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new and lineup
The album featured a new lineup, with Kristen Pfaff on bass and Patty Schemel on drums.
Also new to the lineup was highly touted Swedish prospect Henrik Zetterberg.
Over the course of the late 1980s and early 1990s as fewer new hits were produced, game shows lost their permanent place in the daytime lineup.
The first single under this new lineup, " That Dood It ", failed to chart.
2005 saw the introduction of the new Kalina supermini lineup to the market.
Wallace was succeeded by James Miller in November 1997, followed in December 1999 by Ford executive Mark Fields, who has been credited with expanding Mazda's new product lineup and leading the turnaround during the early 2000s.
The new lineup recorded a new full-length album, Rise to Your Knees, in mid-to-late 2006.
The new lineup also featured guitarist Simon Hosford from Hay's solo band, along with bassist Stephen Hadley and drummer John Watson.
In April 2010, it was announced that Rhythm Devils will tour in the summer of 2010 with a new lineup including Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann ( assorted percussion ), Keller Williams ( guitar, vocals ), Sikiru Adepoju ( talking drum ), Davy Knowles ( guitar, vocals ), and Andy Hess ( bass ).
This release featured the new lineup and their first show in London in over five years.
Though the series has not been available in broadcast syndication for many years, it has recently been made part of the lineup at AOL's new in2TV online broadcasting site.
The most notable RAC band was Skrewdriver, which started out as a non-political punk band but evolved into a neo-Nazi band after the first lineup broke up and a new lineup was formed.
The new lineup of the band has performed a number of tours in the United States, including performances on the 2006 and 2008 Warped Tours.
As the decade progressed, a new genre joined the daytime lineup: serial dramas — soap operas, so named for the products that sponsored them, by way of the ad agencies that actually produced them.
A joint statement between Williams and the group said " The rumours are true ... Take That: the original lineup, have written and recorded a new album, to be called, Progress for release later this year ," read the band's statement.
After the departures of Margolis and Krummenacher, the band's lineup stabilized in 2007 around Hickman, Lowery, Funaro and new bass guitarist Sal Maida, who had played with Roxy Music.
The new digital broadcaster was launched on 15 November 1998, with a lineup of 18 channels, including many channels developed in-house by Carlton and Granada.
Arthur Lee, as the only remaining member, convened a new lineup and continued recording as Love.
After the release of 06: 21: 03: 11 Up Evil and 05: 22: 09: 12 Off, there was no new material from Front 242 under any lineup.
As the season went on, the Penguins signed new head coach ( and former Penguin and commentator ) Eddie Olczyk, traded Martin Straka to the Los Angeles Kings, and opted not to include the highly rated Fleury in the lineup for the bulk of the 03-04 season.
In 2010 GAZ upgraded its model range by launching new GAZelle-BUSINESS lineup with diesel and petrol engines and LPG equipment.
When Cleuver and Dresden left Focus shortly after, Van Leer joined Akkerman, Van der Linden, and Havermans as the new lineup of Focus.

new and would
so that a line running down the length of the South marking the upper limits of tidewater would roughly divide the Old South from the new, but with, of course, important minority enclaves.
Demagogues of this sort found communist bogeys lurking behind any new idea that would run counter to stereotyped notions.
Helion also hoped that America's mastery of technology and industrial efficiency would be accompanied by the production of new and beautiful art works.
It is difficult to say what Thompson expected would come of their relationship, which had begun so soon after his emotions had been stirred by Maggie Brien, but when Katie wrote on April 11, 1900, to tell him that she was to be married to the Rev. Godfrey Burr, the vicar of Rushall in Staffordshire, the news evidently helped to deepen his discouragement over the failure of his hopes for a new volume of verse.
The charge was so farfetched that Woodruff paid little attention to it, and answered Pike in a rather bored way, wearily declaring that a `` new hand '' was pumping the bellows of the Crittenden organ, and concluding: `` In a controversy with an adversary so utterly destitute of moral principles, even a triumph would entitle the victor to no laurels.
Colonel Benjamin Ford wrote to Morgan from Wilmington that he understood a Mrs. Sanderson from Maryland had obtained permission from Smallwood to visit Philadelphia, and would return on May 26th, escorted by several officers from Maryland `` belonging to the new levies in the British service ''.
High-speed buses on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, operating between downtown Washington and Cabin John, Glen Echo and Brookmont, would constitute an alluring sample of what the new National Capital Transportation Agency can do for this city.
The new City Charter, which should get a Yes vote as Question No. 1 on Nov. 7, would not make a good Mayor out of a bad one.
This would seem to indicate that we are trying neither `` to halt an influx of migrants '' nor are we `` setting up such standards for development that only the well-to-do could afford to buy land and build in the new sites ''.
But to imitate an opponent when he has made the mistake of his life would be a new high in statesmanlike folly.
Through the swathings of terror, she jabbed deceit's sharp point -- Amy would be reborn, a new child, with new parents, living under new circumstances.
Yet some, like Morris Manderscheid, would bankrupt themselves for the new ideas.
Show her the new swimming pool and she would say, slapping her ankle, `` I suppose this must be where you breed your gigantic mosquitoes ''.
Both would start their new fiscal year on July 1.
They could not guess that from their concepts of liberty and freedom would some day be born a new nation that for years would be the symbol of hope to the oppressed countries of the world.
As a designer and manufacturer of textile production machinery, Leesona and other companies in its industry have sought to meet this challenge with new or improved equipment and methods that would increase production, yet maintain both quality and flexibility.
First on my own list would be two arms -- a rifle and a handgun -- that qualify as new in the strictest sense.
Every new scandal which would provide more `` copy '' for Marshall's pen would thus mean more publicity for Welch.
To prevent the manager from deliberately controlling himself only during the sessions, they were rather lengthy ( about twenty minutes ), the situations were imperfectly described to the manager so that he would not know what to expect, new antagonists were brought on the scene unexpectedly, and the antagonists were instructed to deliberately behave in such ways as to upset the manager and get him to operate in a manner for which he had been previously criticized.
I would propose, next, as the prime requirement for constitution of new basic lists, items whose forms show as high an empirical retention rate as possible.
It is difficult to see any powerful sources of strength on the horizon at this time which would give the economy a new upward thrust.

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