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same and editorial
The 1549 book was soon succeeded by a more reformed revision in 1552 under the same editorial hand, that of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury.
In the same month, The New York Times published an editorial stating that " we do not believe the Republic would be in danger if yesterday's unforgotten little tramp were allowed to amble down the gangplank of a steamer or plane in an American port ".
The use of the term censorware in editorials criticizing makers of such software is widespread and covers many different varieties and applications: Xeni Jardin used the term in a 9 March 2006 editorial in the New York Times when discussing the use of American-made filtering software to suppress content in China ; in the same month a high school student used the term to discuss the deployment of such software in his school district.
The adoption of international standards results in the creation of equivalent, national standards that are substantially the same as international standards in technical content, but may have ( i ) editorial differences as to appearance, use of symbols and measurement units, substitution of a point for a comma as the decimal marker, and ( ii ) differences resulting from conflicts in governmental regulations or industry-specific requirements caused by fundamental climatic, geographical, technological, or infrastructural factors, or the stringency of safety requirements that a given standard authority considers appropriate.
Kuypers also found that the liberal points of view expressed in editorial and opinion pages were found in hard news coverage of the same issues.
In the same issue, the AJM editorial board issued an apology for what it called " incautions " in the Cao – Zhu paper.
In the same edition, the paper had an editorial warning of a potential lynching of Rowland.
Its charter states that MLB Advanced Media holds editorial independence from the League, but it is under the same ownership group and revenue-sharing plan.
At the same time it announced plans to cut the editorial staff from 525 to 475.
Originally published from Caracas, it moved in 1981 to Miami, to Editorial America ( currently owned by Televisa ), the same editorial house that oversaw the production of Cosmopolitans Spanish version.
On the same day: An editorial in the British Medical Journal, written by Professor Robin Room, suggested " that the sale of cannabis should be licensed like cigarettes because banning it had not worked ".
However, in that same month, it was given its third, indefinite suspension by the Japanese government for printing an editorial opposing Japanese rule of Korea.
In May of that same year, in response to an editorial criticizing sending troops into Shandong, the Chosun Ilbo was suspended for a fourth time for 133 days.
Also, the 2001 sale of the Washington Blade to Window Media, LLC led to intense criticism from former employees, editors, and media pundits of the consolidation of so many gay newspapers ' editorial boards into the same company, leading to fears of homogenizing of content and editorial control.
Around the same time Orwell wrote an unsigned editorial for Polemic in response to an attack from " Modern Quarterly ".
" During the season, when the long-departed Jackie Robinson's number 42 was being retired throughout baseball, and the still-living Doby was being virtually ignored by the media, an editorial in Sports Illustrated pointed out that Doby had to suffer the same indignities that Robinson did, and with nowhere near the media attention and implicit support.
Secondly, alternative characters were used when the same characters were repeated in context to show that the repetition was intentional rather than an editorial mistake ( 筆誤 ).
The two papers operated out of the same building and shared advertising and production staff, but maintained separate ( and distinct ) ownership and editorial voices.
On September 13 of the same year, Asahi printed its first editorial.
While Libération still has a decidedly self-described left-wing progressive editorial line − generally supportive of causes such as anti-racism, feminism, and workers ' rights − Edouard de Rothschild's entrance in its capital ( 37 %) in 2005 and editor Serge July's campaign for the " yes " vote in the referendum establishing a Constitution for Europe the same year alienated it from a number of its left-wing readers.
A similar term, Homogenocene ( from old Greek: homo -, same geno -, kind, kainos -, new and-cene, period ), was first used by Michael Samways in his editorial article in the Journal of Insect Conservation ( 1999 ) entitled, " Translocating fauna to foreign lands: here comes the Homogenocene ".
Historians speculate that he was annoyed by an editorial published in the same journal by Dr. Theophilus Parvin, " An Uncommon Form of Vaginismus ".
The Evening Scimitar of same date, copied the Commercial's editorial with these words of comment:

same and continued
Although federal and city narcotic agents sometimes worked together, Sokol continued, rivalries developed when they were `` aiming at the same criminals ''.
`` In the same five year period that the United States says they ( the detectives ) were engaged in this conspiracy '', Sokol continued, `` these three young men received a total of 26 creditable mentions and many special compensations, and were nominated for the Lambert Tree award and the mayor's medal ''.
House of Love in 1994 continued in the same vein, boasting catchy pop songs mingled with spiritual lyrics.
It continued the imperialistic work of the Black Hand, using the same techniques.
Virginia Code section 1-200 establishes the continued existence and vitality of common law principles and provides that " The common law of England, insofar as it is not repugnant to the principles of the Bill of Rights and Constitution of this Commonwealth, shall continue in full force within the same, and be the rule of decision, except as altered by the General Assembly.
At the same time, some earlier Mesozoic gymnosperms like conifers continued to thrive ; pehuéns ( monkey puzzle trees, Araucaria ) and other conifers being notably plentiful and widespread.
While he continued to be prolific throughout the 1930s and 1940s, he is probably best known for his 1956 film The Ten Commandments ( which is very different from his 1923 film of the same title ).
The form of kingdom which appeared in Constantine's reign continued in much the same way until the Davidian Revolution in the 12th century.
During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, just the opposite was the case with little to no population concentration in major industrial centres as the predominantly rural resource-dependent Maritime economy continued on the same path as it had since European settlement on the region's shores.
One can initiate this type of buzz by using the same sensation as spitting seeds, but maintaining a continued flow of air.
The tradition of painted churches continued into the nineteenth century in other parts of Romania, although never to the same extent.
Bacon continued to use his influence with the king to mediate between the throne and Parliament and in this capacity he was further elevated in the same peerage, as Viscount St Alban, on 27 January 1621.
Following his retirement, Hayek spent a year as a visiting professor of philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he continued work on Law, Legislation and Liberty, teaching a graduate seminar by the same name and another on the philosophy of social science.
The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same era, and has continued to diversify.
Undaunted, the producers put together a syndication deal for the show, which continued in roughly the same format for 20 more years ( though Owens departed in 1986 ).
For several centuries, Brabant, Holland, Zeeland, Friesland, Gelre and the others fought intermittently amongst themselves, but at the same time trade continued and grew, land was reclaimed, and cities prospered.
He continued to read and interpret the book on subsequent Sundays until he reached the end and then proceeded in the same manner with the Acts of the Apostles, the New Testament epistles, and finally the Old Testament.
In the same year, the Viva, based on the Daewoo Lacetti, replaced the entry-level Holden Astra Classic, although the new-generation Astra introduced in 2004 continued on.
Albanians fought against the Italians while, during Nazi German occupation, Balli Kombëtar allied itself with the Germans and clashed with Albanian communists, which continued their fight against Germans and Balli Kombëtar at the same time.
At the same time single-row diatonic harps continued to be played.
The nickname quickly gained currency, but " Henry " continued to be cited frequently in the media, both sometimes appearing in the same article, and Aaron would answer to either one.
The financial markets posed problems for established borrowers and even more for Tengzhong, a little-known company from western China, at the same time as the potential value of the Hummer brand continued to decline given high fuel prices and weak consumer demand.
Although the white jerseys of the Minnesota Vikings at the time also had a similar striping pattern and continued as such ( as well as the throwbacks the New England Patriots wore in the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions in 2002, though the Patriots later wore the same throwbacks in 2009 with truncated stripes and in 2010 became their official alternate uniform ), the Colts and most college teams with this striping pattern did not make this adjustment.
Isabella had given birth to a daughter, Ippolita at about the same time, and she continued to bear him children throughout Francesco and Lucrezia's long, passionate affair, which was more sexual than romantic.

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