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tyrant and Great
Eadburh is mentioned by Asser, a ninth-century monk who wrote a biography of Alfred the Great: Asser says that Eadburh had " power throughout almost the entire kingdom ", and that she " began to behave like a tyrant after the manner of her father ".
The largest tyrant flycatcher is the Great Shrike-Tyrant at 29 cm ( 11. 5 in ) and 99. 2 grams ( 3. 5 oz ).
The Great Shrike-Tyrant ( Agriornis lividus ) is the largest species of tyrant flycatcher.
The mission was a debacle, and sensing his imminent removal as tyrant, Aristagoras chose to incite the whole of Ionia into rebellion against the Persian king Darius the Great.
About 40 years after the Persian conquest of Ionia, and in the reign of the fourth Persian king, Darius the Great, the stand-in Milesian tyrant Aristagoras found himself in this familiar predicament.
The mission was a debacle, and sensing his imminent removal as tyrant, Aristagoras chose to incite the whole of Ionia into rebellion against the Persian king Darius the Great.
The mission was a debacle, and sensing his imminent removal as tyrant, Aristagoras chose to incite the whole of Ionia into rebellion against the Persian king Darius the Great.
About 40 years after the Persian conquest of Ionia, and in the reign of the fourth Persian king, Darius the Great, the stand-in Milesian tyrant Aristagoras found himself in this familiar predicament.
In 1979 he wrote a book " branding king Cyrus the Great a tyrant, a liar, and a homosexual " and " called for the destruction of the Cyrus tomb and remains of the two-thousand-year-old Persian palace in Shiraz, Fars Province, the Persepolis.
The Great Crested Flycatcher ( Myiarchus crinitus ) is a large insect-eating bird of the tyrant flycatcher family.
Local legend has it that former Haitian tyrant Henri Christophe, king of Haiti from 1811 to 1820, buried treasure at the Northeast Point of Great Inagua where he had a summer retreat.
With his attempts at amassing energon and Vok technology consistently foiled, the would-be tyrant attempted more dangerous means of victory-though still unwilling to fully implement his namesake's plan, he attempted to alter history in another way, by killing off the early humans before they could multiply into efficient numbers to cover the Earth, thereby stopping the race from aiding the Autobots in The Great War.
Adult Great Kiskadees are one of the largest of the tyrant flycatchers.
If not very hungry, any raptor subject to a Great Kiskadee's mobbing behavior is likely to leave, as it is wellnigh impossible to make a good catch when subject to the tyrant flycatcher's unwelcome attention.
One of the diverse tyrant flycatchers resembling the Great Kiskadee in color is the aptly named Social Flycatcher | Myiozetetes similis
The political history of the following four years are poorly attested: we know that Lesbos changed hands several times between the Macedonian forces of Alexander the Great and the Persian forces of Memnon of Rhodes, that Memnon captured Methymna in 333 BCE, and that when Alexander's admiral Hegelochus recaptured Methymna in 332 BCE its tyrant was Aristonicus not Kleommis.

tyrant and Dictator
Dictator has also developed nearly similar pejorative connotations, though despot and tyrant tend to stress cruelty and even enjoyment therefrom, while dictator tends to imply more harshness or unfair implementation of law.

tyrant and 50
Plutarch in his work De mulierum virtutibus (" On the Virtues of Women ") describes how the tyrant of Cyrene, Nicocrates, was deposed by his wife Aretaphila of Cyrene around the year 50 BC

tyrant and Jewish
The first century Jewish interpretation found in Flavius Josephus explains the construction of the tower as a hubristic act of defiance against God ordered by the arrogant tyrant Nimrod.
Matthew 2: 3 and Matthew 2: 4 both show the Jewish leaders and people of Jerusalem acting in lockstep with the tyrant Herod who tries to kill the infant.

