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Therefore and only
Therefore, the only unknown structural feature would appear to be whether the hydrogen atoms are located symmetrically ( 1 ) or asymmetrically ( 3 ).
Therefore, it is not only a question of honor but of life and death for the Soviet state ''.
Therefore, his only recourse was to learn the shape all over again for each new visual experience of the same individual object or type of object ; ;
Therefore, it is recommended that in such cases the sample be replaced, or if used, the results of dimensional change or dimensional restorability tests be considered as indicative only.
Therefore, the only conceivable alternatives are those represented, on the one hand, by the two at least apparently self-consistent but mutually exclusive positions of Buri and Barth and, on the other hand, by the third but really pseudo position ( analogous to a round square ) of Bultmann.
Therefore, only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals.
Therefore there were only lifts on every second floor so people had to communicate with one another on different floors.
Therefore only the one who was in the temple can be worshipped.
Therefore, only king-like bodhicitta is actual bodhicitta.
Therefore, a liquid will normally catch fire only above a certain temperature: its flash point.
Therefore, the stresses considered in continuum mechanics are only those produced by deformation of the body, sc.
Therefore, four loose families of more-efficient light transport modelling techniques have emerged: rasterization, including scanline rendering, geometrically projects objects in the scene to an image plane, without advanced optical effects ; ray casting considers the scene as observed from a specific point-of-view, calculating the observed image based only on geometry and very basic optical laws of reflection intensity, and perhaps using Monte Carlo techniques to reduce artifacts ; and ray tracing is similar to ray casting, but employs more advanced optical simulation, and usually uses Monte Carlo techniques to obtain more realistic results at a speed that is often orders of magnitude slower.
Therefore, The Cottagers have had 12 grounds overall ( including a temporary stay at Loftus Road ), meaning that only their former ' landlords ' and rivals QPR have had more home grounds ( 14 ) in British football.
Therefore, compound crossbows generally use only pulleys that are both round and concentrically mounted, in order to capture the maximum available energy from the relatively short draw length.
Therefore the Knights could only wage a defensive war if pagans violated natural rights of the Christians.
Therefore the change is not as large as might appear, and the only plants to have moved across the borders of the order are those belonging to family Nartheciaceae.
Therefore, the set of all equivalence classes of forms a partition of: every element of belongs to one and only one equivalence class.
Therefore an ordination ceremony that concerns only the individual himself does not, they say, correspond to the definition of an ordination and is without effect.
Therefore it only discusses planets that orbit stars or brown dwarfs.
Therefore, the idea was born that only the elite should know the truth in its complete form and the rulers, Plato said, must tell the people of the city " The Noble Lie " to keep them passive and content, without the risk of upheaval and unrest.
Therefore enthalpy can only accurately be used in a closed system.
Therefore this formula only applies when is at least as large as.
Therefore, it is difficult to conclude that forgetting is a result of only the time duration.
Therefore, search requests would often be dropped, and most queries reached only a very small part of the network.

Therefore and motivation
Therefore, young adolescents with BN are less likely to realize the detrimental consequences of becoming bulimic and have less motivation to change, which is why FBT would be useful to have families intervene and support the teens.
These assumptions, required for the development of a general theory of brand selection and brand purchase, are problematic, because the resultant theories tend either to misunderstand or to ignore the “ irrational ” element in the behaviour of the person-as-consumer ; and because conspicuous consumption is a behaviour predominantly “ psychological ” in motivation and expression, Therefore, a comprehensive general theory would require a separate construct for the psychological elements of the socio-economic phenomenon that is conspicuous consumption.
Therefore, it is hypothesized that music therapy helps stroke victims recover faster and with more success by increasing the patient's positive emotions and motivation, allowing them to be more successful and driven to participate in traditional therapies.
Therefore, a motivation, and a substantial problem in the WGS and similar work is to patch together data that were not only made separately, for different regions, but to re-reference the elevations to an ellipsoid model rather than to the geoid.
Therefore, it is extremely important that the goals we endow it with, and its entire motivation system, is ' human friendly.
Therefore, motivation has been described as looking to the past actions of the character to determine why they completed physical actions in a script.

Therefore and for
Therefore, give Him your affection and store up His love for you.
Therefore, the lumber is bought in planks and ripped to size for battens, etc., on a table saw.
Therefore, under independent voting, Af or 0.36 of the couples would cast two votes for picture A, and Af or 0.16 would cast two votes for picture B.
Therefore, for any value of T the number of values of f{t} is equal to the ( finite ) number of tangent points corresponding to the argument T plus an odd number.
Therefore, third-grade children were chosen as subjects for this study.
Whereas, John Brown has cheerfully risked his life in endeavoring to deliver those who are denied all rights and is this day doomed to suffer death for his efforts in behalf of those who have no helper: Therefore,
Therefore, a broad concept of over-all submarine defense is needed for co-ordination of the Navy's efforts, for a logical presentation to the public, for industry's guidance, and as a basis for a program to the Congress.
Therefore the second principle of the plan must be that, while providing for all-out hostilities, its effectiveness is not dependent on general war.
Therefore, the third principle of the plan must be that it does not depend for effectiveness on engagement by the same types, unless at an assured favorable exchange rate.
Therefore, the fourth principle of the plan must be that it provide for continuously increasing capabilities in the opponent.
Therefore, because reduction in tasks results in reduction of forces required, the plan should provide for expanding area coverage.
Therefore, by contraposition, a necessary condition for unit-treatment additivity is that the variance is constant.
Therefore no complete system, i. e. including the electromagnetic modes, can have negative temperatures, since there is no highest energy state, so that the sum of the probabilities of the states would diverge for negative temperatures.
Therefore they applied for help from Alexander II of Macedon.
Therefore, due to impossibility for precision, there is confusion about what interpretations can be culturally negotiated.
Therefore the interpretation of what kinds of sexual activity are acceptable for a layman is not a religious matter as far as Buddhism is concerned.
Therefore we always called it an illness, or a malady — a far safer term for us to use.
Therefore, counting the turns of the cups over a set time period produced the average wind speed for a wide range of speeds.
Therefore, when played by experts, Dots and Boxes becomes a battle for control: An expert player tries to force their opponent to start the first long chain.

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