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Page "adventure" ¶ 985
from Brown Corpus
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Though and I
Though I doubted that he would understand me, I told the director my motives for applying.
Though Garibaldi's fight was small shakes compared to Pickett's Charge -- which, like all Southerners, I view in almost Miltonic terms, fallen angels, etc. -- I associated the two.
Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident ''.
::: Though I sang in my chains like the sea.
: Though I sang in my chains like the sea.
Though opposed to the government of King Louis-Philippe I, he took no part in politics, but devoted himself to his pastoral work.
Though Anstoss plays a similar role as the thing in itself does in Kantian philosophy, unlike Kant, Fichte's Anstoss is not something foreign to the I.
Though, when asked if there is a difference by Playboy in Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, Thompson said " Yeah, I think so.
Though Garfield can be very cynical, he does have a soft side for his teddy bear, Pooky, food and sleep, but one Christmas he says " they say I have to get up early, be nice to people, skip breakfast, not play with mice ... I wish it would never end.
: Though all should be unanimous for setting him at liberty, yet would I cut him to pieces.
" Though Barth, in a 1974 interview, stated, " irrealism — not antirealism or unrealism, but irrealism — is all that I would confidently predict is likely to characterize the prose fiction of the 1970s ," this did not prove to be the case.
Though he valued first-hand experience as part of a proper education, he did not intend to found a professional school, but advocated instruction in useful knowledge that combined elements of both professional and liberal education, writing that " The true and only practicable object of a polytechnic school is, as I conceive, the teaching, not of the minute details and manipulations of the arts, which can be done only in the workshop, but the inculcation of those scientific principles which form the basis and explanation of them, and along with this, a full and methodical review of all their leading processes and operations in connection with physical laws.
" Though Spinoza has been called the " prophet " and " prince " of pantheism, in a letter to Henry Oldenburg Spinoza states that: " as to the view of certain people that I identify god with nature ( taken as a kind of mass or corporeal matter ), they are quite mistaken " For Spinoza, our universe ( cosmos ) is a mode under two attributes of Thought and Extension.
Unready to inherit the throne, Nicholas reputedly said, " I am not ready to be Tsar ...." Though an intelligent and kind-hearted man, lacking any preparation to rule, he continued his father's harsh polices.
Though Van Ronk was not gay, he had experienced police violence when he participated in antiwar demonstrations: " As far as I was concerned, anybody who'd stand against the cops was all right with me, and that's why I stayed in .... Every time you turned around the cops were pulling some outrage or another.
Though the filmmakers were careful about clues of Malcolm's true state, the camera zooms slowly towards his face when Cole says " I see dead people ".
Though I know not what you are,
Though I admire the structured thought of theology ( Anselm's proof in the Fides Quaerens Intellectum, for instance ) it is to religion no more than counterpoint exercises are to music.

Though and had
Though the four boys and two girls, the youngest nineteen years of age, the oldest twenty-four, came from varying backgrounds and had different professional and personal interests, there was surprising agreement among them.
Though it did not become known to the writer for some time, a nucleus group had sprung up within the class.
Though little democracy had ever been practised in this region, and much of it was still ruled by feudalistic means, it was taken for granted that at least the forms of Western democracy would be established in this area and Western capitalism preserved within it.
Though it is not easy to apply the evidence of the Iliad to any specific era, this marvelous product of the epic tradition had certainly taken definitive shape by 750.
Though Bob Carroll seemed to have had his head practically blown off by the exploding grenade, he lived.
Though such works as Coming of Age in Samoa and The Chrysanthemum and the Sword remain popular with the American public, Mead and Benedict never had the impact on the discipline of anthropology that some expected.
Though equipped with limbs and the ability to breathe air, most still had a long tapering body and strong tail.
Though Nobel remained unmarried, his biographers note that he had at least three loves.
Though her personal contact with Alfred Nobel had been brief, she corresponded with him until his death in 1896, and it is believed that she was a major influence in his decision to include a peace prize among those prizes provided in his will.
Though she had taken away Alexander's sword, they feared to set about the deed until she threatened to wake him.
Though he was destined to be a strongly counter-reforming emperor, Alexander had little prospect of succeeding to the throne during the first two decades of his life, as he had an elder brother, Nicolas, who seemed of robust constitution.
Though his party won the governor's race and control of the legislature, Johnson still had to overcome considerable opposition from the conservatives in both parties.
Though most BBS software had been written in BASIC or Pascal ( with some low-level routines written in assembly language ), the C language was starting to gain popularity.
Though associated with the Sassanid Persians and with Mithradates VI Eupator ( who for a time incorporated the city into his empire ), by the late Hellenistic or early Roman period, the star and crescent motif had been associated to some degree with Byzantium.
Though a practicing Christian, he had been born into a Jewish family with origins from Portugal, and had converted at a young age.
Though the merger process was traumatic and the new party suffered a few years of extremely poor poll results, it gradually found much greater electoral success than the Liberal Party had done in the post-war era.
Though the Balkan allies had fought together against the common enemy, that was not enough to overcome their mutual rivalries.
Though Havana, which had become the third-largest city in the Americas, was to enter an era of sustained development and closening ties with North America during this period, the British occupation of the city proved short-lived.
Though Gauss had up to that point been financially supported by his stipend from the Duke, he doubted the security of this arrangement, and also did not believe pure mathematics to be important enough to deserve support.
Though conquerors, the Chaldeans were rapidly and completely assimilated into the dominant Babylonian culture, as the Amorites before them had been, and after the fall of Babylon in 539 BC the term " Chaldean " was no longer used to describe a specific race of people, but rather a " socio-Economic " class, regardless of ethnicity.
Though Chiang had achieved status abroad as a world leader, his government deteriorated as the result of corruption and inflation.
Though fascinated by the narrative elements of some of the pictures, particularly the Biblical themes of the massive paintings of Benjamin West, at this point Beaux had no aspirations of becoming an artist.

