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rolling and farms
Despite Connecticut's relatively small size, it features wide regional variations in its landscape ; for example, in the northwestern Litchfield Hills, it features rolling mountains and horse farms, whereas in the southeastern New London County, it features beaches and maritime activities.
Other areas interesting to the tourist include: Mount Gilead State Park ; Amish farms and businesses near Johnsville and Chesterville ; the Mid-Ohio Race Track near Steam Corners ; the rolling Allegheny foothills of eastern Morrow County ; the site of the birthplace of President Warren G. Harding near Blooming Grove ; the site of the former Ohio Central College in Iberia ; the early 19th century architecture of buildings in Chesterville, Ohio ; the Revolutionary War Soldiers ' Memorial in Mount Gilead ; the Civil War monument in Cardington ; and the mid-19th century architecture of the Morrow County Courthouse and Old Jail in Mount Gilead.
Proceeding westward, the Appalachian Plateau topography gradually gives way to gently rolling hills and then ( in central Ohio ) to flat lands converted principally to farms and urban areas.
The terrain is rolling hills, but there are large expanses of flat land on which farms and, more recently, subdivisions are built.
The surrounding topography is marked by flat to slightly rolling fields, almost all of them farms.
It is shaped by the valleys of Moodna and Woodbury creeks, and includes estuarine salt marshes, heavily-developed residential and commercial areas, rolling farms, and rocky, scrub-covered ridges and mountaintops.
Prior to this time, the western hills of Allegheny County consisted largely of rolling farms and small residential developments.
As the decades worn on, hundreds and hundreds of acres of pristine woods, rolling countryside, and productive farms continued to be swallowed into homes and businesses.
Composed of rolling sand hills, the upcountry was composed of small farms operated by individual farm families.
As a result, farms line much of the lower Scioto where it flows through low, rolling hills covered in hardwood trees.
Malls, office complexes, strip shopping plazas, expressways, and tract housing are common sights, and more and more continue to replace rolling countryside, farms, woods, and wetlands.
This area of rural Mecosta County is more heavily forested with rolling hills and sporadic farms.
Also dotting the rolling country side are various farms.
It has unspoiled country, farms, rolling hills that descend to the sea, and very few large resorts.
The Irish Hills region has gently rolling hills that transition to forests from farms.
The eastern part of Canindeyu is very green ; mostly rolling hills and soy bean farms.
The second largest river system within Illinois, it drains a rural area of farms, as well as rolling hills along river bottoms of hardwood forests in its lower reaches.
It bisects many rural rolling hills and farms of the Western Coal Fields as well as crosses through river lowlands of the Ohio Valley on its journey to Daviess County, Kentucky.
From the humble home and from the stately mansion ; from the rolling farms and from the noisy factories ; from the East and West and North and South have my followers come.
Much of the land is steep, but there are a few good farms on rolling hilltops or valley bottoms ; many of these farms have been occupied by Mennonite and Amish people who have migrated northward as their traditional homelands became developed.
Away from the Mississippi, the terrain is gently rolling, supporting dairy farms.
La Follette was born on a ranch in eastern Washington State, the fourth of seven children of a pioneer family that owned large wheat and fruit farms in the rolling hills of the Palouse and along the Snake River.
In the 1950s a firm based in Portland, Oregon Stout-Wyss Irrigation System, developed the rolling pipe type irrigation system for farms that has become the most popular type for farmers irrigating large fields.

rolling and Maryland
Wisconsin Avenue is on the alignment of the tobacco hogshead rolling road from rural Maryland, and the Federal Customs House was located on 31st Street ( now utilized as the post office ).
The Maryland Department of Transportation ( MDOT ) agreed to provide a partial subsidy of the deficit in 1974, and in 1975 this evolved into an operating agreement with the B & O, where Maryland agreed to pay the total operating deficit for the trains and provide the rolling stock.
In that same year, the State Railroad Administration was established by Executive Order of the Governor, to oversee these railroad contracts, to procure the needed rolling stock, to apply for and manage federal funding for the commuter rail service, and to administer a state funded subsidy program for shortline freight rail operations, primarily on the Eastern Shore and in Western Maryland.

rolling and New
" ( This seating design can also be found on older New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road rolling stock.
New characters begin with a number of gold pieces determined by rolling three six-sided dice and multiplying the total by ten.
Virtually all rapid transit rolling stock, such as ones used on the New York City Subway, the London Underground, and other subway systems, are multiple-unit trainsets, usually EMUs.
Automated driverless systems are not exclusively rubber-tyred ; many have since been built using conventional rail technology, such as London's Docklands Light Railway, the Copenhagen metro and Vancouver's SkyTrain, the Disneyland Resort Line which uses converted rolling stocks from non-driverless trains, as well as AirTrain JFK which is linking JFK Airport in New York City with local subway and commuter trains.
The river valley at New Boston is surrounded on both sides by gently rolling bluffs interspersed with rich parcels of wetlands that provide critical wildlife habitat ; especially critical habitat for migratory birds.
Among the rolling hills, century-old trees, and beautiful mountain vistas, he carved " one of the model showplaces in Rockland County ", as reported by The New York Times.
" Harpo created it by mimicking the expression of Mr. Gehrke, a New York tobacconist who would make a similar face while concentrating on rolling cigars.
Eastern Colorado, Eastern New Mexico, and West Texas all have high plains, and rolling land.
The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities had gotten the ball rolling in 1900 by calling for a celebration to honor the establishment of the first permanent English colony in the New World at Jamestown, to be held on the 300th anniversary.
New rolling stock was purchased (* in the list below ) to operate this line together with the weekdays school service between Zweisimmen and Saanen.
During May the annual New England Wool Expo is staged to display wool fashions, handicrafts, demonstrations, shearing competitions, yard dog trials and demonstrations, a wool bale rolling competition and other activities.
The Holyoke Range, Mount Tom Range, and numerous rolling hills, bluffs, and meadows feature extravagant homes from the Gilded Age, many of which surround New England's longest and largest river, the Connecticut River, which flows through the region.
The population grew rapidly assisted by the ease of commuting to New York City and back again to rolling hills and the " natural beauty of the town.
New Britain's terrain is mostly made up of soft, rolling hills and young Connecticut forest.
In Two New Sciences Galileo ( Salviati speaks for him ) used a wood molding, " 12 cubits long, half a cubit wide and three finger-breadths thick " as a ramp with a straight, smooth, polished groove to study rolling balls (" a hard, smooth and very round bronze ball ").
Most stops for the Main Line and Pascack Valley Lines are in New Jersey, so New Jersey Transit provides most of the rolling stock and all the staff ; Metro-North supplies some equipment.
The Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines and the New Canaan branch are equipped for cab signaling, and all passenger rolling stock is equipped to receive the cab signal.
New programs included CBC News Now, the channel's rolling news coverage, Power & Politics, The Lang and O ' Leary Exchange, a business news program hosted by Amanda Lang and investor of Dragons ' Den fame Kevin O ' Leary, and Connect with Mark Kelley.
Cooper began operating an iron rolling mill in New York beginning in 1836, where he was the first to successfully use anthracite coal to puddle iron.
* 1985: New Caltrain locomotives and rolling stock replace SP equipment on the Peninsula Commute, marking the end of Southern Pacific passenger service with SP equipment.
Capulin Volcano is one of the outstanding landmarks located in the northeast corner of New Mexico, where the rolling grasslands meet the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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