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These and critics
These critics point to statistical trends which are interpreted to be results of globalization, capitalism, and the economic growth they encourage.
These critics assert that people from the Third World see the anti-globalization movement as a threat to their jobs, wages, consuming options and livelihoods, and that a cessation or reversal of globalization would result in many people in poor countries being left in greater poverty.
These critics state that Mary Baker Eddy's interpretation of Christian scripture diverges too greatly from basic tenets of Christianity.
These films, often compared unfavorably by contemporary critics to Lang's earlier works, have since been reevaluated as being integral to the emergence and evolution of American genre cinema, film noir in particular.
These critics range from those who reject markets entirely, in favour of a planned economy, such as that advocated by various Marxists, to those who wish to see market failures regulated to various degrees or supplemented by government interventions.
These powers were widely used to silence the government ’ s critics, and have never been repealed.
These ( and other ) critics have questioned how natural selection operating on individual organisms can lead to the evolution of planetary-scale homeostasis.
These elements were often taken to reflect Page's interest in the occult, which resulted in accusations that the recordings contained subliminal satanic messages, some of which were said to be contained in backmasking: claims generally dismissed by the band and music critics.
These paintings are famous for a variety of qualities which have been much imitated by students and discussed at great length by connoisseurs and critics.
" These critics hold that concluding the existence of psychic phenomena based on chance deviation in inadequately designed experiments is affirming the consequent or begging the question.
These activities led critics of the Sandinistas to argue that the CDS was a system of local spy networks for the government used to stifle political dissent, and it is true that the CDS did hold limited powers — such as the ability to suspend privileges such as driver licenses and passports — if locals refused to cooperate with the new government.
These are rejected as spurious by some critics, whilst the genuineness of the first two is admitted, rightly it would seem, by others.
These critics often discern in the film a thinly disguised attempt to glorify the military by portraying Patton as an inspirational leader, a commander whose bold plans to conquer Germany and end the war were constantly sabotaged by higher command as well as his military inferiors on the battlefield.
These critics admit his ability to evoke powerful and moving crowd scenes but argue that he lacked the ability to create memorable characters, in the manner of Honoré de Balzac or Charles Dickens and the ability to make his characters true to life.
These proposed defense systems, intended to lessen the risk of devastating nuclear war, would lead to it, according to these critics.
These critics argue specifically that the moral relativists reduce the extent of their input in normative moral discussions to either rejecting the very having of the discussion, or else deeming both disagreeing parties to be correct.
These critics were concerned with a formal analysis of narrative forms which would resemble a literary mathematics, or at least a literary syntax, as far as possible.
These films mostly emulated the style of The Naked Gun series with varying degrees of critical and commercial success: many were panned by critics and most performed poorly.
These critics say that Canada's proximity to the United States causes a " brain drain " or migration of Canadian-trained doctors and nurses ( as well as other professionals ) to the United States, where private hospitals can pay much higher wages and income tax rates are lower ( partially because health care is not covered through taxation ).
These works were well received by avant-garde critics but did not initially achieve mainstream success.
These episodes shot in the United States were often criticized by both fans and critics as being of a lower quality to the London shot episodes.
These characters are seen by most critics as older versions of ALP and HCE.
These critics assert that Roger Zelazny was quite averse to the idea of a " shared " Amber setting, and that he had explicitly stated, in no uncertain terms, that he did not want any other writers writing about Amber.
These critics claim that companies buy land at unreasonable prices, force indigenous people off of land that is historically theirs, and exploit natural resources in ways that are harmful to communities and the environment.

These and said
`` These actions should serve to protect in fact and in effect the court's wards from undue costs and its appointed and elected servants from unmeritorious criticisms '', the jury said.
These, he said, are `` two of the principal underlying causes for family breakups leading to ADC ''.
These points form a line, and y = x is said to be the equation for this line.
British architects Brenda and Robert Vale have said that, as of 2002, " It is quite possible in all parts of Australia to construct a ' house with no bills ', which would be comfortable without heating and cooling, which would make its own electricity, collect its own water and deal with its own waste ... These houses can be built now, using off-the-shelf techniques.
These abbreviated volumes soon became very popular and eventually supplanted the Roman Catholic Church's Curia office, previously said by non-monastic clergy.
These monks ' violence had already been used, 15 years before, by Theophilus ( Cyril's uncle ) against the " Tall Brothers "; furthermore, it is said that Cyril had spent five years among them in ascetic training.
These pools and baths were said to have magical powers, and imparted the ability to communicate to Apollo himself.
These 103 revelations were said to " contain items or principles for the regulation of the church, as taken from the revelations which have been given since its organization, as well as from former ones.
These elites said that Lancaster schools might become dishonest, provide poor education and were not accountable to established authorities.
These phenomena of attraction and repulsion are called electrical phenomena, and the bodies that exhibit them are said to be ' electrified ', or to be ' charged with electricity '.
These cuts would be made to ensure that activities accorded a higher priority, such as peacekeeping operations in the Sinai Peninsula and Iraq, officer cadet training with the New Zealand Defence Forces, and the prosecution of soldiers charged with mutiny, would not be affected, Rabukawaqa said.
Lovette, a member of the committee, said that more testing is needed to support that change, but concluded that " These results will likely initiate an interesting debate on how we should classify these birds.
" These lessons, he said, became essential for later projects.
These vows are to the primary Roman gods-Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva ( the Capitoline Triad )- but other shipwrecked sailors are said to make offerings to Isis.
" These other girls are not serious about chess ", she said.
These culminate in the Battle of Mons Badonicus, or Mount Badon, where he is said to have single-handedly killed 960 men.
These form hierarchies using subsume-relations ; in the KL-ONE terminology a super class is said to subsume its subclasses.
These were described as " peoples " that the League said were
After Aaron had received golden earrings from the people, he made a golden calf and said, " These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.
Similar passages include, for example, Exodus 17: 14, " And YHWH said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven ;" Exodus 24: 4, " And Moses wrote all the words of YHWH, and rose up early in the morning, and built an altar under the mount, and twelve pillars, according to the twelve tribes of Israel ;" Exodus 34: 27, " And Yahweh said unto Moses, Write thou these words, for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel ;" and " These are the decrees, the laws and the regulations that the LORD established on Mount Sinai between himself and the Israelites through Moses.
These three economists have been said to have begun " the Marginal Revolution ".
These visits enabled him to meet and take the measure of his adversaries Napoleon III, and the British Prime Minister Palmerston and Foreign Secretary Earl Russell, and also of the British Conservative politician Disraeli, later to be Prime Minister in the 1870s – who later claimed to have said of Bismarck's visit " Be careful of that man – he means every word he says ".

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