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island and town
He was born in the small Danish town of Rudkoebing on the island of Langeland in the south-central part of Denmark on August 14, 1777.
The most detailed illustrations are to be found on the ' ship fresco ' at Akrotiri on the island of Thera ( Santorini ) preserved by the ash fall from the volcanic eruption which destroyed the town there.
The capital is the town of Aegina, situated at the northwestern end of the island.
There are regular bus services from Aegina town to destinations throughout the island such as Agia Marina.
In the 18th century, Broadway ended at the town commons north of Wall Street, where traffic continued up the East Side of the island via Eastern Post Road and the West Side via Bloomingdale Road.
The main town and administrative centre is Bandanaira, located on the island of the same name.
Generally they operate between outlying villages and the main town on each island.
The main town of Fermanagh is Enniskillen (, ' Ceithleann's island ').
Kidd and his men attacked the French island of Mariegalante, destroyed the only town, and looted the area, gathering for themselves something around 2, 000 pounds Sterling.
August Heinrich Hoffmann ( who called himself Hoffmann von Fallersleben after his home town to distinguish himself from others with the same common name of " Hoffmann ") wrote the text in 1841 on vacation on the North Sea island Heligoland, then a possession of the United Kingdom.
Elba (, ; ; Ancient Greek: Αἰθαλία, Aithalia ) is a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, Italy, from the coastal town of Piombino.
Christopher Columbus named the island Santa María de Guadalupe in 1493 after the Virgin Mary, venerated in the Spanish town of Guadalupe, in Extremadura.
In 1663 Deschamps founded a French settlement Leogane on the western coast of the island on the abandoned site of the former Spanish town of Yaguana.
He came down near small town of Preveza, on the coast north of the Ionian island of Lefkas, secured local Greek assistance, repaired his plane and resumed flight back to base.
Oysters have been fished on the Hayling oysterbeds, at the northwest corner of the island, as long ago as Roman times, documented in town records since 1615.
The island's largest town and administrative centre is Douglas, the population of which is 23 000, nearly a third of the entire population of the island.
Battuta continued by ship south to the Swahili Coast, a region then known in Arabic as the Bilad al-Zanj (" Land of the Zanj "), with an overnight stop at the island town of Mombasa.
After a journey along the coast, Ibn Battuta next arrived in the island town of Kilwa in present day Tanzania, which had become an important transit centre of the gold trade.
* Inca, Spain, a town on the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea
The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Chios ( town ).
Locals refer to Chios town as " Chora " (" Χώρα " literally means land or country, but usually refers to the capital or a settlement at the highest point of a Greek island ).
After sending a couple of exploratory missions to the area, the British East India Company coaptured the town when HMS Wellesley anchored off Manora island on 1 February 1839.
Common carp were first bred for color in Japan in the 1820s, initially in the town of Ojiya in the Niigata prefecture on the northeastern coast of Honshu island.

island and hosts
* Chrysi island ( Ierapetra, Lasithi ), which hosts the largest natural Lebanon cedar forest in Europe.
The island hosts introduced bird species from many different regions, including Cattle Egrets ( Bubulcus ibis ), Indian Barred Ground Dove, also called the Zebra Dove ( Geopelia striata ), Turtle Dove ( Streptopleia picturata ), Indian Mynah ( Acridotheres tristis ), Madagascar Fody ( Foudia madagascariensis ), and chickens ( Gallus gallus ).
The city hosts Ca ' Foscari University of Venice founded in 1868, Iuav University of Venice founded in 1926 and Venice International University an international research center founded in 1995 located on the island of San Servolo.
It usually hosts local athletics events as well as being the start of the annual dew pond race from sea level to the highest point on the island on Green Mountain.
The island hosts an annual Ocrafolk Festival featuring a weekend full of live performances.
The island itself hosts very few industries, a relatively well-known one being AGA AB, which started production on the island in 1912.
Each Summer since 1974 ( typically in August ), the island hosts a weekend-long homecoming festival, and includes a theme parade featuring both locals and vacationers, a picnic, and a number of food and craft booths.
Each year on the August long weekend, the island hosts the Haweater Festival.
Islay is a centre of " whisky tourism ", and hosts a " Festival of Malt and Music " known as Fèis Ìle each year at the end of May, with events and tastings celebrating the cultural heritage of the island.
E-commerce has become increasingly important, and the island hosts the domain name registry for both Bailiwicks and over a dozen gambling website operators.
The largest country park of Hong Kong, Lantau South Country Park is located on the island, which hosts two other parks, namely Lantau North Country Park and its extension.
Only one bonfire is lit on the island as one of the two biggest towns hosts the celebration alternately every other year.
Green Cay ( pronounced green key ) is a small island located southwest of Buck Island and also hosts a nearby reef popular among scuba divers and snorkelists -- Tamarind Reef.
The island was constructed between 1957 and 1967 hosts numerous recreational facilities.
The island also hosts the only Italian population of wild goats.
Seal Rocks, at the western end of the island, hosts the largest colony of fur seals in Australia ( up to 16, 000 ).
On New Year's Eve the island hosts the Pyramid Rock Festival.
Ramsey hosts the northern terminus for the Manx Electric Railway and is the start of the mountain section of the Snaefell Mountain Course used for the Isle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix motorcycle races held annually on the island.
The island also hosts scientists that study pinnipeds and manage the Island Fox captive breeding program that is conducted on the island.
The island also hosts canneries, shipyards, Coast Guard facilities, and a Federal Correctional Institution.
Every summer the island hosts Block Island Race Week, a competitive, week-long sailboat race.
The island hosts a variety of birds, but other vertebrate wildlife is limited to Red deer and mice.

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