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argument and made
In their book, American Skyline, Christopher Tunnard and Henry Hope Reed argue that Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was what made the modern suburb a possibility -- a fine ironical argument, when you consider how suburbanites tend to vote.
Scottish empiricist David Hume made a similar argument, that belief in objective moral truths is unwarranted and to discuss them is meaningless.
The " epistemic argument " against Platonism has been made by Paul Benacerraf and Hartry Field.
One argument often made by the opponents of the anti-globalization movement ( especially by The Economist ), is that one of the major causes of poverty amongst third-world farmers are the trade barriers put up by rich nations and poor nations alike.
Abelard in his Dialectica made an argument against the idea that the copula can express existence based on a reductio ad absurdum.
The German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz made a similar argument with his principle of sufficient reason in 1714.
Typically during an attorney's closing argument they will repeat any admissions made by witnesses that favor their case.
Kierkegaard's argument can be made clearer if one extracts the premise " I think " into two further premises:
The argument can be made as follows:
According to this argument, made by scientists such as Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, it would be improbable for life not to exist somewhere other than Earth.
Maynard Smith mathematically formalised a verbal argument made by Price, which he read while peer-reviewing Price's paper.
The argument that school vouchers increases quality and efficiencies in schools forced to compete is supported by studies such as " When Schools Compete: The Effects of Vouchers on Florida Public School Achievement " ( Manhattan Institute for Policy Research's, 2003 ), which concluded that public schools located near private schools that were eligible to accept voucher students made significantly more improvements than did similar schools not located near eligible private schools.
The following derivation is based on a similar argument made in Berg 1977 ( see references ).
Cantor recovered soon thereafter, and subsequently made further important contributions, including his famous diagonal argument and theorem.
Godwin's law ( also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies ) is an argument made by Mike Godwin in 1990 that has become an Internet adage.
While falling foul of Godwin's law tends to cause the individual making the comparison to lose their argument or credibility, Godwin's law itself can be abused as a distraction, diversion or even as censorship, fallaciously miscasting an opponent's argument as hyperbole when the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate.
During the gradual process by which Homo erectus made a transition from furry to naked skin, their hair texture putatively changed gradually from Afro-textured hair or ' kinky ' ( i. e. tightly coiled ) to straight hair ( the condition of most mammals, including humanity's closest cousins — chimpanzees ) This argument is based on the principle that curly hair impedes the passage of UV light into the body relative to straight hair ( thus curly or coiled hair would be particularly advantageous for dark-skinned hominids living at the equator ).
This argument is made based on the principle that straight fibers better facilitate the passage of UV light into the body relative to curly hair.
In the early 18th century, Nicolas Malebranche wrote " An organized body contains an infinity of parts that mutually depend upon one another in relation to particular ends, all of which must be actually formed in order to work as a whole ," arguing in favor of preformation, rather than epigenesis, of the individual ; and a similar argument about the origins of the individual was made by other 18th century students of natural history.
Adams made the argument because the U. S. had prohibited the international slave trade, although it allowed internal slavery.
Treating Revelation in his cursory fashion, he made use of an excerpt from the commentary of the North African Tichonius, which is preserved as a sort of argument at the beginning of the more extended work of the Spanish presbyter Beatus of Liébana.
A comparative argument made against the authenticity of the James passage by scholars such as Tessa Rajak is that the passage has a negative tone regarding the High Priest Ananus, presenting him as impulsive while in the Jewish Wars Josephus presents a positive view of Ananus and portrays him as prudent.

argument and series
The argument of the Enquiry proceeds by a series of incremental steps, separated into chapters which logically succeed one another.
# a modern relativistic coordinate time scale, implemented by the JPL ephemeris time argument T < sub > eph </ sub >, in a series of numerically integrated Development Ephemerides.
Irreducible complexity ( IC ) is an argument by proponents of intelligent design that certain biological systems are too complex to have evolved from simpler, or " less complete " predecessors, through natural selection acting upon a series of advantageous naturally occurring, chance mutations.
) His daring use of power series enabled him to solve the famous Basel problem in 1735 ( he provided a more elaborate argument in 1741 ):
An argument by Freeman Dyson shows that the radius of convergence of the perturbation series in QED is zero.
Seeing as how this series of events has not yet happened, his argument reads, Christ cannot have returned yet.
In The History of Mathematics, Burton writes, " Although Zeno's argument confounded his contemporaries, a satisfactory explanation incorporates a now-familiar idea, the notion of a ' convergent infinite series.
Once the sources and points of disagreement had been laid out through a series of dialectics, the two sides of an argument would be made whole so that they would be found to be in agreement and not contradictory.
His proof for this argument is made by means of a series of supposed " observations " ( ibid., 180-182 ).
A sorites is a form of argument in which a series of incomplete syllogisms is so arranged that the predicate of each premise forms the subject of the next until the subject of the first is joined with the predicate of the last in the conclusion.
The familiar decimal notation for real numbers can also be viewed as an example of a power series, with integer coefficients, but with the argument x fixed at.
Since a Taylor series evaluated with a Laurent series as its argument is still a Laurent series, the system can be used to do calculus on transcendental functions if they are analytic.
The animated series, Futurama, had an episode where the characters travel between " Universe 1 " and " Universe A " via boxes containing each universe ; and one of the major jokes is an extended argument between the two sets of characters over which set were the " evil " ones.
Compare this to a Taylor series for a scalar function of a scalar argument, truncated to first order:
Mathematics professor Vinzenz Bronzin also derives the put-call parity in 1908 and uses it as part of his arbitrage argument to develop a series of mathematical option models under a series of different distributions.
Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favours their particular interests.
Many law schools continue to use the Socratic method -- consisting of calling on a student at random, asking him or her about an argument made in an assigned case, asking the student whether he or she agrees with the argument, and then using a series of questions designed to expose logical flaws in the student's argument.
In the final part of the paper, Austin further extends the discussion to relations, presenting a series of arguments to reject the idea that there is some thing that is a relation. His argument likely follows from the conjecture of his colleague, S. V. Tezlaf, who questioned what makes " this " " that ".
There is some argument over how much was edited from the original series.

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