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measures and against
A call for action `` before it is too late '' has alarming implications when it comes from a man who, in his previous reports on the schools, cautioned so strongly against extreme measures.
By these measures, Congress, so the Court ( in effect ) now decides, gave not only needless but inadequate relief, since it now appears that the federal courts have inherent power to sterilize the Act of 1875 against all proceedings challenging local regulation ''.
The " Days of April " ( journées d ' avril ) is a name appropriated in French history to a series of insurrections at Lyons, Paris and elsewhere, against the government of Louis Philippe in 1834, which led to violent repressive measures, and to a famous trial known as the procès d ' avril.
Three years he was occupied in campaigns against the Slavic Wends, who as pagans were considered fair game, and whose subjugation to Christianity was the aim of the Wendish Crusade of 1147 in which Albert took part ; diplomatic measures were more successful, and by an arrangement made with the last of the Wendish princes of Brandenburg, Pribislav of the Hevelli, Albert secured this district when the prince died in 1150.
As early as 1090, Alexios had taken reconciliatory measures towards the Papacy, with the intention of seeking western support against the Seljuqs.
In 416 BC the graphē paranómōn (" indictment against measures contrary to the laws ") was introduced.
The powerful Ghilzai tribe revolted against the severity of his measures several times.
As the 20th century dawned, the prevalence and capability of assassins grew quickly, as did measures to protect against them.
The persecution against the orthodox party broke out with renewed vigor, and Constantius II was induced to prepare drastic measures against Athanasius and the priests who were devoted to him.
Lomborg campaigned against the Kyoto Protocol and other measures to cut carbon emissions in the short-term, and argued for adaptation to short-term temperature rises as they are inevitable, and for spending money on research and development for longer-term environmental solutions, and on other important world problems such as AIDS, malaria and malnutrition.
Occasionally, extreme measures against cycling may occur.
These large litters act as compensatory measures against the high juvenile mortality rate – about 50 – 70 % of pups do not survive to adulthood.
It was at Chalcedon that the emperor, through the Imperial delegates, enforced harsh disciplinary measures against Pope Dioscorus in response to his boldness.
If x and y are real numbers, and if the graph of y is plotted against x, the derivative measures the slope of this graph at each point.
In many domains there are objective measures of performance capable of distinguishing experts from novices: expert chess players will almost always win games against recreational chess players ; expert medical specialists are more likely to diagnose a disease correctly ; etc.
Georges Danton, the leader of the August 1792 uprising against the King, undermined by several political reversals, was removed from the Committee and Robespierre, " the Incorruptible ", became its most influential member as it moved to take radical measures against the Revolution's domestic and foreign enemies.
They habitually disregarded the terms of the constitution, and, even when the elections that they rigged went against them, the directors routinely used draconian police measures to quell dissent.
The Pope presented seventy-one decrees ; the Council considered these along with the organization of the Fifth Crusade and with measures against heretics.
Christian princes must take measures to prevent blasphemies against Jesus Christ.
In 1990 Singer set up the Science & Environmental Policy Project ( SEPP ) to argue against preventive measures against global warming.

