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play and was
Now, he could only play the last card in what was probably the world's coldest deck.
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
In his native Cologne, where his mother taught him to play the piano, he was able to read notes before he learned the alphabet.
The depersonalization continued as the dancer was further metamorphosed by the play of lights upon his figure.
Tom was not willing to revise the play according to the plan the man suggested.
It may be thought unfortunate that he was called on entirely by accident to perform, if again we may trust the opening of the oratio, for it marks the beginning for us of his use of his peculiar form of witty word play that even in this Latin banter has in it the unmistakable element of viciousness and an almost sadistic delight in verbally tormenting an adversary.
He kept his attacks on Republicanism for partisan campaigns, but that is part of the game he was born to play.
That was one of the high spots of the play.
The figure was so theatrically dressed, that it was as though a character from some other play had blundered into this one.
The play for Saturday night was to be a benefit performance of The Octoroon.
Life was a short play of tenebrous shadows.
It was all set up so there would be no dust anywhere and so that their children would color in the coloring room, paint in the painting room, play with blocks in the block house, and do all the other things in the proper rooms at exactly the right time.
It seemed, indeed, that their house was not so much a home, but rather a perfect stage set, and that they were actors who had been handed fat roles in a successful play, and had talent enough to fill the roles competently, with nice understatement.
She was still in the play for pay business when she died, a top trollop who had given the world's oldest profession one of its rare flashes of glamour.
Carroll was sharp and military, but he was up against tough competition for that RA berth, and he wanted to play it cool.
Babe Ruth, of course, was everyone's hero, and everyone knew him, even though relatively few ever saw him play ball.
It was a bad play, real grade-A turkey, which only a prevalence of angels with grandiose dreams of capital gain and tax money to burn could have put into rehearsal.
I knew the only way I could beat you was to play possum, but it was a good try, kid, and I appreciate it.
When Robinson tried to stretch his blow into a triple, he was cut down in a close play at third, Tuttle to Andy Carey.
The Air Force's, and the game's, final play, was a long pass by quarterback Bob McNaughton which Gannon intercepted on his own 44 and returned 22 yards.
Despite the 45-degree weather the game was clicked off in 1:48, thanks to only three bases on balls and some good infield play.
Kieffer, the only junior in the group, was commended for his ability to hit in the clutch, as well as his all-round excellent play.

play and announced
The Texas Aggies got a day off Monday -- a special gift from Coach Jim Myers for its conference victory last Saturday night, but Myers announced that halfback George Hargett, shaken up in the Tech game, would not play against Trinity Saturday.
`` What you need is a steady martingale '', the cowboy announced after watching Owen play.
In baseball, the statistic applies also to players who, prior to a game, are included on a starting lineup card or are announced as ex ante substitutes, whether they actually play or not, although, in Major League Baseball, the application of this statistic does not extend to consecutive games played streaks.
As the headliner, Lenny Kravitz got to play the venue a second time, with Jorge Benjor, Macy Gray, O Rappa and Pharrell as the main opening acts, on October 2, 2009, 100, 000 people filled the beach for a huge beach party as the IOC announced Rio would be hosting the 2016 Olympics.
Late in the 1934 season, he announced that he would not play on September 10, which was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, or on September 19, the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.
On August 21, 2012 the Jaguars announced they had finalized a deal to play one regular season home game each year between 2013 and 2016 at London's historic Wembley Stadium as part of the NFL International Series.
Feeling that this arrangement put the Jets at a disadvantage, the team announced in 1977 that they would play two home games a year during the month of September at the Giants ' new home in New Jersey, Giants Stadium.
On December 25, 2008, Sosa announced he intended to unretire and play in the World Baseball Classic and once again test the free agent market in hopes of signing for a Major League ballclub in 2009.
# All players play from the same set of numbers as the numbers are announced.
Game points, set points, and match points are not part of official scoring and are not announced by the chair umpire in tournament play.
In 1992, Taito announced a CD-ROM-based console system named WOWOW, that would have allowed people to play near-exact ports of Taito's arcades ( similar to the Neo Geo ), as well as download games from a satellite transmission ( as the Satellaview would do later ).
Leading up to the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, it was announced that NHL players would be eligible to play for the first time.
Gwynn told the Toronto Sun that Trevor had signed with the Cubs, a signing that was not immediately announced by the team, and thus would not play for him at San Diego State.
On March 4, 2011, it was announced that Hauer would play vampire hunter Van Helsing in legendary horror director Dario Argento's Dracula 3D.
It was later announced that Queen + Adam Lambert would play two shows at the Hammersmith Apollo, London on 11 and 12 July 2012.
In 2009 the group announced that they would play a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, on 1 April 2010, titled the Zeitgeist concert, 35 years after their milestone concert there on 2 April 1975.
On April 15, 2010, it was announced that Omaha would be home to a new expansion team in the United Football League to begin play in 2010.
With the release of the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons, RPGA — the organized play division of WotC — announced a new massively shared living campaign, Living Greyhawk, modeled on a 2nd edition campaign called Living City.
On 8 August 2006, Barthez announced he was still hoping to play professional football for another two years, insisting he was also looking to continue his career in the French international setup.
In May 2007, Van Basten announced the end of his long-running dispute with Real Madrid forward Ruud van Nistelrooy, who had previously declared never to play for a Dutch national squad with Van Basten as its manager.
Davenport announced her intention to play in the 2009 Australian Open in January, ending speculation that she would be retiring from the sport.
Davenport also announced her intention to play doubles at two tournaments in the American hard-court season.
Kevin Durant dunking against the Washington Wizards on March 11, 2011On July 2, 2008, upon settlement of a lawsuit with the city of Seattle, the Seattle SuperSonics announced they would relocate to Oklahoma City on July 3, and begin play at Oklahoma City's Ford Center in the 2008 – 2009 NBA season.

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