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Page "adventure" ¶ 320
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

man and was
He was silent a moment, thinking he could use a man this time of year, and if the girl could cook, it would give him more time in the meadows, but he knew nothing about the couple.
against this bent man in the chair he was powerless.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
The fire had gone down, and the man was only a shadow against the trees.
I felt certain he was really a spineless little man.
He was a man in his late forties, with graying hair, of medium height ; ;
Carl Dill was neither a rancher nor a valley man.
He was a big man, wearing a neat flannel shirt against the cold foothill air.
He was an honest man doing a hard job, and the implication that he was anything else was unbearable.
laughing at a dying man, laughing as a man was beaten to death.
The seventh man was Red Hogan, a wiry little puncher with a wild streak and a liking for hell-raising.
Macklin was the third man to come out, and he came unhurriedly.
No man laid a hand on him, but the threat of violence was there.
Lewis was a man who had made a full-time job of cow stealing.
He was a man, those neighbors testified later, who didn't have a friend in the world.
`` Fred was mighty crude about the way he took in cattle '' his own hired man, Andy Ross, mentioned later.
For that legend was growing explosively, Rumor was insisting he received a price of $600 a man.
A man like Jess would want to have a ready means of escape in case it was needed.
Mrs. Roebuck thought Johnson was a `` sweet bawh t'lah lahk thet '', but her Herman was getting to be a man, there was no getting around it.

man and tall
Less assured than the tall, wide-shouldered man in the lead, Cobb followed alertly, a hand on his gun butt.
It was nearly sundown and he went to the back of the wagon, half-swimming his way, for he was not a tall man.
At that moment, up walked a tall young man with glasses who announced himself as a world citizen from Basel, Switzerland.
Abel Poupin, a tall man with sunken cheeks and deep-set eyes, got to his feet.
And so, after a flight southeast to Savannakhet, we found ourselves bouncing along in a Jeep right behind the Land-Rover of Prince Boun Oum of Champassak, a tall man of Churchillian mien in a bush jacket and a ten-gallon hat from Texas.
In the basement the sheriff took him to a small, dingy office occupied by a tall, thin man informal in rolled-up shirt sleeves.
Had that tall dark boy, carrying trays too heavy for him, found what he might have considered adulation of a man he probably hated more than he could bear??
Albert's personal qualities won for him the cognomen of the Bear, " not from his looks or qualities, for he was a tall handsome man, but from the cognisance on his shield, an able man, had a quick eye as well as a strong hand, and could pick what way was straightest among crooked things, was the shining figure and the great man of the North in his day, got much in the North and kept it, got Brandenburg for one there, a conspicuous country ever since ," says Carlyle, who called Albert " a restless, much-managing, wide-warring man.
Bostock's deposition describes Teach as a " tall spare man with a very black beard which he wore very long ".
During his reign as king of Aquilonia, Conan was "... a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs.
Onboard eyewitnesses recalled a man in his mid-forties, between and tall.
In contrast to his own diminutive stature, his personal assistant and secretary Eduard Hedvicek, who later played a significant role in the unsuccessful attempt to save his life was a very large and tall man ( 200 cm
The Knights are led by a man who is approximately 12 feet tall with disproportionately short arms and reindeer antlers inserted into his helmet ( played by Michael Palin standing on a ladder ; the original screenplay suggested that he be played by " Mike standing on John's shoulders ").
The trees are so big and tall that a single tree is enough to make a mast of a first rate man of war.
It is impossible to imagine a man, the argument goes, unless one has in mind a very specific picture of one who is either tall or short, European or Asian, blue-eyed or brown-eyed, et cetera.
It has been estimated that Bruce may have stood at around 6 feet 1 inch ( 186 cm ) tall as a young man, which by medieval standards was impressive.
The game did not start out as a Mario series game and the first prototype featured a generic man in overalls in the kart ; the team decided that characters three heads tall would best suit the design of the karts.
He is a tall, lanky man of dopey intelligence who wears green chainmail and carries a spear.
This is in accordance with Bower who states that Wallace was " a tall man with the body of a giant ... with lengthy flanks ... broad in the hips, with strong arms and legs ... with all his limbs very strong and firm ".
* 11 January-Workers in a sandpit in the Dauphiné discover the skeleton of what is to be alleged to be a 30-foot tall man, the remains, it is thought, of the giant Teutobochus, a legendary Gallic king who fought the Romans.
Later on, wind tunnel study came into its own: the effects of wind on man made structures or objects needed to be studied when buildings became tall enough to present large surfaces to the wind, and the resulting forces had to be resisted by the building's internal structure.

man and thin
The thin man said, `` That-a-way ''.
The thin man waved the gun again.
The thin man moved swiftly to the phone and dialed a number.
The thin man stopped his pacing long enough to glance at the clock.
Next to the Blackwells, Titus had owned the island most, and she and Adelia had often stood in front of him, silenced by his terrible years -- a scanty man with a thin beard and very deep-set blue eyes like a mariner, more aged than possible.
Abu Bakr was a thin man with white skin.
He was a man with fair skin, thin, emaciated, with a sparse beard, a slightly hunched frame, sunken eyes and protruding forehead, and the bases of his fingers were hairless.
Mozart's physical appearance was described by tenor Michael Kelly, in his Reminiscences: " a remarkably small man, very thin and pale, with a profusion of fine, fair hair of which he was rather vain ".
* " A man came up to me today and said, ' Doodles, your hair is getting thin ," and I said, " Well, who wants fat hair?
Gaiman crafted the new character from an initial image of " a man, young, pale and naked, imprisoned in a tiny cell, waiting until his captors passed away [...] deathly thin, with long dark hair, and strange eyes.
Morpheus usually appears as a tall, thin man with bone-white skin, black hair, and two distant stars looking out from the shadows where his eyes should be.
In the writings of Derleth and a few other latter-day Cthulhu Mythos authors, the King in Yellow is an Avatar of Hastur, so named because of his appearance as a thin, floating man covered in tattered yellow robes.
Blofeld is described physically as a massive man, weighing roughly, has black crew-cut hair, black eyes ( similar to those of Benito Mussolini's ), heavy eyelashes, a thin mouth and long pointed hands and feet.
Grave of Samuel Dashiell Hammett in Arlington National Cemetery, ( Section 12, Site 508 ) A lifetime's heavy consumption of alcohol and cigarettes worsened Hammett's tuberculosis contracted in World War I, and then according to Hellman " jail had made a thin man thinner, a sick man sicker.
Thanks in part to experimental archaeology, it is generally believed that the pilum's design evolved to be armour-piercing: the pyramidal head would punch a small hole through an enemy shield allowing the thin shank to pass through and penetrate a distance sufficient to hit the man behind it.
* Don Chuma: Condorito's best, most loyal friend, he is a tall, thin, kind man man who helps Condorito to solve some of his problems, especially the ones related to money.
* Chuleta: A tall, thin, jolly man with huge teeth, long sideburns, a thin mustache and green skin.
Balaclava revealed the allied weakness ; their siege lines were so thin they did not have sufficient troops to man them.
A scene of her swimming underwater wearing only a thin, white T-shirt and bikini bottom helped make the film a box office success, leading the producer Peter Guber to say, " That T-shirt made me a rich man ".
The second young man, now in a meadow, dies while swiping at a nude figure which suddenly disappears into thin air.

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