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# and points
# There is an incidental indication of time, which points to the period after Marathon as the true date for the events which are referred by Herodotus to the year before Marathon, viz.
# To condemn the principles and doctrines of Protestantism and to clarify the doctrines of the Catholic Church on all disputed points.
# Clockwise rotation breaks the flagella bundle apart such that each flagellum points in a different direction, causing the bacterium to tumble in place.
# Magnetic poles ( or states of polarization at individual points ) attract or repel one another in a similar way and always come in pairs: every north pole is yoked to a south pole.
# Molecules are thought as particles with volume, not material points.
# A bosonic propagator is represented by a wiggly line connecting two points ;
# A fermionic propagator is represented by a solid line connecting two points ;
# Any two points can be joined by a straight line.
A floating wind turbine moored by Catenary # Anchoring_of_marine_vessels | catenary cables tied to fixed foundation points on the seafloor.
# Inertial reference systems, where the coordinate axes retain their orientation relative to the fixed stars, or equivalently, to the rotation axes of ideal gyroscopes ; the axis points to the vernal equinox
# Plano-polar, in which points in a plane are defined by a distance from a specified point along a ray having a specified direction with respect to a base line or axis ;
# Rectangular, points are defined by distances from two perpendicular axes called and.
# Shooting himself in the forehead: As his mother reads the questionnaire for the dating service ( and answers it according to her preferences, not his ), Harold surreptitiously loads a revolver with live rounds, then wheels around and points it at his mother.
# Any tangent vector at the identity of a Lie group can be extended to a left invariant vector field by left translating the tangent vector to other points of the manifold.
# find out which of those pointers points to the item with the lowest key ; advance one of those pointers to the next item in its list
# The orbit of a planet around the Sun is an ellipse, with the Sun in one of the focal points of the ellipse.
In remark # 23 of Philosophical Investigations he points out that the practice of human language is more complex than the simplified views of language that have been held by those who seek to explain or simulate human language by means of a formal system.
# Given any two distinct points, there is exactly one line incident with both of them.
# There are four points such that no line is incident with more than two of them.
# All points of a sphere are umbilics.
# When a pair reaches 5 points in the final game, the pairs must switch ends of the table and the team that receives the service must switch receiver.
# Academic grade point average in all completed " a-g " courses, including additional points for completed University-certified honors courses.
# The collinearity relation between points ; i. e., points which lie on the same line ( called collinear points ) continue to be collinear after the transformation.

# and on
# Utilitarianism, where the practical consequences of various policies are evaluated on the assumption that the right policy will be the one which results in the greatest happiness
# Deontological ethics, notions based on ' rules ' i. e. that there is an obligation to perform the ' right ' action, regardless of actual consequences ( epitomized by Kant's notion of the Categorical Imperative )
# Various basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, wheat, cooking oil and butter ( the Salex Group enjoys a de facto monopoly on imports of wheat, sugar, flour, butter and cooking oil.
# election ( and condemnation on the day of judgment ) was conditioned by the rational faith or nonfaith of man ;
# If adiabats and isotherms are graphed severally at regular changes of entropy and temperature, respectively ( like altitude on a contour map ), then as the eye moves towards the axes ( towards the south-west ), it sees the density of isotherms stay constant, but it sees the density of adiabats grow.
# REDIRECT Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty
# The unlawful act must be committed on board of an aircraft ( that is, by a person being on board of an aircraft, e. g. a passenger or crew member.
Per a News article on Page # 9 of the October 1984 issue of Acorn User, the Acorn ' Plus 2 ' interface was due to provide Econet capability.
Per a News article on Page # 9 of the October 1984 issue of Acorn User, the Plus 3 was originally destined to have used the Intel 8272 disk controller, ( and not 8271, which were in short supply at the time ).
# Abijah ( king ) of the Kingdom of Judah, also known as Abijam ( אבים ' aḄiYaM " My Father is Yam "), who was son of Rehoboam and succeeded him on the throne of Judah.
# HIV proteins decrease the amount of CD4 glycoprotein marker present on the cell membrane.
# discussion on mailing lists and at meetings ;
# The same asset does not trade at the same price on all markets (" the law of one price ").
# The Naturalization Act ( officially An act supplementary to, and to amend the act to establish a uniform rule of naturalization ; and to repeal the act heretofore passed on that subject ; ch.
# Katharina ( b. Meissen, 24 July 1468 – d. Göttingen, 10 February 1524 ), married firstly on 24 February 1484 in Innsbruck to Duke Sigismund of Austria, and secondly on 1497 to Duke Eric I of Brunswick-Calenberg.
It peaked at # 5 on the Billboard 200, and has been certified with a gold album by the RIAA.
In 2012, the album was ranked # 385 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, while Newsweek magazine pronounced it the second best album of its decade.
In 1997, the episode " Hedda Hopper's Hollywood " was ranked # 62 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.
Flatt and Scruggs subsequently cut their own version of the theme ( with Flatt singing ) for Columbia Records ; released as a single, it reached # 44 on Billboard Hot 100 pop music chart and # 1 on the Billboard Hot Country chart ( the lone country chart-topper for the duo ).
" In December 2006, TV Guide even ranked the duo's distinct laughing at # 66 on their list of the 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases.

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