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These and parties
These antics included pranks, toga parties, streaking, caroling to other residences, hazing rituals, " beer bashes " and " incessant pounding " on the Gate House table in the dining hall.
These affiliations remain to this day, and relations with both parties are close.
These parties included the preceding government, the rebel groups that were fighting against the government, with heavy Rwandan and Ugandan support, the internal opposition parties, and the Civil Society.
These parties quickly became profitable for the promoters, who would sell admission, food, and alcohol, leading to fierce competition between DJs for the biggest sound systems and newest records.
* Interest rate swap: These basically necessitate swapping only interest associated cash flows in the same currency, between two parties.
These parties belong to all sides of the political spectrum so the reasons for their Euroscepticism may differ, but they all opposed the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon.
These were not political parties as that term is understood today, but groups clustered around one or more beliefs, some of the believers attaching themselves to more than one group.
These shared gardens, typically front or back yards, are usually used to produce food that is divided between the two parties.
These elections resulted in five parties reaching the 5 % threshold necessary to enter parliament.
These third parties may include businesses, who may want access to employees ' private communications, or governments, who may wish to be able to view the contents of encrypted communications.
These parties had seen significant electoral success in the postwar elections.
These parties are traditionally attended only by women, but men may also be invited.
These parties are typically held in a city street that has been closed to traffic to accommodate the party.
These parties are sometimes associated with holiday events, such as Halloween and Mardi Gras.
House parties that involve the drinking of beer pumped from a keg are called keg parties or “ keggers .” These parties are popular in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia and are often attended by people under the legal drinking age.
These parties are often held around a bonfire.
These parties are sponsored by various organizations, both non-profit and for-profit.
These parties are usually formal and consist of a dinner followed by speeches or by a presentation extolling whatever the money is being raised for.
These parties are usually of short duration and sometimes involve getting ready for the event ( e. g., the guests may put on makeup or costumes ).
These parties are usually for teenagers or young children.
These parties dominated British politics for over 150 years, with the Whigs evolving into the Liberal Party and the Tories into the Conservative.
These two parties later merged as the Commonwealth Liberal Party.

These and were
These were the ones Keith sought out -- the loners, the ones who killed for the joy of it, like himself.
These were the last words he ever uttered.
These two were going to be easy pickins.
These performances were being staged at historical monuments throughout Europe.
These were Oneida Indians.
These conceptions and the manner in which they were transposed into poetry or engendered by poetic form are intrinsic to western life from the time of Aeschylus to that of Shakespeare.
These basic ideas concerning the nature of religion were, Adams believed, some of the major keys to the understanding of history and the movement of society.
These were his public academic activities, domi forisque, in the college and in the university.
These early experiments were evidently not altogether satisfying to Patchen.
These people were not talking much about it, but you, a foreigner, sensed their apprehension and disappointment.
These public efforts were rare because Mr. Rayburn normally did his counseling, persuading and educating long before an issue reached its test on the House floor.
These microfossils indicate the swamp was `` formed during the Lower Cretaceous period when dinosaurs were at their heyday and when the first flowering plants were just appearing.
These were heroes nine feet tall to him ''.
These little songs, however, were sweet nothings from the heart, tender memories of his childhood, little melodies that anyone could hum and that would make one want to weep.
These were the ships of His Majesty's Navy, herding the hulks of the East Indies merchants and the yachts and ketches of the loyalists.
These trumps were more touching than they were anything else, and seemed to imply that the nights were long, her children ungrateful, and her marriage bewilderingly threadbare.
These were selected carefully and included not only detailed clinical information but adequate pathology of value for research and educational purposes.
These amendments to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act were designed to help provide for more specialized rehabilitation facilities, for more sheltered and `` half-way '' workshops, for greater numbers of adequately trained personnel, for more comprehensive services to individuals ( particularly to the homebound and the blind ), and for other administrative improvements to increase the program's overall effectiveness.
These plans, like Du Pont's, contained provisions for passing the vote on Du Pont's General Motors shares on to the ultimate stockholders of Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, except that officers and directors of the three companies, their spouses, and other people living in their households, as well as other specified persons, were to be totally disenfranchised.
These curves were derived by an analysis of extensive skywave measurement data.
These were educated men, who, as Mr. Justice Holmes was fond of saying, formed their inductions out of experience under the burden of responsibility.
These boys acknowledged an introduction to anybody by gently pressing one of his hands in both of theirs, while they gazed, misty-eyed with care, into the eyes of the person they were meeting.

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