tyrant and writes
Historian Paul Walker writes: “ Ultimately, both views of him, the mad and despotic tyrant irrationally given to killing those around him on a whim, and the ideal supreme ruler, divinely ordained and chosen, whose every action was just and righteous, were to persist, the one among his enemies and those who rebelled against him, and the other in the hearts of true believers, who, while perhaps perplexed by events, nonetheless remained avidly loyal to him to the end.

tyrant and What
What was there either aesthetic or intelligent in cloaking the offices of a modern democracy as the temple of a classic tyrant, the gallery of a Renaissance prince, or the palace of a French monarch?

tyrant and say
It became high treason to intend bodily harm to the Queen, or to levy war against her, or incite others to levy war against her, or to say that she ought not to enjoy the Crown, or publish in writing that she is a heretic, tyrant or usurper, or to claim a right to the Crown or usurp it during the Queen's life, or to assert that somebody else has the right of succession to the throne, or to say that the laws enacted by Parliament do not govern the succession to the throne.
Robert is the first commentator on St Paul to say that resistance to a tyrant might be vindicated by the Bible.
She rules over the land of Vulgaria alongside her husband, the childish tyrant Baron Bomburst, and is notable for her eccentric sense of dress, which is different and increasingly lavish ( not to say unusual ) in each scene.

tyrant and however
Fewer than a third of all Russians regarded Stalin as a " murderous tyrant "; however, a Russian court in 2009, ruling on a suit by Stalin's grandson, Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, against the newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, ruled that referring to Stalin as a " bloodthirsty cannibal " was not libel.
Pindar also composed a celebratory ode for this victory ( Pindar's Pythian Ode 1 ), including however stern, moral advice for the tyrant to rule wisely.
He was, however, considered a tyrant and usurper by his opponents.
The proverb was apparently based on an anecdote about Ibycus stupidly or nobly turning down an opportunity to become tyrant of Rhegium in order to pursue a poetic career instead ( one modern scholar however infers from his poetry that Ibycus was in fact wise enough to avoid the lure of supreme power, citing as an example Plato's quotation from one of his lyrics: " I am afraid it may be in exchange for some sin before the gods that I get honour from men ") There is no other information about Ibycus ' activities in the West, apart from an account by Himerius, that he fell from his chariot while travelling between Catana and Himera and injured his hand badly enough to give up playing the lyre " for some considerable time.
In Maine, however, he would be remembered as a grasping tyrant and was forever immortalized in Nathanial Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables, for which he served as the model for Col. Pynchon.
The tyrant however, backfires by activating his Sea Walls, slaughtering the Council and those within the Sea Walls reach.
In 499 BC, the then tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras, embarked on an expedition to conquer the island of Naxos, with Persian support ; however, the expedition was a debacle and, pre-empting his dismissal, Aristagoras incited all of Hellenic Asia Minor into rebellion against the Persians.
Modern historians consider this highly implausible however, noting that many of these stories were propagated by hostile senatorial authors, who condemned Domitian as a tyrant after his death.
Polycrates followed the advice and threw a jewel-encrusted ring into the sea ; however, a few days later, a fisherman caught a large fish that he wished to share with the tyrant.
He manned these triremes with men he considered to be politically dangerous, and instructed Cambyses to execute them ; the exiles suspected Polycrates ' plan, however, and turned back from Egypt to attack the tyrant.
Once there, however, the Aetolians betrayed the tyrant, assassinating him while he was drilling his army outside the city.
In her dimension, however, the aggressive, competitive females were dominant, and she was a fascist tyrant who rose to her position of absolute ruler by her merciless determination and ruthless will.
It may be, however, that because in Ogre society a large gut is a sign of nobility and grandness, Greasus has earned his reputation thanks to his enormous gut ( or, perhaps, through fear of it, as Greasus once broke the neck of another tyrant, in his youth, by diving and landing belly-first on the tyrant ).
At length, however, the tyrant became convinced that there was no ground for this notion, and Adrian was permitted to proceed to England, where, immediately on his arrival, he was made abbot of the monastery of St. Peter ( afterwards called St. Augustine's Abbey ) at Canterbury, an appointment which was in conformity with instructions given by the pope to Theodore.
Ualalapi ´ s telling of the story creates an epic ambience ; however, an oral tradition describes the emperor as a tyrant rather than a hero.

