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master and plan
A true university, like most successful marriages, is a unity of diversities Without forcing all components into a single pattern, the preparation of a master plan is an opportunity to consider interrelation of knowledge at its highest level, which a university -- in contrast to a multiversity -- should stand for.
For the president, a master plan looking ahead five years ( the maximum reach for sound forecasting ), offers several practical advantages.
Implementation of the master plan will inevitably be uneven.
It is designated as Stage 1 Residential on the Redevelopment Authority's master plan and will feature row houses, garden apartments, four small parks, schools, churches, a shopping center and several small clusters of stores.
In 1969, it unveiled a master plan for the area, and in 1972 issued $ 200 million in bonds to fund construction efforts.
In 1979, the title to the landfill was transferred from the city to the Battery Park City Authority, which financially restructured itself and created a new, more viable master plan, designed by Alex Cooper and Stanton Eckstut.
In 1917 Hale hired architect Bertram Goodhue to produce a master plan for the campus.
In 1991, the city adopted a downtown master plan, specifying that no building within of the capitol would surpass it in height.
Note that this does not require 100 % awareness from the onset of the data warehousing effort, no master plan is required upfront.
All physical creation ( geti ) was thus determined to run according to a master plan — inherent to Ahura Mazda — and violations of the order ( druj ) were violations against creation, and thus violations against Ahura Mazda.
The $ 35 billion New Kabul master plan, in which the city is expected to expand north towards Bagram Air Base.
The board brought together key stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, representation from private sector, urban specialists and economists, with cooperation from the government of Japan and French private sector, to prepare a master plan for the city in the context of Greater Kabul.
The master plan and its implementation strategy for 2025 were endorsed by the Afghan Cabinet in early 2009.
In 1986 the university's governing body, the Board of Visitors, approved a new master plan for the year based on an enrollment of 20, 000 full-time students with housing for 5, 000 students by 1995.
By 1979 master plan development was handled by the firm of Sasaki & Associates, which continued to work alongside the university in the years that followed.
In the 1950s the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno was set up as a huge public master plan to help industrializing the South, aiming to do this in two ways: through land reforms creating 120, 000 new smallholdings, and through the " Growth Pole Strategy " whereby 60 % of all government investment would go to the South, thus boosting the Southern economy by attracting new capital, stimulating local firms, and providing employment.
The $ 35 billion New Kabul master plan, in which the city is expected to expand north towards Bagram Airfield.
The Board brings together key stakeholders, including relevant government agencies, as well as representation from private sector and urban specialists and economists, with cooperation from the government of Japan and French Private sector, the board prepared a master plan for the city in the context of Greater Kabul.
The master plan and its implementation strategy for 2025 were endorsed by the Afghan Cabinet in early 2009.
One of the benefits of taking this position was that he would be commissioned to design the new buildings and master plan for the campus.
In 1953, the MFAH commissioned Mies van der Rohe to create a master plan for the institution.
In 1993 the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh purchased the South Side Works steel mill property, and worked together with the community and various developers to create a master plan for a mixed-use development including a riverfront park, office space, housing, health-care facilities, and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pitt Panthers indoor practice fields.
OMA Rotterdam: the head office is working on a master plan for the White City area of London ; a harbour redevelopment and contemporary art Museum in Riga, the Cordoba Congress Centre in Spain ; the redevelopment of the Mercati Generali in Rome, an architectural centre, offices and housing in Copenhagen, the new head office of Rothschild Bank in London and multi-use towers in Rotterdam and The Hague.
To alleviate overcrowding in Seoul's downtown area, the city government drew up a master plan in the mid-1980s that envisioned the development of four " core zones " by 2000: the original downtown area, Yongdongpo-Yeouido, Yongdong, and Jamsil.
If the master plan is successful, many commuters will travel to work in a core area nearer their homes, and the downtown area's daytime population will decrease.

master and initiated
As accepted masons became initiated, where the various words and signs could no longer be regarded as professional qualifications, the entered apprentice ritual and the fellowcraft / master were sometimes condensed into one ceremony.
The college initiated its first master ’ s degree program in 2004, and currently offers nine such degrees.
Nadapada established the teachings as legitimate in the eyes of the Nalanda community, and initiated into the Kālachakra such masters as Atisha ( who, in turn, initiated the Kālachakra master Pindo Acharya ( Tib.
At T minus zero, the two SRBs are ignited, under command of the four onboard computers ; separation of the four explosive bolts on each SRB is initiated ; the two T-0 umbilicals ( one on each side of the spacecraft ) are retracted ; the onboard master timing unit, event timer and mission event timers are started ; the three SSMEs are at 100 %; and the ground launch sequence is terminated.
When a girl becomes initiated into the Sande society, the village's master woodcarver creates a special mask just for her.
The movement initiated by Garrett and Herculano became ultra-Romantic with Castilho, a master of metre, who lacked ideas, and the verses of João de Lemos and the melancholy Soares de Passos record a limited range of personal emotions, while their imitators voice sentiments which they have not felt deeply or at all.
Guillermo Gaebeler initiated the town's development, designing its first city master plan.
All messages are initiated by the master with at most one slave replying to a given message identifier.
Because all communications are initiated by the master it is not necessary to implement a collision detection.
Conlon has been active with the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition since 1997, where he not only conducts the final round of the competition, but also initiated a program through which he leads master classes and coaches finalists.
The virtual router then transitions into an unsteady state and an election process is initiated to select the next master router from the backup routers.
Uwaisis are those who enter the mystical path without being initiated by a living master.
At the age of 34 he was initiated into the order of " Sanyas " by his master at the Indian celebration called Kumbh Mela.
After the death of Raphael, da Udine continued to work on projects initiated by his master, namely the Villa Madama in Rome.
But while they arrived in the nick of time to rescue Lando and the crew of the Liberator, they were too late to save Luke, as the Reborn Emperor had initiated Operation Shadow Hand, his master plan to retake the galaxy, destroy the Rebel Alliance, and ensure that another rebellion could never occur again.
His uncle, Kélé Monson Diabaté, was considered a master griot, and Massa Makan Diabaté has said that he owes much to his uncle's teaching: " I am what Kèlè Monson wanted me to be when he initiated me into the Malinké oral tradition.
" Unless one is initiated by a bona-fide spiritual master in the disciplic succession, the mantra he might have received is without any effect.
Appullalar also initiated Venkatanatha into Brahmacharya Upanayanam ( sacred thread ceremony ) at the age of seven and then to the SriVaishnavaite school of philosophy through Panchasamskara and made him master the Vedas, Divyaprabandam, Puranas and Sastras.
In 1932, Hariharananda went to meet the Kriya master, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri who initiated him into Kriya Yoga, in his Serampore ashram, West Bengal.
His initiation to the djembe started at the early age of seven, under Karinkadjan Kondé, elder master djembefola of Balandugu, who initiated him to the secrets of the djembe.

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