Though and great
Though it was a great relief when the big brains on these shows turned out to be frauds and phonies, it did irreparable damage to the ego of the editor and many another intelligent, well-informed American.
Though there is obviously great need for continued experimentation with various types of short-term intervention to further efforts in developing an operational definition of prevention at the secondary -- or perhaps, in some instances, primary -- level, the place of short-term intervention has already been documented by a number of investigators in a wide variety of settings.
Though brief, it has a sharp dramatic edge and great poignancy.
Though these machines are early forerunners to computer engineering, the calculator failed to be a great commercial success.
Though the unified reign of the First Qin Emperor lasted only 12 years, he managed to subdue great parts of what constitutes the core of the Han Chinese homeland and to unite them under a tightly centralized Legalist government seated at Xianyang ( close to modern Xi ' an ).
Though his ambitions were great and he was able to buy both a country estate and a ship ( as well as civet cats to make perfume ), he was rarely out of debt.
Though often described as, and to a great extent is a declarative language, SQL also includes procedural elements.
Though the ritual is standardized, there is great variation amongst United Methodist churches, from typically high-church to low-church, in the enactment and style of celebration.
Though directors wield a great deal of power, they are ultimately subordinate to the film's Producer or Producers.
" Though he was not a mathematician himself, his views on mathematics had great influence.
Though it is often called a whale today, the Hebrew, as throughout scripture, refers to no species in particular, simply sufficing with " great fish " or " big fish " ( whales are today classified as mammals and not fish, but no such distinction was made in antiquity ).
Though inflation spiked again after Russia ’ s 1998 currency devaluation, Moldova made great strides in bringing it under control: 18. 4 % in 2000, 6. 3 % in 2001, and 4. 4 % in 2002.
Though the Books of Kings and Books of Chronicles talk a great deal about the Assyrian empire, Nineveh itself is not again noticed till the days of Jonah, when it is described ( ff ; ) as an " exceedingly great city of three days journey in breadth ".
Though he is no relation to this great figure of Scottish history, MacDonald's Robert Bruce constantly refers to the story of " his ancestor and the spider ," even when it is totally irrelevant to the conversation at the moment.
Though many believe the shotgun is a great firearm for inexperienced shooters, the truth is, at close range, the spread of shot is not very large at all, and competency in aiming is still required.
Though the French Géographie Sociale had been a great influence especially on Hartke's ideas, no such distinct school of thought formed within the French human geography.
Though bilateral trade was $ 11. 7 million in 2007 relations show " great potential ".
Though this failed to arouse great interest in 1850, it has since come to be recognised as his masterpiece.
Though the charge was untrue, it did Pope a great deal of damage.
Though this was true of internal affairs, the Vikings remained a great threat, unsuccessfully storming Winchester and ravaging eastern Kent.
Though perhaps one would not immediately associate honesty with courage, there are obvious situations in life where to be honest and authentic requires a great deal of strength in the midst of fear.
" Historian Charles Wiltse agrees, noting, " Though he is known today primarily for his sectionalism, Calhoun was the last of the great political leaders of his time to take a sectional position — later than Daniel Webster, later than Henry Clay, later than Adams himself.
Though at the time of the release of the movie, it did not have a great overall impact, once reunification began in 1990, the hip-hop scene began to flourish.

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