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ambiguity and character
In narrative, ambiguity can be introduced in several ways: motive, plot, character.
If Macbeth, rather than Malcolm, is Prince of Cumberland then Macbeth would be next in line to the throne and no coup would be needed, effectively removing this ambiguity from Banquo's character.
Writer – director Robin Hardy has stated that the ambiguity was intentional, but that fans of The Wicker Man will immediately recognise Lee's character as Lord Summerisle.
This prefix might clear ambiguity between whether the variable is holding a value that should be treated as a character or a number.
Over the course of the series, Snape's portrayal evolves from that of a malicious and partisan teacher to that of a pivotal character of considerable complexity and moral ambiguity.
However, the ambiguity this creates between the two versions, while coincidental, is in keeping with the nature of the character and Deighton's theme of agents losing sight of their original lives.
The traditional method of resolving the ambiguity is to observe whether or not another character quickly follows the escape character.
In January 2008, gay men's website AfterElton. com awarded Andrew the status as the tenth best gay or bisexual character in modern science fiction, despite commenting upon the textual ambiguity of Andrew's sexual orientation.
Since it is a basic character, the ASCII hyphen may still appear in the string before this additional character, but the addition does not cause ambiguity — no later part of the encoding process will introduce another "-", so the last "-" ( if any ) is always the one that signifies the end of the basic characters.
The theme of illusion and ambiguity is present throughout the book-both in terms of behavior ( the main female character is initially a friend, then a betrayer and ultimately may be both ) and even physical environment ( the city Es Toch is a shimmering facade of visual deceptions ).
Clint Eastwood's character in Unforgiven inspired the moral ambiguity represented in Kain's portrayal.
Warren Spector stated in an interview that the player was originally to be able to choose the gender of the character, with the ambiguity of J. C. being a " nice, unisex name " to flow with Denton.
Delgado and the production team eventually agreed that he should be written out during the eleventh season by killing the character off, with some ambiguity as to whether or not he had died to save the Doctor.
This ambiguity leaves a good deal of room for interpretation ; while most critics have espoused relatively straightforward interpretations of the dialogue ( with the girl as the dynamic character, traveling reluctantly from rejection to acceptance of the idea of an abortion ), a few have argued for alternate scenarios based upon the same dialogue.
This intentional ambiguity allows for the seeds of the “ polyphonic ” novel, in which narratologic and character voices are set free to speak subversively or shockingly, but without the writer of the text stepping between character and reader.
Gainax is clearly aware that the audience associates Kaworu with bishōnen tropes, and have produced artworks such as splash pages for their website in reference to Kaworu's ambiguity and the audience's reaction to the character.
The character of Marshal Duncan was played by stuntman Buddy Van Horn, a long-time stunt coordinator for Clint Eastwood, in order to create some ambiguity as to whether he and the Stranger are one and the same.
One character ’ s line might fade into the next, as though the second person knew exactly what he was going to say ; sometimes a character will slip into a memory and partially relive a former or younger self in a monologue ; and over the course of the show, there is a definite ambiguity as to whether they are speaking to one another or to the audience.
While some would see this as necessary, and good, others think the opposite, hence the film's opinions on large scale American marketing campaigns, such as Coca Cola's, are embodied in Joe's ambiguity as a character ... is he an all American hero, or just a shameless shill and coward?
Other products include Motorola's iTap, Eatoni Ergonomic's LetterWise, ( character, rather than word-based prediction ), WordWise ( word-based prediction without a dictionary ), EQ3 ( a Qwerty-like layout compatible with regular telephone keypads ); Prevalent Devices's Phraze-It ; Xrgomics ' TenGO ( a six-key reduced QWERTY keyboard system ); Adaptxt ( considers language, context, grammar and semantics ); Clevertexting ( statistical nature of the language, dictionary less, dynamic key allocation ); Oizea Type ( temporal ambiguity ); Intelab's Tauto ; and WordLogic's patented Intelligent Input Platform ™ ( patented, layer-based advanced text prediction, includes multi-language dictionary, spell-check, built-in Web search and more ).

ambiguity and was
The number of distinct glyphs was reduced tremendously at the cost of increased ambiguity.
The term octet was defined to explicitly denote a sequence of 8 bits because of the ambiguity associated at the time with the term byte.
The Trojan Women for example is a powerfully disturbing play on the theme of war's horrors, apparently critical of Athenian imperialism ( it was composed in the aftermath of the Melian massacre and during the preparations for the Sicilian Expedition ) yet it features the comic exchange between Menelaus and Hecuba quoted above and the chorus considers Athens, the " blessed land of Theus ", to be a desirable refugesuch complexity and ambiguity are typical both of his ' patriotic ' and ' anti-war ' plays.
Due to its ambiguity, the letter was a cause of debate during the British and later American struggles over the abolition of slavery.
The ambiguity in his belief in religion mirrored the dichotomies between his public and private lives: Stephen Ingle wrote that it was as if the writer George Orwell " vaunted " his atheism while Eric Blair the individual retained " a deeply ingrained religiosity ".
There is debate as to whether Samoa is / was an elective monarchy or an aristocratic republic, given the comparative ambiguity of the title O le Ao o le Malo and the nature of the head of state's office.
Because of the ambiguity surrounding Louis Napoleon's political positions, his agenda as president was very much in doubt.
In some circumstances handfasting was open to abuse, with persons who had undergone " troth-plight " occasionally refusing to proceed to a church wedding, creating ambiguity about their former betrothed ’ s marital status.
There was ambiguity in their ideas as to where to draw a line on " species ", " created kinds ", and what events and lineages fall within the rubric of microevolution or macroevolution.
Though he did vote against the admission of Missouri as a slave state, and though he would be the nominated presidential candidate of the Free Soil Party, an anti-slavery political party, in 1848, there was no ambiguity in his position on the abolition of slavery during his term of office.
The ambiguity with regard to flag-burning statutes was eliminated in Texas v. Johnson,.
Beginning with Windows 2000, a header was defined which specifies multiple audio channel data along with speaker positions, eliminates ambiguity regarding sample types and container sizes in the standard WAV format and supports defining custom extensions to the format chunk.
Handling this ambiguity was an early problem of the theory, reflecting the modern use of both Boolean rings and Boolean algebras ( which are simply different aspects of one type of structure ).
It was meant to also reduce ambiguity, and to support the Russian language in addition to Mongolian.
Newman believed the score helped move the film along without disturbing the " moral ambiguity " of the script: " It was a real delicate balancing act in terms of what music worked to preserve.
The Grand Union Canal was also the original name for part of what is now part of the Leicester Line of the modern Grand Union: this latter is now generally referred to as the Old Grand Union Canal in order to avoid ambiguity.
Major-General J. Davidson, Director of Operations at GHQ wrote in a memorandum that there was " ambiguity as to what was meant by a step-by-step attack with limited objectives " and suggested reverting to a 1, 750 yard advance to increase the concentration of British artillery.
About Amalric's son Baldwin IV, however, " there was no ambiguity ".
To add further ambiguity to the title, Archbishop Bourdin was declared excommunicate by the Pope in April of 1117, before Pentecost but after Easter.
Furthermore, Fett " is cool because he was designed to be cool ", presenting a " wicked ambiguity " akin to John Milton's portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost and Iago in William Shakespeare's Othello.
It was more likely a result of ambiguity between hiem and him etc.
Under a rule forbidding distribution of the joint possessive, writing " Jason and Sue's children than " Jason's and Sue's children " died in the crash " eliminates the implication that Jason lost children of whom Sue was not the mother, but it introduces ambiguity as to whether Jason himself was killed.

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