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Page "fiction" ¶ 971
from Brown Corpus
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two and men
They had been seen as soon as they left the ranch, picked out of the darkness by the weary though watchful eyes of two men posted a few hundred yards away in the windless shelter of the trees.
The two men whipped their horses into town and flung themselves up the steps of the saloon, crying their intelligence.
A company of cavalry couldn't come in there if two men were guarding that trail ''.
You reckon there's two men in this state can shoot like that ''??
Zing was the creation of two men, Louis Thor and Bill Blake, partners in zing!!
While several yards from it, still concealed by the shrubbery, she'd seen two men on her left at the pool's edge.
Two uniformed officers, a couple of plain-clothesmen I knew, and two other men stood on a gray cement area next to the pool on my left.
Actually, only two men know what the formula is, Blake and '' -- He stopped and looked at Thor's body.
It made only a tiny bump over the two men like a tire over a piece of gravel then moved on.
The two men in overalls stood just behind the blonde-headed man.
The Colt roared twice and two men dropped, writhing.
But before this came about, 214,938 Americans had given their lives in battle for the two concepts of the sovereign rights of men and of states.
The two men resemble each other closely in their cunning, their egotism, their relentlessness.
The company grew out of efforts by two completely inexperienced men in their late twenties, neither having a formal education applicable to, or experience in, manufacturing or selling our type of articles.
Into the texture of this tapestry of history and human drama Henrietta, as every artist delights to do, wove strands of her own intuitive insights into human nature and -- especially in the remarkable story of the attraction and conflict between two so disparate and fervent characters as this pair -- into the relations of men and women: `` In their relations, she was the giver and he the receiver, nay the demander.
It purported to be a reasonably serious attempt at a treatment of jazz musicians, their aims, their problems -- the tug-of-war between the `` pure '' and the `` commercial '' -- and seemed a promising vehicle, for the two men shared a common interest in jazz.
It is reasonable to affirm two propositions: Jews have been perceived by non-Jews as all things to all men ; ;
As summer cooled into fall and winter, even so the relationship between the two men continued to grow colder by the day, and by December of 1834 it was icy.
It was at this point that Pike decided to capitalize on the bad feelings between the two men.
His letter of October 26 named two of the men about whom Quiney had written to Shakespeare the day before.
There are only two men remaining in Congress who, with Rayburn, voted for the declaration of war against Germany in 1917.
`` Sure, we met a barrel of rich men but it's hard to find the real thing when you're young, beautiful and the toast of two continents '' `` Remember Fanny Brice promised my mother she would look after me on the road ''??
Prevot had briefed the two new men that afternoon.
But while the two men are riding into the country, where they are going to dinner, they are attacked in the dark of the forest by a band of thieves, who strip them of everything, including most of their clothes.
When finally the two bedraggled men reach their friend's home, Voltaire's fears are once again aroused.

two and sat
The man took two short steps backward then sat down heavily on the pavement.
Seeing their hesitation, I said, `` Well, until I have permission to enter Germany, or a visa to re-enter France, I shall be obliged to remain here on the line between two countries '', whereupon I moved to the side of the road, parked my backpack against the small guardhouse on the sidewalk, sat down, took out my typewriter, and began typing the above conversation.
Mr. Podger sat down in it, pushed himself back and forth in one or two slow, rhythmic motions, and then swung his feet up into it.
He had dinner and sat there over his coffee watching the winding pattern of traffic as it crossed the bridge and spread out like a serpent with two heads.
In the meadow below, militia officers shouted at their men and on King's Bridge two boys sat fishing.
She sat down and played two slots at once, looking grim, as if bested by mechanical devices, and Owen felt sorry for the lay-sisters depending on her support.
Its rider sat astride a wooden frame supported by two in-line wheels and pushed the vehicle along with his / her feet while steering the front wheel.
However, the Philadelphia Phillies cut the lead to two by the All-star break, as the Cubs sat 19 games over. 500, but they swooned late in the season, going 20 – 40 after July 31.
She also sketched President Teddy Roosevelt during her White House visits in 1902, during which " He sat for two hours, talking most of the time, reciting Kipling, and reading scraps of Browning.
If the panegyric detailing the ceremony implied that the true center of the Empire was not Rome, but where the Emperor sat ("... the capital of the Empire appeared to be there, where the two emperors met "), it simply echoed what had already been stated by the historian Herodian in the early third century: " Rome is where the emperor is ".
On January 20, 1970, the two men sat down for lunch.
– 2 February 1648 ) was an English writer, known as " The Puritan " and a politician who sat in the House of Commons in two periods between 1640 and 1648.
Sir John Popham was Lord Chief Justice, Sir Thomas Fleming was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and two Justices, Sir Thomas Walmsley and Sir Peter Warburton, sat as Justices of the Common Pleas.
Some versions of the legend suggest that subsequent popes were subjected to an examination whereby, having sat on a dung chair containing a hole called sedia stercoraria, a cardinal had to reach up and establish that the new pope had testicles, before announcing " Duos habet et bene pendentes " (" He has two, and they dangle nicely "), or " habet " (" he has ' em ") for short.
As she was going to the Lateran Church between the Colossean Theatre ( so called from Nero's Colossus ) and St. Clement's her travail came upon her, and she died upon the place, having sat two years, one month, and four days, and was buried there without any pomp.
The pope sat briefly on two " pierced chairs " at the Lateran: "... the vulgar tell the insane fable that he is touched to verify that he is indeed a man " a sign that this corollary of the Pope Joan legend was still current in the Roman street.
St. Damasus sat in the Chair of St. Peter for eighteen years and two months.
However, two of his nephews sat on the same couch, and the one with the concealed message remained empty.
Gerald tells the story of a banquet at Hereford in 1186 where Rhys sat between two members of the Clare family.
Notably, Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan sat with his Romulan cousins during the conference, indicating a dialogue, or at least a display of goodwill between the two peoples.
Some were sent to friends, listeners and critics and two dozen were left for sale on consignment at Music Millennium Records where they sat unsold for months.
The remainder built two new ships: the Deliverance, largely from the material stripped from the Sea Venture ( which sat high-and-dry on the reef, and was still being cannibalised in 1612 – its guns were used to arm a fort ) and the Patience.
In a remarkable departure from precedent, for two hours she sat in the Ladies ' Gallery overlooking the chamber while the Parliament Bill, a bill to remove the right of the House of Lords to veto legislation, was debated.
At the right side of the hall, in the front row of seats reserved for the dead leader's family, his wife Tatyana Filipovna with her red hair held in place with a hairclip, sat alongside with their two children, Igor and Irina.

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