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Page "religion" ¶ 215
from Brown Corpus
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These and men
These men are not callous.
These new pictures focussed on the familiar and commonplace objects that he had heard the men in his prison camp talking about as the things they missed most, hence associated with the sense of lost freedom: the cafe at the corner, the newspaper kiosk, the girls in doorways and windows along the street, the golden-crusted French bread they lacked, the cigarettes denied them.
These men are spenders.
These expenditures are estimated to be $12.1 billion, an increase of $187 million over 1960, reflecting additional longevity pay of career personnel, more dependents, an increased number of men drawing proficiency pay, and social security tax increases ( effective for the full year in 1961 compared with only 6 months in 1960 ).
These were educated men, who, as Mr. Justice Holmes was fond of saying, formed their inductions out of experience under the burden of responsibility.
These men are considered managers of engineers.
These 1750 cases were carted off in a one-night operation by the O'Banion men, who left in their stead the same number of barrels filled with water.
These men were without capital or experience.
" These Teutons or Teuton men appear to have been in Angeln and the land around it.
These songs were typically performed while adjusting the rigging, raising anchor, and other tasks where men would need to pull in rhythm.
These four young Hebrew men were taken captive in one of the Babylonian raids against Judah in 605 BC.
These were militarily far weaker, as Strabo assessed their combined military potential at just 40, 000 armed men, and were often involved in internecine warfare.
The only difference is that in the chorus, instead of singing " These are men, America's best ", they sing " These are men, The Netherlands ' best ".
* The Croatian Bojna za specijalna djelovanja ( BSD ) use the lyrics, but instead of " These are men, America's best " they sing " These are men, Croatia's best " and in the final chorus, referring to the son of a killed Green Beret, they also sing " Make him one of Croatia's best ".
These include Quanterness chambered cairn ( 3250 BC ) in which the remains of 157 individuals were found when excavated in the 1970s, Cuween Hill near Finstown which was found to contain the bones of men, dogs and oxen and Wideford Hill cairn, which dates from 2000 BC.
These letters were intended to reach men and women of her circle, increasingly widening her audience to include figures in authority as she begged for peace between the republics and principalities of Italy and for the return of the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
These men received additional pay ranging from $ 36 to $ 45 per month depending on their rating.
These were men suited to dealing with petitions, requests, correspondence, legal affairs, and foreign embassies.

These and for
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These desires presuppose a sense of causally efficacious powers in which one is involved, some working for one's good, others threatening ill.
These began to be apparent in a press conference held during the second illness in order that the consulting specialists might clarify the President's condition for the nation.
These ways are absolutely irreconcilable because they offer two different recipes for man's redemption from chaos.
These chatty merchants made amusing and instructive traveling companions, for their business took them to all four corners of the globe, and Florentine gossip had already reached a high stage of development as even a cursory glance at the Inferno will prove.
These lines never cease to haunt the book amidst all the exaltations of combat, and to make an appeal for a larger and more elemental human community than one based on the brutal necessities of war.
These new poems have only a few direct references to jazz and jazz musicians, but they show changes in Patchen's approach to his poetry, for he has tried to enter into and understand the emotional attitude of the jazz musician.
These gentlemen already have done the party harm by their seeming reluctance to vote aid for the depressed areas and by their criticism of Mr. Kennedy for talking about a recession and unemployment.
These gentlemen are calling for a resumption of testing -- in the atmosphere -- on the greatest possible scale, all in the name of national security.
These publications, written especially for the managers or owners of small businesses, indirectly aid in community development programs.
These problems frequently arise where a firm is making items for the Government not directly along the lines of its normal civilian business or where the Government specifications require operations that the firm did not understand when it undertook the contract.
These services include procurement and technical assistance and notice of surplus sales and invitations to bid on Government contracts for products and services within the registrants' field of operations.
These were selected carefully and included not only detailed clinical information but adequate pathology of value for research and educational purposes.
These thermometers have now been sent to the United Kingdom for calibration at the National Physical Laboratory.
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These are particularly suitable for regions where water or rock is close to the surface.
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
These increased costs are partially offset by a decrease of $56 million in expenditures for the reserve forces, largely because of the planned reduction in strength of the Army Reserve components during 1961.

These and most
These things are important to almost all Persians and perhaps most important to the most ordinary.
These Seven Founders constituted an intellectual and social elite, the most respectable and disinterested leadership any revolution ever confessed.
These changes were most marked in the gastrocnemius and biceps and less evident in the pectoralis, diaphragm, and transversus.
These items, and most of the others listed above, seem quite comparable to items whose right of survival is provided for in section 381.
These dates are older than dates associated with most other proto-languages.
These three cell layers consist of the melanophores ( occupying the deepest layer ), the guanophores ( forming an intermediate layer and containing many granules, producing a blue-green colour ) and the lipophores ( yellow, the most superficial layer ).
These three differ from each other in the way they treat vowels: abjads have letters for consonants and leave most vowels unexpressed ; abugidas are also consonant-based, but indicate vowels with diacritics to or a systematic graphic modification of the consonants.
These parameters were most clearly articulated in the various rubrics of the successive prayer books, as well as the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion.
These Lambeth Conferences have been held roughly every 10 years since 1878 ( the second such conference ) and remain the most visible coming-together of the whole Communion.
These and most other cities and large towns are now connected with asphalt-paved roads, while smaller towns are often connected by dirt roads, which may require a four-wheel-drive vehicle.
These buses are not for tourists only, but are certainly the nicest and most uniform of the bus systems.
These four elements were eventually codified in most states.
These and other works raised his reputation so high that the most flattering offers were sent to him from the Russian court to induce him to remove to St Petersburg, but these were declined, although many of his finest works made their way to the Hermitage Museum.
" These criteria for autobiography generally persisted until recent times, and most serious autobiographies of the next three hundred years conformed to them.
These guitars are most commonly used by swing and jazz players and often incorporate electronics in the form of a pickup.
These works are among the most frequently recorded of Salieri's compositions.
These represent the most intellectual type of chamber-music of their period, and it is to be regretted that they have remained almost entirely in manuscript, since a careful study of them is indispensable to anyone who wishes to form an adequate idea of Scarlatti's development.
These medications are among those most commonly prescribed by psychiatrists and other physicians, and their effectiveness and adverse effects are the subject of many studies and competing claims.
These techniques also tend to form the backbone of most undergraduate analytical chemistry educational labs.
These AC's are the most familiar based on extensive study due to their important roles in human health.
These compounds, e. g. calicheamicin, are some of the most aggressive antitumor drugs known, so much so that the ene-diyne subunit is sometimes referred to as a " warhead.
These pieces are representative of Beethoven's " Middle " stylistic period, which went from roughly 1803 to 1812, and which included many of his most famous works.

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