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move and also
These can also move a short distance but at right angles to the tappets.
The area may also be provided with additional data during the running of the object program by means of EDMOV or move macro-instructions.
At Berger's direction, the city also intervened in the Hughes bankruptcy case in U. S. District Court in a move preliminary to filing a claim there.
The executive paid tribute to research and development and technology for their great contributions in the past, but he also cautioned industry that they tend to be great equalizers because they move at a fairly even pace within an industry and fail to give it the short-term advantage which it often needs.
DER2 can not only change its expression but also move its hands and feet and twist its body.
Someone also suggested that these large roads were used to quickly move an army from the canyon to the outlier communities, a purpose similar to the road systems known for the Roman empire.
Its weight also makes it relatively easy to move and carry, however its shape is generally not very compact and it may be difficult to stow unless a collapsing model is used.
The move was seen by some fans as a belated attempt by the D ' Backs to counter the trade by their division rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, for Boston Red Sox power-hitting OF Manny Ramirez on July 31 and also to compensate for the injuries to Hudson and Byrnes, generally considered two of the more " power-hitting " Diamondbacks on a team which has relied heavily on pitching and defense in recent years.
This decision did not mandate that the republic's political institutions would also move.
This makes finding the best move more difficult, but also requires the players to estimate probabilities by the players.
A tumultuous year at the Bauhaus, 1922 also saw the move of Dutch painter Theo van Doesburg to Weimar to promote De Stijl (" The Style "), and a visit to the Bauhaus by Russian Constructivist artist and architect El Lissitzky.
This is more than just a safety concern: proper footwork is also critical in order to move effectively around the court.
However, if he withdrew from the Rhine to the Danube, Villeroi might also make a move south to link up with the Elector and Marsin.
When bearing off, a player may also move a lower die roll before the higher even if that means ' the full value of the higher die ' is not fully utilized.
In 2011, Selig also demanded that the Astros move to the American League West as a condition of the sale of the franchise to businessman Jim Crane ; the team will switch leagues in 2013.
It was also said that Antony intended to move the capital of the empire to Alexandria.
The king has also a special move which is called castling and involves also moving a rook.
Multi-sited ethnography may also follow ethnic groups in diaspora, stories or rumours that appear in multiple locations and in multiple time periods, metaphors that appear in multiple ethnographic locations, or the biographies of individual people or groups as they move through space and time.
In addition, earthworms not only ingest partly composted material, but also continually re-create aeration and drainage tunnels as they move through the compost.
One of these, Itō's lemma, expresses the composite of an Itō process ( or more generally a semimartingale ) dX < sub > t </ sub > with a twice-differentiable function f. In Itō's lemma, the derivative of the composite function depends not only on dX < sub > t </ sub > and the derivative of f but also on the second derivative of f. The dependence on the second derivative is a consequence of the non-zero quadratic variation of the stochastic process, which broadly speaking means that the process can move up and down in a very rough way.
This resulted in the famous " Letter to the Alexandrians ", which reaffirmed Jewish rights in the city but also forbade them to move in more families en masse.
In order for there to be a net flow of charge, the particles must also move together with an average drift rate.
In his fictional historical essay " The Hyborian Age ", Howard describes how the people of Atlantis — the land where his character King Kull originated — had to move east after a great cataclysm changed the face of the world and sank their island, settling where Ireland and Scotland would eventually be located, Thus they are ( in Howard's work ) the ancestors of the Irish and Scottish ( the Celtic Gaels ) and not the Picts, the other ancestor of modern Scots who also appear in Howard's work.
Union citizens have also extensive rights to move in order to exercise economic activity in any of the Member States which predate the introduction of Union citizenship.

move and saved
Although the Mariners subsequently lost the ALCS to the Cleveland Indians ( managed by later Mariners manager Mike Hargrove ), that moment remains one of the most memorable in Mariners history, capping a season that " saved baseball in Seattle ", Seattle's improbable late season playoff run that year, spurred by the return of Griffey from injury, led to the construction of Safeco Field and the future security of a franchise rumored for years to be on the move.
Tombstone was saved from becoming a ghost town partly because it remained the Cochise County seat until 1929, when county residents voted to move county offices to nearby Bisbee.
This move saved his life and paved the way for his future career.
The choice to move the support equipment by rail saved NASA $ 2 million in transportation costs.
The Imperial city was saved from oblivion in 1689 when it was decided to move the Imperial Chamber Court to Wetzlar from Speyer, too exposed to French aggression
This move saved the competition.
Though he loathes it, he acknowledges that it has saved his life many times, it being most notably useful when he faced the telepathic ' Mister X ', as X's ability to read his mind and predict his next move in a fight was useless in a berserk state as not even Wolverine knows what he will do next in this state.
When Batman enters the morgue, the cabinets begin to move on their own, and Batman leaves only to enter the same morgue, encountering the corpses of his pleading mother, begging to be saved, and disapproving father.
… we shall find out that Franklin was born in Boston, and invented being struck with lightning and printing and the Franklin medal, and that he had to move to Philadelphia because great men were so plenty in Boston that he had no chance, and that he revenged himself on his native town by saddling it with the Franklin stove, and that he discovered the almanac, and that a penny saved is a penny lost, or something of the kind.
Frank Pick, Managing Director of the Underground Group from 1928 and the Chief Executive of the LPTB, aimed to move the network away from freight services, and saw the lines beyond Aylesbury via Quainton Road to Brill and Verney Junction as having little future as financially viable passenger routes, concluding that over £ 2, 000 ( about £ as of ) would be saved by closing the Brill Tramway.
A county official estimated the move saved them $ 10 million during the first ten years of state maintenance.
After the American defeat in the Battle of Long Island, George Washington withdrew his troops from the Fort under the cover of darkness, a brilliant move that saved the outnumbered American army from total defeat by the British.
Exceller made a strong move on the far turn and saved ground by moving inside Seattle Slew as the tiring horse bore out turning for home.
The promised increase did not come in one year, but the settlers ’ decisive move, led by Teniente Dela Cruz, saved Pinamalayan from extinction.
Some CPUs move the last bit shifted off the end of a number during a shift into the carry flag during some or all shift operations ; since the bit bucket is usually considered the place where discarded ( and therefore lost ) bits go, the carry flag in this case would probably be excluded from the bit bucket — unless, perhaps, the speaker intended to ignore the bit saved in the carry flag and treat it as though it had been truly discarded.
The move saved Etobicoke $ 1 million annual at the time, with city officials estimating it at $ 2 million in 2009, plus private contractors had to post a performance bond and commit to a wage rate for the duration of a five-year contract, which protected the city from a strike.
With HM Revenue and Customs unwilling to move on their demand and being the biggest creditor ( the Majeeds were unable to vote on the matter despite being owed money ), it looked unlikely that the club would be saved.
When a mobile agent decides to move, it saves its own state, transports this saved state to the new host, and resumes execution from the saved state.
However, with manual operation the time saved by having the part more closely match the outline was offset by the time needed to move the controls.
He used his saved earnings to move to Washington state where he started a construction company that fulfilled government contracts.
The Labour-controlled Glamorgan County Council strongly opposed this move, placing adverts in newspapers calling for Glamorgan to be saved from a " carve up ", and demanding that the east / west split be retained.
His move came to be known as " the switch in time that saved nine.
Roberts ' move came to be known as " the switch in time that saved nine " as Roosevelt's court-packing plan ultimately failed.

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