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Through and creation
Through the creation of regional departments, the Ministry coordinates tasks previously divided among the international cooperation, foreign affairs, and economic affairs sections.
Through the various colors, motives and style, the Carnival highlighted four of the most renowned Javanese folk-legends: the Andhe-andhe lumut, Ratu Kencana Wungu, Ratu Laut Selatan ( The tale of the Queen of the South Seas ), and the romantic tale of Roro Jongrang that led to the creation of the Prambanan Temple.
Through Briwere's influence, King John granted three charters in 1200 ; for the construction of Bridgwater Castle, for the creation of a borough, and for a market.
Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, they support innovative community efforts to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Through their location the institutes have excellent access to poor rural areas, and consequently emphasis is placed on the role of research in improving quality of life and economic growth ( and especially sustainable job creation ).
Through the creation of the Northwest Territory in 1787, they began to divide the land north of the Ohio River for settlement.
Through a series of amalgamations, relocations, transfers of responsibilities and diocesan initiatives, more than 20 historical entities have contributed to the creation of the University.
Through improvements to its habitat, including the renaturalisation of waterways and the creation of relatively undisturbed peaceful areas, the black stork population has now recovered.
Through an ambitious program of public works, by fostering the state cult of Athena, by encouraging the creation of festivals and supporting the Panathenaean games, in which prizes were jars of olive oil, and in his support of the Dionosia ( leading to the development of Athenian drama ) Peisistratus managed to maintain his personal popularity.
* Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology ( CAT ) Through the Ammerman Center, faculty and students can shape the study, use and creation of new technologies, probe the forefront of their fields and work in new markets with innovative products.
Through his secret contacts with various Nazi leaders, Schleicher planned to secure Nazi support for a new right-wing presidential government of his creation, thereby destroying German democracy.
Rogers first such organization was Forward in the Fifth, which promotes better education, and Rogers efforts through Forward in the Fifth brought national attention to his district which at the time had the worst education attainment in the U. S. Through SKED, Rogers has been instrumental in the creation of 10, 000 jobs in southern and eastern Kentucky.
Through his first wife Lady Sophia Carteret ( 1745 – 1771 ), only daughter of Robert Carteret, 3rd Earl Granville ( see the Earl Granville 1715 creation ), he acquired large estates, including Lansdowne Hill near Bath, from which he took his title of Marquess.
Through the creation of the Iona Community he was a pioneer of new forms of ministry ( outside more conventional parish or chaplaincy structures.
Through comprehensive reform, the fisheries sector could become a basis for economic growth and the creation of alternative livelihoods in many countries.
Through this work, he gave a historical-sociological account of the creation, brief flourishing, and demise of a " bourgeois " public sphere based on rational-critical debate and discussion: Habermas stipulates that, due to specific historical circumstances, a new civic society emerged in the eighteenth century.
Through the fund, the Ministry of Finance has undertaken the necessary steps to transform the SME sector to be one of the key drivers for achieving broad based economic growth, employment creation and poverty reduction in Kenya.
Through Dmitri and Marie's contacts in the industry, Chanel met perfumers in Grasse, and master perfumer Ernest Beaux, which led to the creation of the famed Chanel No. 5 perfume — involvement in the creation of which is Dmitri's second claim to historic importance.
Through a complicated instance of time-travel, however, the Mini-Cons had the seeds of souls and sentience planted within them at the moment of their creation by a group of time-displaced human children, and as they came to think and feel for themselves, they sought to fulfill their own destiny, by going to Earth to find the humans.
Through the migration of prehistoric man, it is possible that the final resting place of an object is hundreds or even thousands of miles from the point of its original creation.
Through his publications, he hoped to spread his ideals of the creation of common space and the improvement of city planning and develop an awareness and interest in agriculture and horticulture.
Through Islam, creation beliefs and monotheism replace paganism among the Arabs.
Through Tresalia, Aramburuzabala family has made investments in large Mexican companies, as well as the management of private and venture capital funds and the creation of new companies.

Through and network
Through the use of separate applications or plugins loaded into the node software, users can interact with the network in other ways, such as forums similar to web forums or Usenet or interfaces more similar to traditional p2p " filesharing " interfaces.
Through tickets are available between any pair of stations on the network, and can be bought from any station ticket office.
