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twinning and charter
Brighouse is twinned with Lüdenscheid in Germany, the link beginning with an exchange by Brighouse Children's Theatre in 1950 followed by a civic twinning charter in 1960.
* Saint-Pol-de-Léon Brittany, France The fortieth anniversary of the twinning charter took place in 2010.
The twinning charter was signed in 1994, but very little twinning activity takes place.
In 1984 Watton was twinned with the Lower Rhine ( Niederrhein ) town of Weeze, Germany, with the subsequent twinning charter being formally signed in 1987.

twinning and is
There is one test based on " Brazil law twinning " ( a form of quartz twinning where right and left hand quartz structures are combined in a single crystal ) which can be used to identify synthetic amethyst rather easily.
Crystal twinning is common in feldspars, especially polysynthetic twins in plagioclase and Carlsbad twins in alkali feldspars.
Feldspar within a pegmatite may display exaggerated and perfect twinning, exsolution lamellae, and when affected by hydrous crystallization, macroscale graphic texture is known, with feldspar and quartz intergrown.
Until this point in development, twinning is possible.
There is no known genetic link for identical twinning.
Studies show that there is a genetic basis for dizygotic twinning.
This is in marked contrast to dizygotic twinning, which ranges from about six per thousand births in Japan ( almost similar to the rate of identical twins, which is around 4 – 5 ) to 15 and more per thousand in some parts of India and up to over 20 in some Central African countries.
Although examples of half-identical twins have been found, the exact mechanism of their conception is not well-understood, but could theoretically occur in polar body twinning where sperm cells fertilize both the ovum and the second polar body.
This situation is not the same as the common form of fraternal twinning, in which two genetically different ova are fertilized by two genetically different sperm.
There is a twinning between Kreis Dithmarschen and Restormel Borough Council.
Lambeth also has twinning arrangements with Bluefields in Nicaragua ; Moskvoretsky in Russia ( although this is abeyance since changes to the city government of Moscow ); Brooklyn, New York in the United States ; Shinjuku in Japan ; and Spanish Town in Jamaica.
The twinning is a result of Cornish migration during the Californian gold rush in which Cornish mining expertise was exported to the area.
In the City Hall of Nevada City there is a room dedicated to the twinning and houses Cornish memorabilia and items donated on various exchanges.
* The choice of twinning with both an Israeli city and a Palestinian one is Opsterland's modest contribution to trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
Meerssen is a founding member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union.
Oxelösund is a member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union.
The structure is named in recognition of the twinning ties between Norwich and Novi Sad in Serbia.
Houffalize is a founding member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union.
Judenburg is a member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union.
Jarrow is twinned with the following towns, under the umbrella of the South Tyneside town-twinning project which saw individual twinning projects brought together in 1974:
The Japanese Shogun made him a samurai ( warrior ), he is significant to Medway because this has led to the twinning with Yokosuka and Ito.
Plasticity in a crystal of pure metal is primarily caused by two modes of deformation in the crystal lattice, slip and twinning.

twinning and Irish
Plouézec is twinned with the Irish town of Ballinamore and the twinning committee hosts a famous Fest Noz festival every August around the Moulin de Craca which regularly draws thousands of visitors.

twinning and English
The city of Poznań has international twinning arrangements with the English county of Nottinghamshire.
Most universities, including many who offer " twinning " courses with local private colleges, outside these two countries do not consider MUET as an acceptable test for English language proficiency, preferring instead, the IELTS. However, in recent times, the MUET has lost its prominence as a requirement to be admitted into local universities, be it public or private ones.
This old College was an English hospital during the first world war and a twinning is still active in 2008 with Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Faversham ( Kent ).

twinning and French
The French twinning committee is named " La Balad ' Irlandaise ".
On April 25, 1975 the twinning agreement with the French city Hautmont was signed.
The earliest form of town twinning in Europe was between the German city of Paderborn and the French city of Le Mans in 836.
This was initially referred to as an adoption of the French town, with formal twinning charters not being exchanged until 1986.
A delegation of Wrea Green residents travelled to St Bris to make the twinning official, but the first large exchange came when, at Easter 2006, 43 French came to stay in Wrea Green.

twinning and two
Regarding spontaneous or natural monozygotic twinning, a recent theory posits that monozygotic twins are formed after a blastocyst essentially collapses, splitting the progenitor cells ( those that contain the body's fundamental genetic material ) in half, leaving the same genetic material divided in two on opposite sides of the embryo.
In 1992 a twinning agreement was reached with the Finsterwalde District of Brandenburg, unofficial relations between the two districts having existed since German reunification in 1990.
Factors influencing a crystal's habit include: a combination of two or more crystal forms ; trace impurities present during growth ; crystal twinning and growth conditions ( i. e., heat, pressure, space ); and specific growth tendencies like growth striations.
On 2 July 2005, two trees were planted to the north of the town hall to mark the 20th anniversary of the twinning between Yarm and the two towns.
* In animation, twinning refers to when two parts on opposite sides of a character's body move the same way
The mayor of Les Martres-de-Veyre proposed to honour the dead Canadian soldier through the twinning of their two small towns and the creation of a new large memorial at his gravesite.
* Town twinning or sister cities: two distant cities or towns agree to partner each other, for various reasons.
Note also that any twinning arrangement should be listed at two locations in the list: once for each of the towns involved in the arrangement.
This twinning operation was made possible by the partnership between the two Mayors.
Links between the two towns have their roots in the 1980s and the official ratification and twinning ceremony took place in 2002.
The upgrade to Highway 416 took place between 1989 and 1999 and was carried out through two separate projects: Highway 416 North was a freeway on a new alignment through Ottawa and an interchange at Highway 417, and Highway 416 South was the twinning of of Highway 16 New and an interchange at Highway 401.
The twinning of the two words result in the coining of " Amanpulo " or " peace island " in reference to the tranquil island of Pamalican.
Their finest hour was when they met two German people of much the same nature when attending a celebration of a twinning of two towns.
Crystal twinning occurs when two separate crystals share some of the same crystal lattice points in a symmetrical manner.
In the 1960s, several exchange visits between the two towns took place, but the twinning formally ceased as a consequence of Dalum being absorbed by the much larger Odense.
With the twinning of the Blue Mountain, Kittatinny Mountain and Tuscarora Mountain tunnels under construction, the Commission turned its focus to the remaining two mainline tunnels, the Rays Hill Tunnel ( the shortest tunnel ) and the Sideling Hill Tunnel ( the longest tunnel ).

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