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result and Here
Here, is a function that maps an argument y to result z.
Here, he discovered that the peasantry were becoming increasingly restless as a result of the social and political upheaval of the past decade, with some seizing land from wealthy landowners and founding their own communes.
Here we see that very-high-energy states have little probability of occurring, a result that is consistent with intuition.
Here the notion of causality is one of contributory causality as discussed above: If the true value, then a change in will result in a change in y unless some other causative variable ( s ), either included in the regression or implicit in the error term, change in such a way as to exactly offset its effect ; thus a change in is not sufficient to change y.
Here, compression does not result in appreciable mountain building, which is mostly accommodated by folding and stacking of thrusts.
Here only the digit 9 is replaced by the digit 0, such that identities like 1. 000 ... = 0. 999 ... can spoil the result.
Here y *( w ) denotes the value of the linear functional y * ( which is an element of the dual space of W ) when evaluated at the element w ∈ W. This scalar in turn is multiplied by x to give as the final result an element of the space V.
Here the credit is less than the debt, so the net result is a debt.
Here, the resignation was ultimately the result of an inflammatory public letter written by the head of the Québec musicians ' guild on behalf of the MSO's musicians.
Here his evangelistic fervour attracted multitudes to his preaching, including Roman Catholics, but at the same time excited the anger of his opponents ; and the result of their opposition was that after a ministry of fifteen months he was commanded by the civil authorities ( September 27, 1691 ) to leave Erfurt within forty-eight hours.
The result was Take It From Here and the start of one of the most enduring comedy writing partnerships.
Here he heard the operas of Baldassarre Galuppi, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, and other masters ; and the desire of completing his own studies in Italy was the immediate result.
Here the intention was more important than the result.
Here two scales represent known values and the third is the scale where the result is read off.
Here, as the result of further successful exploits, Peace found a reward of £ 50 offered for his capture.
After being at the club for 11 games he left ( partly as a result of the club refusing to let him participate in the reality television show I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!
As a result, the city of Netanya agreed to halt work in the area which had not been damaged, and to put up a sign: " Here is the Muslim cemetery of the village Umm Khalid.
Here the branch point is the origin, because the analytic continuation of any solution around a closed loop containing the origin will result in a different function: there is non-trivial monodromy.
Here the notion of causality is one of contributory causality: If the true value, then a change in will result in a change in y unless some other causative variable ( s ), either included in the regression or implicit in the error term, change in such a way as to exactly offset its effect ; thus a change in is not sufficient to change y.
Here is example how the above algorithm will find the result for some input ( after it is sorted ).
Here, global warming is associated with similar disasters taking place throughout many worlds as a result of the upheavals regarding Dust.
As a result, he won a recording contract with the Philadelphia based independent label BBS, where he recorded the song " Here in My Heart ".
" Here Shelley is imploring --- or really chanting to --- the Wind to blow away all of his useless thoughts so that he can be a vessel for the Wind and, as a result, awaken the Earth.
After detecting the IRQ signal processor processes branches to an ISR whose job is to detect ( to poll ) which device has send IRQ signal. Here polling action is performed on the connected device one by one until a positive result ( i. e. IRQ bit = 1 ) is obtained.

result and You
You definitely hear some of the instruments close up and others farther back, with the difference in placement apparently more distinct than would result from the nearer instruments merely being louder than the ones farther back.
`` You see, first of all and in a sense as the source of all other ills, the unshakeable American commitment to the principle of unconditional surrender: The tendency to view any war in which we might be involved not as a means of achieving limited objectives in the way of changes in a given status quo, but as a struggle to the death between total virtue and total evil, with the result that the war had absolutely to be fought to the complete destruction of the enemy's power, no matter what disadvantages or complications this might involve for the more distant future ''.
" You may ... fear that the chest pains are a deadly heart attack or that the shooting pains in your head are the result of a tumor or aneurysm.
