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original and book
If we are to believe the list of titles printed in Malraux's latest book, La Metamorphose Des Dieux, Vol. 1 ( ( 1957 ), he is still engaged in writing a large novel under his original title.
* Orwell's original preface to the book
The original 256-page game book was published in 1991 by Phage Press, covering material from the first five novels ( the " Corwin Cycle ") and some details-sorcery and the Logrus-from the remaining five novels ( the " Merlin Cycle "), in order to allow players to roleplay characters from the Courts of Chaos.
Kathleen Norris in her book Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith characterizes this transformation of the original words as " wretched English " making the line that replaces the original " laughably bland ".
: The Original Version, Restored and Revised ( Second Printing 2007 ), which restored the book to its original content, with slight revisions, and added comprehensive end notes, an index, and an appendix.
* The character of John Isidore, and his " pet hospital ", is taken from Dick's original novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, although that book contained no suggestion that the shop ran a sideline in modifying replicants.
Sebastian's ability to bring Pris back to life as a replicant introduces numerous problems: the book implies that Sebastian somehow was able to do this without realising that her original body was human.
The earliest parts of the book are possibly chapters 2 – 11, the story of the conquest ; more certain is that this section was then incorporated into an early form of Joshua that was part of then original Deuteronomistic history, written late in the reign of king Josiah ( reigned 640 – 609 BCE ); it seems clear that the book was not completed until after the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians in 586, and possibly not until after the return from the Babylonian exile late in the 6th century.
The original core of the book, the first-person memoir, may have been combined with the core of the Book of Ezra around 400 BC.
The book has a long and complex history, but its final form is probably due to a Priestly redaction ( i. e., editing ) of a Yahwistic original text some time in the early Persian period ( 5th century BCE ).
This original " book of saviours ," made up of the stories of Ehud, Jael and parts of Gideon, had already been enlarged and transformed into " wars of Yahweh " before being given the final Deuteronomistic revision.
In the original Hebrew Bible ( the Bible used by Jews ) First and Second Kings were a single book, as were First and Second Samuel.
The original Hebrew title of the book of Proverbs is " Míshlê Shlomoh " (" Proverbs of Solomon ").
Most scholars today accept the basic authenticity of the book, but see in it significant additions by a " school " of later followers of the original prophet.
The original book, published in 1549, in the reign of Edward VI, was a product of the English Reformation following the break with Rome.
The Diocese of Sydney has developed its own small prayer book, called Sunday Services, to supplement the existing prayer book and preserve the original theology, which the Sydney diocese asserts has been changed.
However, the details of the story are at best uncertain ( see for discussion of the original Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen source and the changes in other versions ); some authors, such as Joseph Rotman in his book A first course in Abstract Algebra, question whether it ever happened.
* The Coming of the Fairies – scans of the original version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book ( 1922 )
In the original book and film, they would be closer to androids or gynoids.
Photius, writing in the 9th century, found various text appended to manuscripts of the seven canonical books, which lead Daniel Heinsius to suggest that the original eighth book is lost, and he identified the text purported to be from the eighth book as fragments of the Hypopotoses.
This actually was not his first work in comics, as earlier the same year Barks along with Hannah and fellow storyman Nick George scripted Pluto Saves the Ship, which was among the first original Disney comic book stories published in the United States.

original and sent
Approximately ten days after the questionnaire was mailed, a follow-up airmail postcard was sent to each of the original names.
Baudot's original code was adapted to be sent from a manual keyboard, and no teleprinter equipment was ever constructed that used it in its original form.
As Probe Entertainment was in charge of the home conversions, Taito sent them a Bubble Bobble arcade PCB so they could play the original game and reproduce its mechanics.
Gardner sent the prints along with the original glass-plate negatives to Harold Snelling, a photography expert.
based on Jor-El that was sent by the original to guide him, Jonathan occasionally having trouble relating to Clark while Jor-El's lack of his template's emotions causes him to treat Clark too harshly at times.
Like the " Giant Size " X-Men team, McTaggert's former students were sent to rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa, the living island.
The original copy of the Declaration that was sent to Avignon is lost.
A DHCP client may request more information than the server sent with the original DHCPOFFER.
In the original theatrical shorts, they were originally sent to visit Donald for only one day ; in the comics, the three were sent to stay with Donald on a temporary basis, until their father came back from the hospital ( the boys ended up sending him there after a practical joke of putting firecrackers under his chair ).
Margherita Guarducci relates a tradition that the original icon of Mary attributed to Luke, sent by Eudokia to Pulcheria from Palestine, was a large circular icon only of her head.
Bahá ' u ' lláh had manuscript copies sent to Bahá ' ís in Iran some years after the revelation of the Kitáb-i-Aqdas, and in 1890 – 91 ( 1308 AH, 47 BE ) he arranged for the publication of the original Arabic text of the book in Bombay, India.
The secret report's alleged en-route solar sextant data were inadvertently so impossibly overprecise that he excised all these alleged raw solar observations out of the version of the report finally sent to geographical societies five months later ( while the original version was hidden for 70 years ), a realization first published in 2000 by the University of Cambridge after scrupulous refereeing.
At the start of each episode of the 1998 television series Fantasy Island, a darker version of the original, bookings for would-be visitors to the Island were sent to Mr. Roarke via a pneumatic tube from a dusty old travel agency.
The PowerBook 140 and 170 were the original PowerBook designs, while the PowerBook 100 was the result of Apple having sent the schematics of the Mac Portable to Sony, who miniaturized the components.
The original Quake network code would not show the player the results of his actions until the server sent back a reply acknowledging them.
Stating that " Paramahansa Yogananda was sent to the West by Jesus Christ himself " with the said intent to " restore the original Christian teachings among his followers ", in Revelations of Christ Swami Kriyananda, Yogananda's disciple and Ex-minister of the Self-Realization Fellowship, provides a distilled commentary on the life and teachings of Christ, all of which is meant to serve as an anticipatory primer to Yogananda's more philosophically nuanced treatment in The Second Coming of Christ.
Argentina argues self-determination is not applicable, asserting the current inhabitants are " descendants of Britains who had been sent there after the original inhabitants had been expelled ".
While Christianity includes the five books of Moses ( the Pentateuch ) among their sacred texts, in its Old Testament, Islam believes that only the original Torah was sent by the One true God.
Five of these original Qurans ( Mus ' haf ) were sent to the major Muslim cities of the era, with Uthman keeping one for his own use in Medina.
In these systems the original signal is first converted into digital form, and then the digital data is encrypted and sent.
Wagner chose the Third, and Bruckner sent him a fair copy soon after, which is why the original version of the Wagner Symphony is preserved so well despite revisions in 1874, 1876, 1877 and 1888 – 9.
Lord Paul Rziczan read aloud ... a letter with the following approximate content: His Imperial Majesty had sent to their graces the lord regents a sharp letter that was, by our request, issued to us as a copy after the original had been read aloud, and in which His Majesty declared all of our lives and honor already forfeit, thereby greatly frightening all three Protestant estates.
( No Names ) Club ( Kilburn ), the original Crystal Palace, Blackheath, Kensington School, Perceval House ( Blackheath ), Surbiton and Blackheath Proprietary School ; Charterhouse sent their captain, B. F. Hartshorne, but declined the offer to join.

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