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original and master
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
BITC is sometimes used in conjunction with " real " machine-readable timecode, but more often used in copies of original material on to a non-broadcast format such as VHS, so that the VHS copies can be traced back to their master tape and the original time codes easily located.
A master server is a server that stores the original ( master ) copies of all zone records.
" (" ingenieur ", i. e. Engineer ) and law " mr ." (" meester, i. e. Master of Law ) where the title dr. is added to the original master title.
For these disciplines, the original master degree abbreviation is combined with the dr. abbreviation thus resulting in for example " dr. ir.
In the case of a PhD in law, the original mr. title is placed before the dr. title ( mr. dr. see e. g. Jan Peter Balkenende ), for a person having a law master degree, but holding a PhD in another field than law the mr. title is placed after the dr. titel ( dr. mr .).
The second disc contains a previously unissued alternate mix of " Forever Changes " ( according to the liner notes, the original master of " Forever Changes " is missing, although the alternate mix was made from it at some point ).
While data reduction ( compression, be it lossy or lossless ) is a main goal of transform coding, it also allows other goals: one may represent data more accurately for the original amount of space – for example, in principle, if one starts with an analog or high-resolution digital master, an MP3 file of a given size should provide a better representation than a raw uncompressed audio in WAV or AIFF file of the same size.
Fernand encouraged the painters to work directly on lithographic stones in order to create original artworks that could then be executed under the direction of master printers in small editions.
To alleviate overcrowding in Seoul's downtown area, the city government drew up a master plan in the mid-1980s that envisioned the development of four " core zones " by 2000: the original downtown area, Yongdongpo-Yeouido, Yongdong, and Jamsil.
* Dick Grayson, the original Robin, was a master of Savate and other forms of martial arts.
When the original pairing tries to find out why Lucky does not put down his load ( at least not unless his master is prevailing on him to do something else ), Pozzo explains that Lucky is attempting to mollify him to prevent him from selling him.
Led Zeppelin were among the first rock bands to be re-issued on CD, but such was the haste to capitalise on the new format that the new CDs were derived not from re-equalised master tapes, but from sound-generation tapes that had been equalised for the original vinyl platters.
Although the trend of this ridge, as well as that of Tenaya Canyon, is probably controlled by master joints, 80 percent of the northwest " half " of the original dome may well still be there.
This usually took the form of a lease deal, in which the production company leased the usage rights to the original recording to a major label, who would press, distribute and promote the recording as their own, in return for a percentage of any profit ; the ownership of the master recordings typically reverted to the producer after the deal expired.
Typically, professional misconduct cases are heard in the first instance by a bar committee or special master, with appeals from rulings made at that level directly to the state supreme court, which has original jurisdiction over the case and can consider new evidence.
He was the master of ( conventional ) swing and was the original l Sultan of Swing.
In 1981, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab ( MFSL ) issued a unique half-speed master variation of the album utilising the sound from the original master recording.
The master was later lost ( either to fire or flood ; sources vary ), and only three extant original pressings ( all on 78 RPM ) are known to exist ( although original 45 RPM issues on Jubilee are still, currently 56 years later, rumored to exist ).
remastered Ziggy from the original master tapes for Rykodisc, who released it with five bonus tracks:
Hawaiian surfing master Duke Kahanamoku may have been referred to as the " Big Kahuna " but rejected the term as he knew the original meaning of the word.

original and plan
Knowing Marlborough's destination, Tallard and Villeroi met at Landau in Alsace on 13 June to rapidly construct an action plan to save Bavaria, but the rigidity of the French command system was such that any variations from the original plan had to be sanctioned by Versailles.
The original 1948 Master Plan included a Third Harbor Tunnel plan that was hugely controversial in its own right because it would have disrupted the Maverick Square area of East Boston.
Yet another plan, the North-South Rail Link that would have connected North and South Stations ( the major passenger train stations in Boston ), was part of the original Big Dig but was ultimately dropped by the Dukakis administration as an impediment to acquiring federal funding for the project.
German gains were ultimately limited by Hitler diverting forces from the attack on Stalingrad itself and seeking to pursue a drive to the Caucasus oilfields simultaneously as opposed to subsequently as the original plan had envisaged.
The Colombian Government sought additional support from the IFIs, the European Union, and other countries, with the intention of financing the social component of the original plan, but met with little cooperation as the would-be donors considered that the U. S. approved aid represented an undue military slant and additionally lacked the will to spend such amounts of money.
Joseph Jacques Ramée's original plan for Union College in Schenectady, New York, the first comprehensively planned campus in the United States
However, XIII Corps commander — Lieutenant-General William Gott — rejected this and ordered the attack but on a centre line south of the original plan which he incorrectly believed was mine-free.
The original plan was to use horses to draw coal carts on metal rails, but after company director Edward Pease met Stephenson he agreed to change the plans.
A small team of X-Men stopped this plan, badly injuring Magneto in the process ( the original issue presented him as being killed, but New X-Men retconned this ).
Whatever the original plan might have been, the larger, historical account is often merely a background to a broad range of inquiries and, as Herodotus himself observes, " Digressions are part of my plan.
The original plan was to continue southwest and attack Paris from the west.
Thus, Hannibal took the Romans by surprise a scant two years later in 218 BC by merely reviving and adapting the original Gaulish-Carthaginian invasion plan of his brother-in-law.
However, US Fifth Army forces at Anzio, under Clark's orders, failed to follow their original break-out plan that would have trapped the German forces escaping northwards in the aftermath of the Battle of Monte Cassino, instead favouring an early and highly publicised entry into Rome two days before the Allied landings in Normandy.
On the border issue, the original draft had declared that the borders would be that decided by the UN partition plan.
His original plan was to guide the Natives towards adopting a sedentary agricultural lifestyle, in large part due to " the decrease of game rendering their subsistence by hunting insufficient ".
Ibn Battuta went further north into Assam, then turned around and continued with his original plan.
For example, if an insider expects to retire after a specific period of time and, as part of his or her retirement planning, the insider has adopted a written binding plan to sell a specific amount of the company's stock every month for two years and later comes into possession of material nonpublic information about the company, trades based on the original plan might not constitute prohibited insider trading.
Spader planned to stay only through the eighth season, and while the original plan was just to do the guest appearance, executive producer Paul Lieberstein said, " those two scenes became a season.
The poem could not be completed according to its original 200 – 300 line plan as the interruption caused him to forget the lines.
The original line construction did not cover the area chosen by the Germans for their first challenge, which was through the Ardennes in 1940, a plan known as Fall Gelb.
After dropping the hardware business, NeXT returned to selling a toolkit to run on other operating systems, in effect returning to the original business plan.
McVeigh's original plan had been to detonate the bomb at 11: 00 am CST, but at dawn on April 19, 1995, he decided instead to destroy the building at 9: 00 am CST.

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