tyrant and was
From being a hated tyrant and madman he was now the symbol of all that was noblest and best in the history of Sweden.
It was founded between 650 and 625 BC by Gorgus, son of the Corinthian tyrant Cypselus, at which time its economy was based on farmlands, fishing, timber for shipbuilding, and the exportation of the produce of Epirus.
Diodorus Siculus tells us that upon the assassination of the tyrant Jason of Pherae, in 370 BC, his brother Polydorus ruled for a year, but he was then poisoned by Alexander, another brother.
Alexander II was a king of Epirus, and the son of Pyrrhus and Lanassa, the daughter of the Sicilian tyrant Agathocles.
Hipparchus, brother of the tyrant Hippias, was killed by Harmodius and Aristogeiton, who were subsequently honored by the Athenians for their alleged restoration of Athenian freedom.
Agathocles ( 361 – 289 BC ), ( Greek name Ἀγαθοκλῆς ( Agathokles ): derived from αγαθός ( agathos ) good and κλέος ( kleos ) glory ), was a Greek tyrant of Syracuse ( 317 – 289 BC ) and king of Sicily ( 304 – 289 BC ).
He was a born leader of mercenaries, and, although he did not shrink from cruelty to gain his ends, he afterwards showed himself a mild and popular " tyrant.
Athenians decided to stop the construction of the Olympieion which was related with the tyrant Peisistratus and his sons and instead used the Piraeus limestone destined for the Olympieion to build the Older Parthenon.
To orthodox churchmen he was a bigoted supporter of the Arian heresy, to Julian the Apostate and the many who have subsequently taken his part he was a murderer, a tyrant and inept as a ruler ".
Like the term " tyrant " ( which was originally a respectable Ancient Greek title ), and to a lesser degree " autocrat ", " dictator " came to be used almost exclusively as a non-titular term for oppressive, even abusive rule, yet had rare modern titular uses.
It was all good publicity for Diocletian, and it aided in his portrayal of Carinus as a cruel and oppressive tyrant.
As a consequence, Domitian was popular with the people and army but considered a tyrant by members of the Roman Senate.
After his death, Domitian's memory was condemned to oblivion by the Roman Senate, while senatorial authors such as Tacitus, Pliny the Younger and Suetonius published histories propagating the view of Domitian as a cruel and paranoid tyrant.
Other influential 2nd century authors include Juvenal and Pliny the Younger, the latter of whom was a friend of Tacitus and in 100 delivered his famous Panygericus Traiani before Trajan and the Roman Senate, exalting the new era of restored freedom while condemning Domitian as a tyrant.
** Hippolita in The Castle of Otranto-Hippolita is depicted as the obedient wife of her tyrant husband who “ would not only acquiesce with patience to divorce, but would obey, if it was his pleasure, in endeavouring to persuade Isabelle to give him her hand ”.
In a July 2007 poll 54 % of the Russian youth agreed that Stalin did more good than bad while 46 % ( of them ) disagreed that Stalin was a " cruel tyrant ".
Terboven was made Oberpräsident der Rheinprovinz in 1935 and developed a reputation as a petty and ruthless tyrant.
Booth said that of all Shakespearean characters, his favorite role was Brutus – the slayer of a tyrant.
But it appeared wordlessly on the ivory and gold votive chest of the 7th-century BC tyrant Cypselus at Olympia, which was described by Pausanias as showing:
* 86 BC – Lucius Cornelius Sulla, at the head of a Roman Republic army, enters Athens, removing the tyrant Aristion who was supported by troops of Mithridates VI of Pontus.
Miltiades the Younger ( c. 550 – 489 BC ) was tyrant of the Thracian Chersonese and the Athenian commanding general in the Battle of Marathon.

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