The note contained the phrases " I did what I was supposed to do " and " You ought to be very proud, because it is an honor and you will see the result ( s ) and everybody will be happy ".
Heinlein later revisited a similar theme in his 1958 story — All You Zombies —, in which the main character's interactions with sex-changed versions of himself / herself at various points in his / her life result in a bizarre version of the ontological paradox in which the character becomes his / her own mother and father.
A similar quotation appears in Robert A. Heinlein's 1941 short story " Logic of Empire " (" You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity "); this was noticed in 1996 ( five years before Bigler identified the Robert J. Hanlon citation ) and first referenced in version 4. 0. 0 of the Jargon File, with speculation that Hanlon's Razor might be a corruption of " Heinlein's Razor ".
" As a result, the community-at that point a mere collection of farms-bore the unusual name " What You Please?
This was chiefly the result of an entry in the singles charts with a cover of The Beatles ' " Got To Get You Into My Life ", which peaked at # 62.
You must be careful to avoid a mismatch that may arise between the two languages because negation, applied to a formula of the calculus, constructs a formula that may be true on an infinite set of possible tuples, while the difference operator of relational algebra always returns a finite result.
As a result, a special record, " You and I " by Jack Shilkret, promoting " the new V. E.
Some argue that the definition of many measurement methodologies are imprecise, and consequently it is often unclear how tools for computing them arrive at a particular result, while others argue that imperfect quantification is better than none (“ You can ’ t control what you can't measure .”).
The result was six singles released by Next Plateau Records, several of which became hits: " Expression " ( US # 26, UK # 40 in 1990, UK # 23 in 1992 ), a platinum single that had been certified gold before it even cracked the US Hot 100 as it had already been # 1 on the R & B Chart for 8 weeks, and produced by Salt ; " Independent "; " I Don't Know " ( featuring Kid N Play ); " Do You Want Me " ( US # 21, UK # 5 ), certified gold ; " Let's Talk About Sex " ( US # 13, UK # 2 ), certified gold, and later re-recorded as " Let's Talk About Aids "; and " You Showed Me " ( UK # 15 ).
Adams had collaborated with British record producer Robert John " Mutt " Lange, and as a result, neither the album nor the worldwide smash hit single "( Everything I Do ) I Do It for You " qualified as Canadian content under the existing rules.
As a result of its poor commercial performance, Miramax shelved its three-picture deal with Branagh, who subsequently returned to Shakespeare with As You Like It in 2006.
1600, like As You Like It and Twelfth Night, while the later revision injected the darker material – leaving the result a hybrid jumble of tones and intents.
As a result, Queen Shen's father, the Marquess of Shen, teamed with the Dog Rong nomads and local satellite states to overthrow King You.
The audience selected her to represent the United Kingdom at the event in Tallinn, where she took her country to its best result since Imaani's " Where Are You?
* In Robert Heinlein's "— All You Zombies —", a young man ( later revealed to be intersex ) is taken back in time and tricked into impregnating his younger, female self ( before he underwent a sex change ); he then turns out to be the offspring of that union, with the paradoxical result that he is his own mother and father.
You never sought God's forgiveness ; as a result, you did not receive it, either.
In a debate, law professors Cass Sunstein and Randy Barnett agreed that while the result was desirable, Bolling does not reconcile with the Constitution, with Barnett saying: " You are right to point out that the Supreme Court's decision in Bolling v. Sharpe is very difficult to reconcile with the text of the Constitution.
The result of that session was the double A-side single " To You Alone "/" Sequinsizer ", recorded by future The Go!
The result, " You Are My Love ", was her big hit of 1955 ( which the Four Tunes covered ).
They found Steve Lukather's performance as chief lead vocalist of such quality that it was puzzling why he hadn't been given the role earlier, and concluded " You couldn't call the result accomplished, but Tambu suggested that Toto was embarked on a new personal and musical journey that might lead in an interesting direction.

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