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portrait and designed
No authentic portrait of William has been found ; the contemporary depictions of him on the Bayeux Tapestry and on his seals and coins are conventional representations designed to assert his authority.
* Boston, Massachusetts, The standing portrait statue of Patton, designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser, was installed at the Charles River Esplanade along the Hatch Shell Circle in 1953.
He painted Denny's portrait in 1541 and two years later designed a clock-salt for him.
He also designed a poster for the exhibition, which was reminiscent of the Last Supper, with a portrait of himself in the place of Christ.
The minor series of 1, 2 and 5 cent coins were designed by Garcilaso Rollán, the middle series of 10, 20, and 50 cent coins by Begoña Castellanos and the two major coins feature the portrait or effigy of King Juan Carlos I of Spain designed by Luis José Díaz.
Many can be read as types designed to express a mood or atmosphere, and certainly many of the examples of the portrait tradition Giorgione initiated appear to have had this purpose, and not to have been sold to the sitter.
It was one of approximately 27 jewel-encrusted pieces designed and made by court jeweler Jakob Heinrich Köchert for her to wear in her hair, which appears in the famous portrait of her by Franz Xaver Winterhalter.
If the camera is fitted within a frame, this ' rig ' can be designed to rotate horizontally and vertically and to change the picture format from portrait to landscape by rotating the camera.
Various memorials followed Hnatyshyn's death: On March 16, 2004, Canada Post unveiled at a ceremony, attended by Hnatyshyn's widow, a $ 0. 49 postage stamp designed by Vancouver graphic artist Susan Mavor, and bearing the formal portrait of Hnatyshyn taken by Canadian Press photographer Paul Chaisson on the day Hnatyshyn became governor general, along with a tone-on-tone rendering of part of Hnatyshyn's coat of arms.
He also designed the conjoint portrait of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on the 2007 crown coin, celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary.
The obverse side of the coin shows a portrait of Queen Victoria wearing a veil, with the inscription ""&# 160 ; ( Victoria-By the grace of God ), while the reverse side shows four cruciform-crowned shields bearing the emblems of England ( x2 ), Scotland, and Ireland, with sceptres between the shields, in the style of Charles II's gold coins designed by John Roettiers ; the inscription on the reverse reads, "".
The obverse portrait of the king was designed by Jean Baptiste Merlen.
This memorial portrait was designed by his principal student, Kunisada II, and is one of the few known images of Kunisada.
A series of bijin-ga designed in 1878 entitled Bita shichi yosei caused political trouble for Yoshitoshi because it depicted seven female attendants to the Imperial court and identified them by name, it may be that the Empress Meiji herself was displeased with this fact and with the style of her portrait in the series.
On the occasion of the peace of Nystad ( 1721 ), which terminated the Great Northern War's 21 years of struggle between Russia and Sweden, Bestuzhev designed and had minted a commemorative medal with a panegyrical Latin inscription, which so delighted Peter ( then at Derbent ) that he sent a letter of thanks written with his own hand and his portrait set in brilliants.
Khnopff accepted this commission but destroyed the work later because the famous soprano Rose Caron was offended by the imaginary portrait of Leonora d ' Este that Khnopff had designed to adorn the cover and in which Caron believed to recognise her own face.
The portrait of Jefferson Davis was designed and line engraved by John Archer, and then transferred to a copper plate.
Included is a portrait of Williams-Wynn in Rome with fellow Tourists by Pompeo Batoni, one of his second wife by Sir Joshua Reynolds and his chamber organ designed by Robert Adam.
* July 15-The Scottish National Portrait Gallery opens in Edinburgh in premises designed by Rowand Anderson, the first in the world to be purpose-built as a portrait gallery.
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the tiara, designed by Arnold Machin, has appeared on many Commonwealth currencies, including those of Britain, Australia, Jamaica, Canada and Ceylon.
Brooks's portrait shows Gluck in a starched white shirt, a silk tie, and a long black belted coat that she designed and had made by a " mad dressmaker "; her right hand, at her waist, holds a man's hat.
Other memorials were erected to his memory in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery ( memorial by Rowand Anderson incorporating portrait by Sir George Reid and a stained glass portrait medallion in the east staircase again designed by Rowand Anderson and executed by W Graham Boss ), a series of memorial windows in St Giles High Kirk in Edinburgh, and a memorial window in Aberlour Parish Church.

portrait and by
That was Rob Roy, who posed with Mrs. Coolidge for the portrait by Howard Chandler Christy.
Flanked by marble urns and alabaster lamps, they seemed to be posing for a tribal portrait.
* Meier C. 1998, Athens: a portrait of the city in its Golden Age ( translated by R. and R. Kimber ).
< sub > Pair of portrait busts by Canova, circa 1815 </ sub >
There is a portrait of him by Francis Wheatley in the National Portrait Gallery, London.
While it is assumed that the younger Cuyp did work with his father initially to develop rudimentary talents, Aelbert became more focused on landscape paintings while Jacob was a portrait painter by profession.
A portrait of Broadway in the early part of the 20th century and " The Great White Way " late at night appeared in " Artist In Manhattan "( 1940 ) written by the painter-writer Jerome Myers:
File: Sir Theodore Mayerne drawing by Peter Paul Rubens. jpg | Rubens-Sir Théodore de Mayerne, a portrait drawing ( c. 1630 )
Gluck, detail of a portrait by Joseph Duplessis, dated 1775 ( Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna )
Haydn portrait by Thomas Hardy ( English painter ) | Thomas Hardy, 1792
In 2006, the China Confucius Foundation commissioned a standard portrait of Confucius based on the Tang dynasty portrait by Wu Daozi.
Claudius has been portrayed in film on several other occasions, including in the 1979 motion picture Caligula, the role being performed by Giancarlo Badessi in which the character was depicted as an idiot, in contrast to Robert Graves ' portrait of Claudius as a cunning and deeply intelligent man who is perceived by others to be an idiot.
Image: Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806. jpg | Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father and the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, Columbia College
File: Charlotte Brontë. jpg | A postum idealized portrait by Duyckinick, 1873, based on a drawing by George Richmond
" Instead, she attended costume and portrait painting classes for three years taught by the ailing director Christian Schussele.
Another highly regarded portrait from that period is New England Woman ( 1895 ), a nearly all-white oil painting which was purchased by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
A portrait as diversified as the one already pointed out for the coronal features is emphasized by the analysis of the dynamics of the main structures of the corona, which evolve in times very different among them.
Pencil portrait by Ingres
Edward Herbert, portrait by Isaac Oliver ( 1560 – 1617 )
" The Elephant " from Camille Saint-Saëns ' The Carnival of the Animals is a satirical portrait of the double bass, and American virtuoso Gary Karr made his televised debut playing " The Swan " ( originally written for the cello ) with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein.
Saint Dominic ( 1170-1221 ), portrait by El Greco, 1586-90.
Catherine of Siena ( 1347-1380 ), portrait by Andrea Vanni, late 14th or early 15th century.

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