited filenames to two components of at most six characters each.
Whereas the current U. S. NMD system is designed around a relatively limited and unsophisticated attack, SDI planned for a massive attack by a sophisticated opponent.
Furthermore Denby Transport asserted that two Eco-Links would replace three standard articulated lorries while if limited to the current UK weight limit of 44 tonnes, it was claimed the Eco-Link would reduce carbon emissions by 16 per cent, and could still halve the number of trips needed for the same amount of cargo carried in conventional lorries.
If the collector voltage were zero, the collector current would be limited only by the light bulb resistance and the supply voltage.
" The IPCC Third Assessment Report from 2001 summarised research at that time, saying "… current evidence does not support globally synchronous periods of anomalous cold or warmth over this time frame, and the conventional terms of ' Little Ice Age ' and ' Medieval Warm Period ' appear to have limited utility in describing trends in hemispheric or global mean temperature changes in past centuries ".

current and partners
" Unusually " means more than typically required for the execution of the current step ( by these partners ).
' Staatsolie ', the state-owned oil company, is actively seeking international joint venture partners owned by the Sabajo family since 1978 the company CEO L. G. Sabajo will exchange places with the current C. E. O Marchela Grace once it has been signed over in 2014.
Past and current business partners include:
Ecole Centrale de Nantes works closely together with its industrial partners and thus ensures an on the current needs of the industries oriented scientific environment.
The third conference had to be canceled, when the AJC could not found Muslim partners who were willing to publicly condemn the current wave of terrorist attacks on Israel.
In 2000, the current owner Jerry Speyer ( a close friend of David Rockefeller ), of Tishman Speyer Properties, L. P., together with the Lester Crown family of Chicago, bought for $ 1. 85 billion the older 14 buildings and land from the previous syndicated owners: Goldman Sachs ( which had 50 percent ownership ), Gianni Agnelli, Stavros Niarchos, and David Rockefeller, who organized the syndicate in 1996 and is historically associated with the other partners.
* Repositioning NSDL for the Next Generation of Digital Learning-NSDL's present work is building on and leveraging the successes and lessons of current and prior work ( NSDL network partners collaborations ; STEM Exchange ; Learning Registry collaboration ; Learning Application Readiness ; Common Core Mathematics collection ) to bring pilot level projects to scale and to integrate new capacities in NSDL's value to STEM education.
* Customer relationship management ( CRM ) systems help businesses manage relationships with potential and current customers and business partners across marketing, sales, and service.
In a recent study of jealousy by Mullen & Martin in 1994, 15 % of both men and women reported that at some time they had been “ subjected to physical violence at the hands of a jealous partner .” Culturally, jealousy may be even used to “ justify violence towards partners .” Victims in a homicide case are most likely to be current or ex-partners, in both female and male perpetrators.
The current domestic Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 would be used by Qantas, Jetstar and members of the oneworld airline alliance while today's international Terminal 1 would be used by Virgin Australia and its international partners.
Shaver's partners on KSTP were Russ Small, Ted Robinson, and ( during the last three seasons ) current Dallas Stars announcer Ralph Strangis.
Rare has been in operation since 1973 with current global partners in over 50 countries and offices in the United States of America, Mexico, the Philippines, China and Indonesia.
Polyfaithful relationships are, like monogamous relationships, closed in the sense that partners agree not to be sexual outside the current members of the group.
Under the plan agreed in principle by both current partners of the National Rugby League competition, the Australian Rugby League will not be wound up.
The current business dates back to 1804 when two of the partners of the original business ( Leigh and Sotheby ) left to set up their own book dealership.
The Wynkoop Brewing Company, a brewpub founded in 1988 by John Hickenlooper ( the current Governor of Colorado ) and partners Russell Schehrer, Mark Schiffler, and Jerry Williams, sponsors the " Beerdrinker of the Year " competition, which is hosted yearly in one of the banquet halls.
Coordinators and professional staff work together to plan and implement programs, to recruit student volunteers, to engage current partners, and to research new partners for the expansion of student-volunteer efforts.
: Given n men and n women, where each person has ranked all members of the opposite sex with a unique number between 1 and n in order of preference, marry the men and women together such that there are no two people of opposite sex who would both rather have each other than their current partners.
Upon completion of the algorithm, it is not possible for both Alice and Bob to prefer each other over their current partners.
Volf takes Joseph Ratzinger ( Catholic, current Pope Benedict XVI ) and John Zizioulas ( Orthodox, and a bishop ) as his dialogue partners, and critiques their anchoring of the communal and hierarchical nature of the church in hierarchical Trinitarian relations ( both thinkers gives primacy to the “ One ,” though each does this in a different way ).
When The Outlaw began feuding with the Kru, James repeatedly found his loyalties divided, unwilling to fight either his former or current tag team partners.
In a four-part episode closing Season 7 and opening Season 8, Niles finally confesses his feelings to her, and although she initially tells him both of them are better off staying with their current partners ( each having made a serious commitment ), Daphne changes her mind by the next morning, abandoning Donny at the altar, to Niles ' euphoria.
As of January 2011, both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party back the current model of privatised railways, as do the Conservatives ' coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats.

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