Through family, friends, and a network of investors Raimi was able to finance production of the highly successful horror film The Evil Dead ( 1981 ) which became a cult hit and effectively launched Raimi's career.
Through this partnership Scilab users can get the benefit of industrial-grade software, support, and services from Equalis and its network of partners anywhere in the world.
VillageSoup created the first community network based on a business model suggested in the 1997 book Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through Virtual Communities, authored by John Hagel III and Arthur G. Armstrong, two Mckinsey & Company, Inc. consultants.
Through her network of friends, she was able to display her paintings in the most elite salons of the era.
Through an engaging project involving a photographic exploration of Jewish and Muslim communities around the world, and honest, unflinching online dialogue, participants form a network of advocates and ambassadors for ground-breaking Muslim-Jewish relations in six continents.
Some people, such as the following authors, have inferred, insinuated, or suggested that entering a state of perpetual war becomes progressively easier in a modern democratic republic, such as the United States, due to the development of a relationship network between people who wield political and economic power also owning capital in companies that financially profit from war, lobby for war, and influence public opinion of war through influence of Mass media outlets that control the presentation for the causes of war, the effects of war, and the Censorship of war: ( 1 ) " The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group " ( 2004 )" by Dan Briody ; ( 2 ) " The Pentagon Labyrinth: 10 Short Essays to Help You Through It " ( 2011 ) an anthology by nine authors who are Pierre M. Sprey, George Wilson, Franklin C. Spinney, Bruce I. Gudmundsson, Col. G. I. Wilson, Col. Chet Richards, Andrew Cockburn, Thomas Christie, and Winslow T. Wheeler ; ( 3 ) " Prophets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial Complex " ( 2010 ), by William D. Hartung ; ( 4 ) " Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda ( 2002 ), by Noam Chomsky ; and ( 5 ) " Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media " ( 2002 ), by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky.
Through these work terms, which can last up to a year, participants gain recent work experience and network with other people.
Through his grand international political plans failed, he did improve the Commonwealth foreign policy, supporting the establishment of a network of permanent diplomatic agents in important European countries.
Through services could then run from Welwyn Garden City and Hertford North to destinations like, Richmond,, Kingston and, thus enabling much better use of the capacity offered by this part of the network, particularly outside city commuting hours.
Through Weil, second in command of the Juggler network of the SOE F Section networks, both sisters were recruited into the French Resistance.
Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of
Through its affiliation network, Einstein runs the largest postgraduate medical training program in the US, offering some 155 residency and fellowship programs to more than 2, 200 physicians in training.
Through the times, Zlín's public transport, now owned by DSZO ( Transportation Company Zlin & Otrokovice ), was one of the fastest growing public transportation network in the Czech Republic.
Through the network of PET users in the UK they made contact with Graham Heggie in Coventry and Graham's knowledge of electronics meant that they quickly arrived at the idea of a shift register connected to the tape cassette port.
Through its minority ownership of TSN, the network also airs some of ESPN's original programming as well, including Pardon the Interruption, Sunday NFL Countdown The Sports Reporters, and other ESPN programs and documentaries.
Through a statewide network of eleven universities, eight state agencies and a health science center, the Texas A & M System educates over 100, 000 students, conducts more than $ 600 million in research and reaches another 11 million people through service each year.
Through an array of programs including its signature Global Social Benefit Incubator ( GSBI ™), the Center engages an international network of business, investment capital, and technical resources to build the capacity of social enterprises around the world.
Through the 1980s he built this network, recruiting Iraqis while traveling as a businessman and for the UNDP.
Through a small nick in the skin, they use tiny catheters and miniature instruments so small they can be run through a person ’ s network of arteries to treat at the site of illness internally, saving the patient from open invasive surgery.
Through the 1960s, the network began to expand across Canada, taking over Toronto's CJBC in October 1964, and launching Ottawa's CBOF in 1964 and Vancouver's CBUF in 1967.
Through the remainder of the 1970s, the network began to directly acquire many of its private affiliate stations, including CHFA in Edmonton, CFRG in Gravelbourg and CFNS in Saskatoon, although with the CBC's financial difficulties in the 1980s, this process was slowed down considerably.
Through a statewide network of 9 research facilities, the Agricultural Experiment Station conducts
Through Indonesia's trade network and close contact with neighbouring countries, the karambit was eventually dispersed through what are now Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand.

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