measures and church
As church membership burgeoned, such measures faded into desuetude.
However, David E. Fishman, professor of Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, states that, whereas the heder and yeshiva, the organs of Jewish education, " were banned by virtue of the law separating church and school, and subjected to tough police and administrative actions ," circumcision was not proscribed by law or suppressed by executive measures.
Henry IV restored the charter granted to Gibraltar in 1310 and took two additional measures: the lands previously belonging to Algeciras ( destroyed in 1369 ) were granted to Gibraltar ; and the status of collegiate church was solicited from the pope Pius II and granted to the parish church of Saint Mary the Crowned (), now the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, on the site of the old main Moorish Mosque.
John simply tightened his existing measures and accrued significant sums from the income of vacant sees and abbeys: one 1213 estimate, for example, suggested the church had lost an estimated 100, 000 marks ( equivalent to £ 66, 666 at the time ) to John.
These measures fell most harshly on the members of the former ruling class of Spanish or Spanish-descended church officials, military officers, merchants, and hacendados ( large landowners ).
He protested the trial of churchmen before Philip's royal courts and the continued use of church funds for state purposes and he announced he would summon the bishops and abbots of France to take measures " for the preservation of the liberties of the Church ".
A council which assembled at Rome in the reign of Eugene passed several enactments for the restoration of church discipline, took measures for the foundation of schools and chapters, and decided against priests wearing secular dress or engaging in secular occupations.
In recent years many of these churches had been closed or consolidated, due to declining population, shifts in local ethnicity, and church belt-tightening measures.
They feel that to conciliate the Pagans to nominal Christianity, the Catholic Church took measures to amalgamate the Christian and Pagan festivals so pagans would join the church ; for example, bringing in the pagan festival of Easter as a substitute for the Pasch or Passover, although neither Jesus nor his Apostles enjoined the keeping of this or any other festival.
His reign saw an extended period of internal peace, although the finances stagnated following failed mercantilist doctrines pursued by the Hat administration ended only in the 1765 – 66 parliament, where the Cap opposition overtook the government and enacted reforms towards greater economic liberalism as well as a Freedom of Press Act almost unique at the time for its curtailing of all censorship, retaining punitive measures only for libeling the monarch or the Lutheran state church.
His encampment at Pittsburg Landing displayed his most consequential lack of such concern — his army was spread out in bivouac style, many around the small log church named Shiloh ( the Hebrew word that means " place of peace "), spending time waiting for Buell with drills for his many raw troops, without entrenchments or other awareness of defensive measures.
They are separated into two separate laws mainly to maintain the tradition of the Freedom of the Press Act from 1766, largely the work of proto-Liberal Cap Party politician Anders Chydenius, which abolished censorship and restricted limitations to retroactive legal measures for criticism of the Lutheran state church and the royal house exclusively.
The church measures 49 × 19 m and has a capacity of 2, 000 people.
Vigorous measures were at once adopted by Atticus in conjunction with the other members of the triumvirate to which the Eastern church had been subjected, Theophilus of Alexandria, and Porphyry of Antioch, to crush the adherents of Chrysostom.
His hymn book effected a great change in Danish church services, substituting the hymns of the national poets for the slow measures of the orthodox Lutherans.
He was all for banishing catholic clergy from Ireland and for enforcing church attendances, and strict measures to this end were taken on his return.
Many of the Concilium's measures were geared toward a stricter organization of the Frankish church, and to enforce such organization annual synods were called for, as well as real bishops and archbishops and the enforcement of canon law.
As a result of measures passed in 1947-48, the 2300 elementary schools operated by the church were closed, as were its 24 high schools, its academy of sacred music, three divinity schools, and 13 of its 15 theological seminaries.
Recently, they have also taken measures against church members who have publicly attacked the pope, especially those who claim that it is in the name of the church.
The measures used included closing down Catholic monasteries, officially banning the building of new churches and giving many of the old ones to the Russian Orthodox church, banning Catholic schools and establishing state schools which taught only the Orthodox religion, requiring Catholic priests to preach only officially approved sermons, requiring that Catholics who married members of the Orthodox church convert, requiring Catholic nobles to pay an additional tax in the amount of 10 % of their profits, limiting the amount of land a Catholic peasant could own, and switching from the Gregorian calendar ( used by Catholics ) to the Julian one ( used by members of the Orthodox church ).

measures and were
Only recently new `` holes '' were discovered in our safety measures, and a search is now on for more.
As he still continued obstinate, the court proceeded to violent measures: the officers of the household were commanded to prepare the Basilica and the Portian churches to celebrate divine service upon the arrival of the emperor and his mother at the ensuing festival of Easter.
Progressive measures taken during his kingship include: representatives of the commons, besides the nobility and clergy, were involved in governance ; the end of preventive arrests such that henceforward all arrests had to be first presented to a judge to determine the detention measure ; and fiscal innovation, such as negotiating extraordinary taxes with the mercantile classes and direct taxation of the Church, rather than debasement of the coinage.
However, there were more ancient measures that were also farthingales.
Game reserves have, however, been established in South Africa, British Central Africa, British East Africa, Somaliland, etc., while measures for the protection of wild animals were laid down in an international convention signed in May 1900.
However, in February 2006 the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany struck down these provisions of the law, stating such preventive measures were unconstitutional and would essentially be state-sponsored murder, even if such an act would save many more lives on the ground.
The basic needs of the fort were met by a mixture of direct production, purchase and requisition ; in one letter, a request for money to buy 5, 000 modii ( measures ) of braces ( a cereal used in brewing ) shows that the fort bought provisions for a considerable number of people.
Olanzapine was again the only medication to stand out in the outcome measures, although the results did not always reach statistical significance ( which means they were not reliable findings ) due in part to the decrease of power.
Mild measures were agreed on for those heretic bishops who repented, but severe penance was decreed for the chief leaders of the major heresies.
Various measures were carried out to improve conditions in the workplace.
Desperate measures were taken: contrary to the Roman constitution, Gaius Marius, who had defeated Jugurtha, was elected consul and supreme commander for five years in a row ( 104-100 BC ).
Pratto and her colleagues found that high SDO scores were highly correlated with measures of prejudice.
" The website further explains that in many cases alternative malaria control measures were judged to be more cost-effective that DDT spraying, and so were funded instead.
These military measures, severe as they were, did not succeed in reducing the local Druze to the required degree of subordination.
His tough macroeconomic adjustment measures were unpopular, but he succeeded in pushing a limited number of modernization initiatives through Congress.
Thus in A v United Kingdom, the Court dismissed a claim that a derogation lodged by the British government in response to the September 11 attacks was invalid, but went on to find that measures taken by the United Kingdom under that derogation were disproportionate .< ref >
Free-response measures, such as used by Carington in the 1930s, were developed with attempts to raise the sensitivity of participants to their cognitions.
Austerity measures were introduced: public spending was cut, there was a tax and VAT increase and public employees were given a 10 % wage-cut.

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